Ispire daab e-rig

The Ispire daab e-rig is like a special tool for enjoying cannabis extracts and wax. It heats up quickly and lets you choose the right temperature using a clear screen. It also shows how much battery is left.

E-rigs are becoming more popular because they’re easy to carry, use, and safe. They work with batteries, so you don’t need a flame, which means you won’t get burned or start a fire.

Just like other electronic dab rigs, the daab comes as a dabbing kit. It has a banger or induction cup, a cap, a tool, and everything to have a great dabbing session.

Among the different daab models, we’ll focus on the special Honey daab.

What You Get

The Ispire daab e-rig is a complete dabbing kit with these things:

  • 1x Water attachment
  • 1x daab e-rig
  • 1x Reclaim cup
  • 2x Inner induction cups
  • 1x Carb cap with a slanted tip
  • 1x USB-C charging cable
  • 2x Insulation silicone rings
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x Sturdy protective carrying case
  • 1x Set of cleaning stuff
  • 1x Dab mat
  • 1x Ceramic dab tool

Design & Features

This e-rig is full of useful stuff.

The most special things are the slanted cap, the quick and exact heating with induction, and the wide range to pick the right heat. The Ispire daab e-rig also has special cups you can take out that are different from other vaporizers.

Things it always has:

  • Fast heating with induction
  • Special glass cups
  • Water part sticks with magnets (lights up when heating)
  • Exact temperature pick (250° to 800°F)
  • Charging through USB-C
  • Runs on batteries (no need for a flame)
  • Type-C charging hole
  • Different thicknesses of liquid it can handle
  • Safety things
  • Easy to carry (small and has a tough case)
  • Screen with lights (shows temperature and battery)
Not Many Available

There are only 3000 of the special Honey Ispire daab e-rig. Each one has a number and a cool dog tag with the same number.

Different Things in the Honey Version

The Honey one has some special things like a black and yellow case, yellow bumpers, honeycomb design on the glass part, and a fake wood pattern on the bottom.

Lots of Choices

The Ispire daab e-rig comes in lots of styles and colors like black, honey, cookies, and more.

How to Use

  • This daab rig is good for regular dabs and cold start dabs.
  • Let’s start by setting up the rig. Put water in the attachment until it reaches the line. Stick it on the base.
  • Next, put the reclaim cup in the base. This keeps the cups away from the base’s heat part. Also, make sure the device has charge.
  • Now, load dab into the cup with the tool. Put the cup in the reclaim cup.
  • Use the buttons to pick the temperature. The screen shows the temp.
  • Start auto-heat with two clicks. Lights will blink, and the cup will heat.
  • Put the cap on and start breathing when you see vapor. This is my favorite “cold start” way.
  • You can turn off auto-heat or it stops after 30 seconds.
  • The device cools down. For more, hold the button for each breath.
  • Or heat the cup first, then put in the dab. This is like a usual dab.

What People Say

People really like electronic dab rigs because they let you take dabs with control and no need for a torch. It’s easier to get the right timing and heat.

Good Stuff About the Daab

I like the daab’s screen. Most dab rigs have colors to show heat, but it’s hard to remember them all. This screen shows heat and battery, so it won’t suddenly turn off. You can even use it while it charges.

I liked another e-rig, so I was excited to try the Ispire daab e-rig.

The Heating Style

Most e-rigs heat in a certain way, but the Ispire is different. It uses induction heating, which isn’t common. Induction heats metal. The daab’s screen and induction give you exact control over your dabs. It has a glass path, so the vapors are clean and tasty.

Manual and Auto Modes

This vape has both manual and auto modes. You set the temp, take your dab, and then use manual mode. It’s like using a normal pen.

Different Cap Design

The cap is at an angle. It’s close to the dab, so you don’t need to turn it. The air makes the vapor swirl. But sometimes, it sticks to the cup.

Some Issues

When you inhale, it’s hard to see the vapor. It’s not a big problem, though. Once you know, it’s okay.

You can tap the cap to control hits without removing it. But for big hits, take it off.

Someone Else’s Review

My friend is trying the regular daab, which is almost the same as the Honey version, but it’s black and looks like carbon fiber.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the Ispire daab e-rig is a really good e-rig. It has everything you need to dab, and the cool part is the strong case it comes with. Many devices have simple cases that aren’t very strong, but the daab comes with a strong case like a pelican.

Also, it heats up quickly, is easy to use, and keeps the flavor. Because it uses special cups and not an atomizer, you don’t need to change parts. If you take care of it, this rig should last a long time.

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