8 of the Most Popular Landrace Strains

The original types of cannabis, called landrace strains, are like the grandparents of the new types you find in stores. People started mixing these old strains together in the 1970s, and you can learn more about that in our earlier post, “That ’70s Strain: 9 Cool Hippie Strains That People Still Like.”

What Are Landrace Strains?

Landrace strains are the very first kinds of cannabis. They didn’t mix with any other types and grew naturally in places like Asia and Africa. People all around the world liked them a lot because they felt good when using them.

Landrace cannabis strains usually have names related to where they came from. These strains changed over a very long time to fit where they live, but they’re still a lot like the very first wild marijuana plants.

Landrace Strains Nowadays:

Nowadays, it’s not so easy to find these original landrace strains because they’re really pure forms of two main types of marijuana. Most of the new types of marijuana today are mixes of these old ones.

The old landrace strains weren’t as strong, so people who grow marijuana have made new types by picking the best things from the old ones. They mix them together to make stronger, better marijuana that grows faster and helps people in different ways.

Landrace Sativa Strains VS Landrace Indica Strains

There are two main kinds of landrace strains: indica and sativa. Indica strains grew in tough, cold mountains and look shorter and bushier. They make a lot of sticky stuff called resin and flower quicker because it’s colder where they grow.

Sativa strains like warmth and grow in tall, gentle plants. They take longer to flower and are found in places near the equator.

Keep in mind that the landrace strains we have now might have changed a bit from how they used to be. The places they grew in could have made them develop new things like smells and stuff that affects how they work.

The most real landrace strains are still in the places they first came from. We made a list of the top eight landrace strains that you can still find today.

  • Acapulco Gold – This special plant comes from Acapulco, Mexico. It has a strong part called THC that makes people feel lively and inspired. Acapulco Gold is a special kind of plant that’s hard to find. It came to the US in the 1960s. It smells and tastes like coffee, honey, wood, sweet toffee, and a bit like cheese.

You can know it’s Acapulco Gold by how pretty it looks – with gold, green, and brown colors, orange hairs, and sticky buds. People who like cannabis really like Acapulco Gold.

This Mexican kind of cannabis is really good for making people feel better if they’re sad, stressed, or anxious. It makes them feel happy and more positive.

  • Afghani – This kind of plant comes from Afghanistan and is also called Afghan. People who like cannabis talk about it a lot. Afghani is an indica plant and has a part called THC that makes it strong. This plant from Asia smells like earth and sweet stuff. When people use it, they feel calm and relaxed.

This type of plant helps you sleep and makes you feel really relaxed. People who need help with sleep problems, stress, or pain use Afghani for medicine.

You can tell it’s Afghani by how it looks – the buds are packed and sticky, with orange hairs and big leaves. After it’s been prepared, it smells like citrus and pine.

  • Columbian Gold – Found in South America, this plant is a pure sativa. It’s called Columbian Gold because it comes from the Santa Marta mountains in Colombia. Sometimes people call it Santa Marta Columbian Gold or Santa Marta. This plant from Colombia is really strong with a part called THC that’s 20%.

The most important smell part, called limonene, makes the plant smell like lemons and limes. But sometimes it also smells strong and skunky, which can fill up a room.

If you want to hide the smell of Columbian Gold, you can read our earlier post, “27 Tricks to Hide the Smell of Weed When You Smoke Marijuana.”

Columbian Gold is a good plant to use in the daytime. It makes you feel calm and full of energy, which helps you do things. People who need help with pain or tight muscles use Columbian Gold as medicine.

People who feel sad, worried, stressed, or have trouble focusing also like Columbian Gold because it makes them feel better and helps them pay attention.

You can easily spot Columbian Gold because its buds are soft, covered in shiny crystals, and have orange and green colors. It takes around 10 to 12 weeks for this plant to grow flowers.

Columbian Gold came to the US in the 1960s and is now mixed with other plants to make new kinds, like Skunk #1.

  • Durban Poison – This special plant comes from Durban, a city in South Africa. A lot of people like Durban Poison because it’s a kind of plant that makes them feel good and has a strong part called THC that’s almost 20%. It smells like anise, sweet things, and spices because of something inside it called terpinolene. This plant from Africa tastes like spices, oranges, and vanilla mixed together.

People who use this plant feel happy, active, and can do things better. It helps them think of new ideas and get stuff done.

Brought to the US in the 1970s, the Durban Poison plant has been liked by people who need medicine. It helps them with pain and feeling sick.

People who use Durban Poison also smoke it to feel better when they’re worried, sad, or stressed. Durban Poison looks like it has round flowers, big buds, and lots of shiny stuff called trichomes – which is good for making strong extracts from this type of sativa plant.

  • Hindu Kush – This special kind of plant, also known as Hindi Kush, comes from the big mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It’s a pure indica, which is a strong kind of plant. The strong part in it, called THC, is about 19%. When you use Hindu Kush, it smells like earth, wood, spices, and citrus. This is because of something inside it called limonene.

This special kind of plant was brought to the US a long time ago, in the 60s, and people who like cannabis really like it.

When you use Hindu Kush, you feel peaceful and it can make you want to sleep. It’s best to use it at night. Sometimes it makes you very sleepy, and you might also get really hungry.

People who need medicine for pain, feeling worried, stressed, or sick like Hindu Kush. You can tell it’s Hindu Kush because it looks green and has lots of shiny stuff on it that’s amber-colored.

  • Lamb’s Bread – This well-liked plant comes from Jamaica and is known as Bob Marley’s favorite kind of marijuana. It’s a type of sativa that’s really strong, with a part called THC that’s almost 19%. People who use Lamb’s Bread feel like they can think very clearly and think about themselves. It also makes them feel happy and full of energy.

Some people call this plant Lamb’s Breath. It smells like herbs, spices, wood, grass, and cheese because of something inside it called caryophyllene.

People who use Lamb’s Bread feel less worried and sad. It’s a kind of plant that’s very strong and pure, with green buds that are sticky.

  • Panama Red – This special plant comes from Panama in Central America. It’s a type of sativa and has a strong part called THC that’s about 17%. People in the US really liked Panama Red when they found it in the 1960s. When you use Panama Red, it smells and tastes like tea, candy, lemon, spices, herbs, and things from the tropics because of something inside it called myrcene.

Panama Red makes people who use it feel peaceful and full of energy. When they smoke Panama Red, they might want to talk more.

People who need medicine can use Panama Red to feel more relaxed. It helps them deal with feeling worried, sad, or stressed.

Panama Red takes a long time, around 10 to 12 weeks, to grow flowers. This makes the plant really tall with strong stems. The Panama Red plant is dark green and its flowers turn red as they dry.

  • Thai – This special kind of plant, also known as Thai Stick, comes from Asia. It’s a type of sativa and has a strong part called THC that’s about 19%. Thai smells and tastes like herbs, spices, tobacco, and citrus because of something inside it called caryophyllene. It also has a little smell like fruit and something called diesel.

People in the US found Thai in the 70s and used it to make other kinds of plants, like Juicy Fruit and Original Haze.

When people use Thai strains, they feel happy and active in their minds. People who need medicine use Thai to feel less sad, worried, or stressed, and to help with pain.

Thai plants have leaves that are long and gentle, and they don’t make buds as well as other kinds of plants like them.

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