Concerta Drug Test Detection: Everything You Need to Know (2023)

Concerta Drug Test Detection: Everything You Need to Know (2023)- DATOS

Concerta is a medicine called methylphenidate. People use it to help with problems like being too active and not able to pay attention (ADHD) or suddenly falling asleep (narcolepsy). It works by changing stuff in your brain. This can make the ADHD better, but it might also give you problems like a dry mouth, bad feelings, losing weight, or not wanting to eat.

Some other medicines for ADHD, like Adderall and Ritalin, are sort of like Concerta because they use the same ingredient.

If you need to check if someone took Concerta, there are different tests for that. How long they can tell depends on the test and some other things.

Concerta Drug Test in Your Body

Different tests can find Concerta in your body at various times. Some tests can show it a day or two after you take it, while others can find it even months later.

  • Blood test: This test isn’t common for drug checks, but it can find Concerta up to 4 days after you last took it.
  • Urine test: It can discover Concerta 1 to 3 days after you used it.
  • Saliva test: This test can also find Concerta 1 to 3 days after your last use.
  • Hair test: This one can find traces of Concerta in your hair for up to 90 days after you last took it.

Time It Takes for Concerta to Leave Your Body

Concerta takes about 3.5 hours in adults and 2.5 hours in kids to go halfway through your body. So, if you’re an adult, it will be all gone in about 7-8 hours. But the good effects can last up to 12 hours.

If you’ve been taking Concerta for a long time or using too much of it, when it’s gone, you might feel bad with symptoms like a weird heart rate, feeling like throwing up, being worried, and headaches.

How long it stays in your body, whether you’re using too much or not, depends on different things.”

Things That Can Change How Long Concerta Stays in Your Body

Even though there are normal times for how long Concerta can be found in your body and how long it takes to leave, some things can make it shorter or longer. These include:

  • How big and heavy you are.
  • How much you move around.
  • How your body processes stuff.
  • How old you are.
  • How healthy you are.
  • How well your kidneys work.
  • What’s in your genes.
  • What happened in your medical past.
  • If you took the regular or long-lasting pills.
  • How much Concerta you took.
  • How long you’ve been taking Concerta.

Why People Do Drug Tests for Concerta

People have different reasons to do drug tests. Some tests check if someone is using Concerta too much or getting addicted to it.

Concerta is a medicine that the FDA says is not safe to use too much. That’s why it’s called a Schedule II drug. A doctor might use a drug test to see if someone has been using it too much.

But, besides checking for that, drug tests can also happen for:

  • When you’re getting a new job.
  • Sometimes, at work, your boss might want to check randomly.
  • In sports, to make sure people aren’t cheating.
  • For legal reasons, like solving crimes.

What Mistaken Results Can Concerta, an ADHD Medicine, Cause

Some people who take drug tests while using Concerta have reported that the test says they have amphetamines in their system, even though they don’t. Sometimes, it can also mistakenly show that there are methamphetamines or even LSD, which is another type of drug.

These false results happen more often with urine and saliva tests. The thing that does the work in Concerta, called methylphenidate, isn’t an amphetamine, but it works like amphetamines, which might be why the test gets mixed up.

What to Do if a Drug Test Says You Have Amphetamines While Taking Concerta

If you’re unlucky and the drug test wrongly says you have amphetamines in your body while you’re on Concerta, the next thing to do is ask for a more detailed test. It might cost a bit more and take longer, but it’s more accurate. Make sure to tell the person doing the test that you’re taking Concerta. This way, they can consider that and do more tests if needed.

Drug tests in places like rehab are done for different reasons. They usually do them when you first come in to see what substances you’ve been using. This helps them give you the right kind of care. These tests aren’t a treatment, but they’re a tool to help you live without drugs.

Some Questions

Can ADHD Medicine Show Up on a Drug Test?

People taking amphetamine-based medicines like Concerta might test positive for amphetamines when they have a urine test. So, it’s a good idea to tell your future boss or have a note from your doctor if you’re going to be tested.

Can Methylphenidate Be Found in Urine?

A small amount of unchanged methylphenidate shows up in urine, but most of it changes into something else and is seen in urine as ritalinic acid.

What Group of Drugs Does Concerta Belong To?

Concerta is a type of stimulant, and it’s in a category called ‘Schedule II Stimulant.’ This label means the Drug Enforcement Agency thinks it can be easily abused. Other drugs in this group include Dexedrine, Ritalin, and even cocaine.

Can ADHD Meds Make a Drug Test Go Wrong?

Some sources say that methylphenidate, the medicine in Concerta, can sometimes make a drug test wrongly show amphetamines.

Does Methylphenidate Give a Positive Result?

Methylphenidate can make a urine test look like there are amphetamines, but that’s not true.

How Does Your Body Get Rid of Methylphenidate?

When you take regular methylphenidate, most of it comes out in your urine, and a small part in your poop as changed forms within 48-96 hours.

How Long Does Concerta Work?

Concerta is a pill you take once a day, and its effects last for about 12 hours.

Is Concerta a Risky Drug?

Concerta can cause serious problems, like heart issues, long-lasting erections, and more, especially in people with certain conditions. It can also be addictive.

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