Universal Credit Hardship Payment: How to Apply, Eligibility, and Contact Number

Universal Credit Hardship Payment

Universal Credit Hardship Payment: Find out about Hardship Payment Universal Credit: details, how to apply, and who can get it. Sometimes, people in the UK face money problems, and they get fined. However, do not worry, Hardship Payment Universal Credit can help. It gives money to UK citizens to help them and their families when things are tough.

Universal Credit Hardship Payment

The UK Government has a special program called Hardship Payment Universal Credit. It is not like other programs. This one is for people who are looking for a job. Life gets hard when you finish school and do not have a job. However, do not worry, the government is here to help.

Sometimes, things can get really tough. There might be a natural disaster, someone might get very sick, or you might lose your job. In situations like these, you might need money right away. That is when the Hardship Payment Universal Credit comes in to help.

What is the meaning of Universal Credit Hardship Payment in the UK

The government gives special money to people facing immediate problems. It could be for things like food, a place to stay, or taking care of kids. If your family cannot help you with money, you can ask the government for help easily.

After the pandemic, the government started giving money to people to help them live on their own. It was a tough time for everyone, but the UK government wanted to make sure the country’s economy stayed strong. They did not want to lose their economic value.

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Who Can Get Hardship Payment Universal Credit

To get hardship payment, you need to meet some conditions. Here they are:

  • You must be 18 years old.
  • If you have a disability.
  • If you are sick.

Make sure to check if you qualify before applying for the program. There are different types of help money you can get, like income-based, contribution-based, and new style-based JSA. However, the rules are the same for all of them.

How to Ask for Universal Credit Hardship Payment 2023 Online

If you are eligible and want to apply for help money, follow these easy steps online:

  • Go to a real website: Open any web browser and find the official site to apply.
  • Create an account: Give your details and make a new account.
  • Click on the right link: Find and click on “Apply Online for Help Money – Universal Credit 2023.
  • Answer some questions: Tell them about your age, if you are married, the kind of help you need, and more.
  • Share your details: Give your bank info. If you do not have one, you can use someone you trust.
  • Read and submit: Read the rules and check the box to say you understand. Then, submit the form.
  • Follow these steps, and you will be all set. You can also check your application status on the same website later.

How Much Money You will Get

Once you check if you can get help money and fill out the form, you will receive financial benefits. We will talk about how much money you can get in this part. However, in some situations, you might get the least amount of money.

CircumstancesMin Payment
Marital Status: Single, Age: 25 yrs+£46.20
Marital Status: Single, Age: 25 yrs or less£36.63
Type of Claim: Joint, Marital Status: In a relationship£90.25
Age: 18 yrs+, Claim Type: Single Marital Status: In a relationship,£46.20
Age: 18 yrs or less, Claim Type: Single, Marital Status: In a relationship£36.63

Just so you know, the smallest amount of money you get might go up if you are very sick or going to have a baby.

Need Help? Contact the Universal Credit Applicant’s Helpdesk

If you have questions about Hardship Payment Universal Credit, you can call the helpline at (0800) 3285644/3281344. The lines are open from 8:00 AM to 6 PM.

Feel free to speak in your local language when you call. The officials will help you with your questions about Hardship Payment.

Remember to check our article for reference, and do not forget to regularly visit the main website of the UK Government.

People May Also Ask

Who do I call for help with money?

To get help money, talk to your local Jobcentre. You can ask them how to apply for it. They might help you on the phone, send you a form, or ask you to apply at the Jobcentre.

How much help money can I get?

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) figures out how much money you can get each day. It is about 60% of the penalty amount. To know the total help money, you multiply this daily amount by the number of days the penalty lasts.

What is a help loan?

A help loan is money you borrow to cover a surprise money problem. It is not like other loans for planned things like cars or businesses. It is for unexpected money issues when your expenses go up or your income goes down.

What is extra money for tough work conditions?

Hardship reimbursement is extra money paid to someone working in really tough conditions. It is usually a percentage of their salary, like 30% or more. This is common in areas where living and working are very difficult or not enjoyable.

What is a hardship default?

A hardship default happens when someone cannot pay their debt because of a big money problem like losing a job or being very sick. Falling behind on payments is called being “delinquent.” It happens when there is a severe financial setback.