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Melmac is a special kind of magic mushroom called Psilocybe cubensis. It got its name from a TV show called “Alf,” where an alien named Gordon Shumway from a planet called Melmac comes to Earth. Melmac mushrooms are a type that was made in a lab from another famous mushroom called Penis Envy. Sometimes, you might see them called “Melmac Penis Envy” or “Homestead Penis Envy.”

Some people say that Melmac mushrooms are more like the original Penis Envy from the 1970s than the ones you can buy now. They look similar with their long shape and strong effects, but what makes them different is their golden wavy caps and twisted stems.

In this article, we’ll learn more about these mushrooms, their history, and how to grow them at home.

Strength & Psilocybin Amount

If the stories about where the Melmac mushrooms come from are true, they should be really strong with lots of psilocybin, just like the original Penis Envy mushrooms. But most experts think that how strong a mushroom is depends more on how it’s grown than just its genes.

Thanks to the Oakland Hyphae and the Psilocybin Cup, we now have more information about how strong different mushroom strains are that popular cultivators sell.

The Psilocybin Cup is a contest where people who grow and create psilocybin mushrooms can enter their mushrooms to see which ones are the strongest, look the best, and taste the best, and they can win awards for it.

The Melmac mushrooms have been part of the Psilocybin Cup contest six times. The strongest one so far was in the Spring of 2022 by Chad’s Mycology NPB. It had 1.45% of special stuff (psilocybin, psilocin, and others) in it.

Usually, these mushrooms are not that strong, with about 0.98% of the special stuff. This puts them in the “better than most” group, which is between 1% and 1.8%.

The regular psilocybin in these mushrooms is about 0.84%, and psilocin is just under 0.1%.

What Does It Feel Like to Take Melmac Mushrooms

The way Melmac mushrooms make you feel is kind of like other Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. They often make your feelings stronger, and in the right place, they can make you feel really happy, more caring, and like you’re really connected to nature.

But how they make you feel can be different for each person. It depends on how much you take, your body, how much experience you have with these kinds of things, your mood, and where you are.

When you take a lot of Melmac mushrooms, you might see and hear things that aren’t really there. You could see bright colors, strange patterns, hear weird sounds, and feel like time is all messed up. These effects can last for up to six hours.

But sometimes, taking these mushrooms can make you feel sick, throw up, get anxious, and even make bad choices that can lead to accidents and injuries.

Where You Can Get Melmac Mushroom Seeds

It’s not as easy to find Melmac mushroom seeds as it is for the Penis Envy kind.

Our favourite place for special mushroom seeds that can be sent to Canada and the US, called Ralphsters, doesn’t have these seeds.

We haven’t bought anything from this company before, but Mush Love Genetics in Denver, Colorado, says they have these seeds available. However, they don’t say if it’s in a special liquid, a seed swap, or a culture in a plate for growing.

The Story of Melmac Mushroom Type

The Melmac mushrooms have a story connected to Terence Mckenna’s discovery of the Penis Envy mushrooms in the Amazon Rainforest during the early 1970s.

One version of the story says Mckenna gathered spores from the wild and sent them to a scientist named Steven Pollock, who found the genetics that became today’s Penis Envy strain.

Another story talks about a different scientist, Richard Guiterrez (Rich Gee), who also worked with Mckenna’s spores to create the genetics that later became Penis Envy.

The Melmac mushrooms came about as scientists kept working on breeding techniques to make the Penis Envy mushrooms strong and stable. Some people say Melmac is just another name for Penis Envy, which is why it’s sometimes called “Homestead Penis Envy” too.

They called it a different name from Penis Envy because it looks special. It has a deep golden cap that’s wavy, and its stems are all twisted.

People think that Melmac might be the most similar to the original Penis Envy strain compared to other types like Albino Penis Envy, Penis Envy Uncut, and Penis Envy #6. These other types happened because of changes in the mushrooms.

Melmac mushrooms are not as common as these other types because they don’t make many spores when they grow.

How to Grow Melmac Mushrooms

Penis Envy mushrooms are pretty easy to grow, but Melmac mushrooms are a bit trickier because it’s hard to get their special genetics. They also don’t give you many mushrooms, and the ones you get are small.

Still, people really want Melmac mushrooms because they grow faster than usual, and when everything is just right, they can be super strong.

To start growing them, you can check our guide on how to grow magic mushrooms using the PK-Tek method. We think it’s the easiest and most reliable way.

Here’s how it works: you put Melmac spores into clean jars, let them grow, and then move them to a special place where the mushrooms will grow. The whole process, from the beginning to when you pick the mushrooms, takes about five to seven weeks.

The Best Way to Grow Melmac Mushrooms

For most cubensis mushrooms, including Melmac, you need these conditions:

  • It should be pretty humid (more than 80% humidity).
  • Use stuff like rye grain, brown rice flour, wild bird seed, and vermiculite as the base for your mushrooms to grow.
  • Keep the place warm (around 68–82ºF or 20–28 ºC).
  • Don’t give them much light.
  • Let the air move slowly.

Melmac mushrooms, like other kinds from Penis Envy, are not easily spoiled by bad stuff. But you need to make sure everything you use is super clean.

One big difference with Melmac is that it grows faster at the start, but it takes a bit longer to get big mushrooms. It usually takes about six to seven weeks for the mushrooms to fully grow. So, you need to be patient.

When the tops of the mushrooms open up, you can pick them.

Gently squeeze the bottom of the mushroom stem. You can eat them fresh or let them dry before you eat them. If you dry them, you can store them for a longer time.

After the first batch of mushrooms, don’t throw away the stuff they grow on. You can get a few more batches of mushrooms, but each time, you’ll get fewer and fewer because Melmac doesn’t give you lots of mushrooms.

Similar Strains To Melmac Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms like Melmac are a kind of Penis Envy mushrooms, and these mushrooms are famous for being very strong. They’re not too hard to grow if you take care of them.

If you want something like Melmac but easier to find, you can go for regular Penis Envy mushrooms. But if you’re after strong mushrooms that are a bit different, we have some cool options for you to check out.

Albino Penis Envy

Albino Penis Envy (APE) is like the famous Penis Envy mushroom but it looks different. It’s all white, which makes it stand out.

Just like the regular Penis Envy, Albino Penis Envy is not too hard to grow, but it doesn’t give you as many mushrooms.

Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave is a mix of two types of mushrooms, Penis Envy and B+. In 2021, it won a prize for being really strong.

These mushrooms have wavy tops, which is why they’re called “Tidal Wave.”

If you want mushrooms that grow quickly and give you a lot without losing strength, this might be a better choice.

Brazilian Strain

Brazilian mushrooms come from Brazil, and they are known for being very strong and not getting spoiled easily when you grow them.

But, when they start making mushrooms, you need to be careful. They like a lot of moisture, so you should make sure the place where they grow is always wet.

What’s the Change Between a Type & a Group

A type of mushroom means a bunch of fungi that are alike in some ways, have the same genes, and can make babies that can grow up.

But a group is a smaller bunch inside a type. They may be different because of where they grow, but they still look alike enough to be the same type.

Let’s take an example. “Psilocybe cubensis” is a type of mushroom, like a big group of mushrooms. But inside that group, there are many smaller groups, like Melmac and Golden Teacher. These smaller groups have their own special traits and places where they grow best.

Knowing about these smaller groups helps us figure out where they grow well and what kind of effects they might have.

Some Questions

How to Spot the Melmac Strain

Melmac mushrooms look a lot like Penis Envy mushrooms in their shape. They have a cap that’s very close to the stem, and people say it looks like a circumcised penis.

The main things that make Melmac different from other Penis Envy types are its deep golden cap with little waves and a gnarled stem.

What It Feels Like to Take Melmac Mushrooms

Taking these mushrooms is different for everyone, and it depends on how much you take.

Melmac mushrooms are known to be stronger than most, so even a little bit can have a big effect. If you take 2 to 4 grams, you’ll likely feel the usual high from psilocybin mushrooms. It can make your mood better and make you feel more connected to nature and other people.

But if things go wrong, you might feel scared, worried, and do things that could lead to accidents. Some people also feel sick, throw up, and have “mushroom yawns” as minor side effects.

How to Grow Melmac Mushrooms the Best Way

We have described the PK-Tek method in this article for growing Melmac mushrooms. From what we know, this method is the easiest and most trustworthy way to grow Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms.

Melmac mushrooms might be a bit trickier to grow compared to the Golden Teacher strain. They take a longer time to make mushrooms, so you need to be patient. But if you follow the instructions carefully, you can still grow them.

You can use different things like brown rice flour, rye grain, wild bird seed, and manure as the base for growing Melmac and other Penis Envy strains.

How Much Melmac Mushrooms to Take

It’s not easy to know the exact amount of psilocybin in your mushrooms because it can change depending on the type of mushrooms, when they were picked, and other things.

Melmac mushrooms are usually stronger than others, so even a small amount can have a big effect.

If you want a regular experience, try taking 2 to 4 grams. This will give you strong visuals, happiness, and different thoughts.

If you want a very intense experience, you can take more, but it’s better to do that if you have experience with these mushrooms.

Some people take very small amounts of Melmac to feel better without getting high. If you want to try this, start with 0.2 to 0.5 grams.

How to Eat Melmac Mushrooms the Best Way

The way you should eat Melmac mushrooms depends on what kind of experience you want.

If you don’t like the taste or texture of dried mushrooms, you can make mushroom tea, chocolates with mushrooms inside, or put them in capsules with other things (like Scooby Snax).

Mushroom tea can be easier on your stomach, but you might need to use more mushrooms to get the same effects as eating them.

If you have the time or can find magic mushroom chocolates, they can be a delicious way to take mushrooms. Plus, they have the right amount of mushrooms in each piece.

Scooby Snax are a different way to use mushrooms. You grind dried mushrooms really finely and mix them with herbs and natural things like ginseng, guarana, bee pollen, and ginger. This can make the mushroom effects better and reduce some of the bad side effects. You can make these at home, and they’re good for microdosing.

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