Weed and Dogs: What Happens If Dog Ate Weed

Weed and Dogs: What to Do If Your Dog Ate Weed - DATOS

Dog Ate Weed: If you use marijuana and have a dog, you might have wondered what would happen if your dog ate weed or marijuana. While being around marijuana smoke is not good for dogs, it’s even worse if your dog actually eats your marijuana stuff. We’ve been through this, and it’s really scary for both you and your pet.

The first time this happened to our dog Max, who is a nice mix of Shar-Pei and Pitbull, we were really scared. When we got home, Max looked weird, had a lot of drool coming out (like a faucet), and couldn’t stand up or walk without tripping. We love our pet a lot, so we picked him up and took him to the vet, who started asking us questions. Let’s know my dog ate weed how do i sober him up:

  • Did he go into the garbage? We didn’t think so.
  • Did he get near cleaning stuff? We didn’t see that.
  • Could he have eaten marijuana? Well…

When the topic of marijuana came up, we exchanged “the glance.” You know what “the glance” is, right? It’s a look between people that says a lot without talking.

In that moment, we realized that our dog had eaten a marijuana snack.

As we mentioned earlier, Max is a good dog, and he wouldn’t just eat a bag of marijuana. But after we brought him back from the vet, who gave his tummy a charcoal wash, we found out that Max had actually eaten an outdoor ashtray.

This wasn’t any regular ashtray. It was the summer-long kind with leftover cigarette butts and used-up bowl scraps, and someone even stuck chewed gum on it to make it extra tempting for dogs.

Max’s first time trying weed was something we’ll always remember. And we’re not the only ones – in 2019, the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center got 765% more calls about pets eating marijuana compared to the year before.

Because weed is becoming legal in more places, more pets at home might want to try our yummy THC treats – or ashtray snacks, like what happened to Max.

But let’s talk about your dog now. Let’s change the topic and think about what you should do if you think your pup has been getting “high” from your stuff.

Can Dogs Get “High”?

Yes, dogs or pets can get “high.” One of the common ways is if they eat your cannabis things left in the house. They might get “high” from eating leftover bits of a joint or edible treats. To avoid this, store your marijuana in a tight container after you’re done.

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How to Tell if Your Dog Ate Weed

How can you tell if your dog ate weed? You probably won’t see them eat it, so it’s important to know what signs to watch for if they accidentally eat marijuana. Look out for:

  • Problems with Balance — If your dog ate weed, they might stumble, fall, wobble, or struggle to stay up.
  • Feeling Confused — They might have big eyes that can’t focus and blink more than usual.
  • Sensitive to Movement and Sounds — Even small things might scare a pet that’s feeling “stoned.”
  • Too Active or Restless — A dog that ate weed might not be able to get comfortable.
  • Making More Noise — They could bark, pant, howl, whine, or make strange sounds.
  • Drooling — They might have a little drool or a lot that doesn’t seem to stop.
  • Trouble Holding Pee — They might pee uncontrollably.
  • Shaking — Their muscles might shake.
  • Very Rarely, Seizures or Going to Sleep Deeply — This almost never happens.

Respond Quickly

If a dog ate weed, it can show signs quickly. If the signs look serious, you should call your vet and ask what to do. Tell them what your pet ate, how much, and what you’re seeing.

Tell the truth to the vet, whether you have cannabis legally or not. The vet won’t involve the police. They just want to help your pet feel better.

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Ways to Help

When a pet accidentally eats marijuana, your vet might suggest watching them to see if the problems go away.

Some might tell you to make your pet throw up using hydrogen peroxide but don’t try it unless your vet says. Giving your pet food or water might help the problems go away faster and not cause any lasting harm.

Remember, some treats can be bad for pets. Just like chocolate is bad for dogs, so are chocolate edibles or brownies. If this happens, talk to your vet as soon as possible.

Preventing Accidents

To make sure your dog doesn’t eat marijuana by mistake, use a special box for your stuff or put ashtrays high up where your dog can’t reach.

If your dog is acting really strange and sick because of weed, stop reading and call your vet now. If your dog only ate a tiny bit and seems a bit off, wrap them in a soft blanket, give them a treat, and don’t move them too much.

Most likely, your dog will be okay by tomorrow, but it might take a couple of days to get back to normal.

Has your dog ever found your stuff? What did you do? Talk to me on social media and let’s chat about it.

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