How to Dry Mushrooms

How to Dry Mushrooms- DATOS

After you pick mushrooms, it is important to make them dry and store them correctly to get rid of their wetness so they do not get spoiled. If there is too much wetness, the mushrooms will break down and become rotten, and then they will not be safe to eat. While it is possible to store mushrooms when they are wet, we suggest drying them because they will last longer that way. Wet mushrooms should be eaten within a few days.

Once the mushrooms are dry, put them in a dark place where it is not too hot or too humid to keep them fresh. Light and air will make mushrooms spoil faster, so it is a good idea to protect them from these as much as you can.

If you keep mushrooms dry and store them in sealed containers, it will also stop mold or bacteria from growing on them, which would make the mushrooms go bad.

How long do magic mushrooms stay fresh

If you keep dried magic mushrooms in the right way, they can stay strong for a long time, even up to a year before they start to become less powerful. However, if you have wet mushrooms, you should put them in the fridge and eat them within a few days, or they will go bad.

Are expired magic mushrooms safe to eat

Like any mushrooms, Magic mushrooms, can grow mold or bacteria if they are not stored the right way. Eating some molds can make certain people have allergies or trouble breathing. So, if your magic mushrooms have mold on them, do not eat them.

As magic mushrooms get older, they might lose some of their strength, but their age will not really change how they make you feel. They will just be less powerful.

How to make magic mushrooms dry

The easiest and cheapest way to dry magic mushrooms is by letting them dry in the air. This method ensures they dry slowly and evenly. If you are in a hurry, you can use a food dehydrator, but it is more expensive.

Air drying

Drying mushrooms in the air usually takes 1-3 days.

You should do this in a moderately warm place, ideally between 60-70°F, with humidity between 55-65%. Make sure the mushrooms do not get direct sunlight.

To air dry them, it is best to lay the mushrooms on a wire rack so they dry evenly from all sides. If you do not have a wire rack, you can place them on a clean cloth; just remember to flip them over every few hours.

You will know the mushrooms are dry when you can easily break the stem. If they still bend, give them more time.

If it is taking a while to dry the mushrooms, you might want to use a fan to help with ventilation. We do not advise you to put them in the oven or using heat because they could dry out too fast or even burn. It’s best to let them dry slowly and evenly.


You can also use a machine called a dehydrator to make your magic mushrooms dry, but we suggest the air-drying method for a slow and gentle process. If you decide to use a dehydrator, you need to keep a close eye on them.

Dehydrators come in various types, so set yours to a low heat and check your mushrooms after about an hour. If they look like they are almost done but not quite, check every 10-15 minutes after that.

The best ways to keep your magic mushrooms fresh and dry:

You have a few options for keeping your magic mushrooms, and I’ll explain the good and bad points of each. However, whatever you choose, make sure you store them in a dark place.

Storing mushrooms in airtight containers

This is the best way to keep magic mushrooms, and it is what we suggest. Air makes mushrooms go bad quickly, and they dry out and lose their power faster. Using an airtight jar or bottle is better than a plastic bag at keeping air out. Keep them in a dark place at a moderate room temperature, around 60-70°F.

Storing mushrooms in a refrigerator

We do not advise keeping mushrooms in the fridge because the cold can harm them. It is keep in the dark at room temperature.

If you have wet mushrooms, freshly picked, you can keep them in the fridge for about a week, but after that, you should eat them or dry them, or they will go bad.

Storing mushrooms in a freezer

Like the fridge, we do not suggest putting mushrooms in the freezer because the cold can harm them by freezing any remaining moisture. It is better to keep them in a dark place at room temperature.

How to store fresh (wet) mushrooms

If you cannot dry your magic mushrooms, you can put them in the fridge while they are still wet, but remember, and they will only stay good for about a week, like regular cooking mushrooms. After that, they might start to rot, spoil, or get moldy or bacteria.

You can also try drying the mushrooms if they have been in the fridge for a few days and have not gone bad.

How to know if dried shrooms are not good to eat anymore

Wet or dried magic mushrooms will show signs when they have gone bad.

Mold: If you see green or black mold on your mushrooms, do not eat them.

Discoloration: Some magic mushrooms might turn blue, and that is okay. But if they change to any other color, like black, it means there is likely bacteria or mold inside, and you should throw them away.

Good magic mushrooms usually have light brown or golden caps and white stems, like psilocybe cubensis. Some are more light brown all over.

Weird smell: Fresh mushrooms have a unique earthy and musky smell. If your mushrooms smell strange or sour, do not eat them.

How to tell if shroom-infused products are not good

Magic mushrooms can be mixed into various foods like chocolate or honey and put into gel caps, kind of like health supplements. It is tough to know when these mushroom products have gone bad because they will not grow mold or change colour like real mushrooms.

Mushroom edibles might last longer than regular mushrooms, but it is hard to say exactly how long. Store these products in a dry, cool place, and eat them within 2-3 months of making them to be safe. And if they smell strange, do not eat them.

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