Weed and Dogs: What Happens If Dog Ate Weed

Weed and Dogs: What to Do If Your Dog Ate Weed - DATOS

Dog Ate Weed: If you use marijuana and have a dog, you might have wondered what would happen if your dog ate weed or marijuana. While being around marijuana smoke is not good for dogs, it’s even worse if your dog actually eats your marijuana stuff. We’ve been through this, and it’s really scary for … Read more


What does Adderall do: DATOS

What does Adderall do: Attention deficit disorder is a common problem that makes people very active, easily distracted, and have a hard time paying attention. A medicine named Adderall can help kids and grown-ups with ADD to become calmer and better at focusing and doing tasks. Adderall might also help people listen well, control their … Read more

Blue Xanax: What it Does and Why We Should Be Careful

Blue Xanax: What it Does and Why We Should Be Careful - DATOS

It’s good to know there’s a medicine that can help make anxiety and panic attacks feel better. But these medicines can have downsides too. They can make you feel calm, which might make some people use them the wrong way. One of these medicines is called Xanax. It’s well-known for helping with anxiety and panic … Read more

Does Weed Make You Poop?

Does Weed Make You Poop? - DATOS

Does Weed Make You Poop? Just like how coffee can sometimes make you want to go to the bathroom, marijuana is also sometimes blamed for causing the urge to poop. If this is true, it could actually help people who have trouble pooping regularly or have digestive issues. Does Weed Make You Poop? Can it … Read more