Is Marijuana Toxic to Cats and Dogs

Is Marijuana Toxic to Cats and Dogs- DATOS

Is Marijuana Toxic to Cats and Dogs: There’s no doubt that secondhand smoke is bad. Most places have rules against smoking in public indoor areas, except for 12 states. We care about our health and the health of others when it comes to smoking. This is even before we talk about cannabis.

But at home, you can do what you want, even smoke a lot of cannabis without worrying, until your pet comes in. Then you might wonder, “Is weed smoke okay for cats?” or “Can dogs get high from secondhand smoke?

You should definitely wonder about these things! It turns out, cannabis smoke is not good for our furry pets like cats and dogs, as well as other pets. Pets and cannabis smoke are not a good mix. It can harm their breathing, especially for birds. Here’s what you should know about how weed affects cats and dogs, and why smoking around pets is a bad idea.

How Does Cannabis Affect Pets Like Cats, Dogs, and Other Animals?

To better know why it’s not good to smoke marijuana near pets, let’s look at how cannabis affects animals. (THC) Tetrahydrocannabinol is a part of cannabis that makes people feel high when they use it. There are two things in people and pets, CB1 & CB2, that deal with these effects. They’re like systems in the body that manage how cannabis works.

Animals have more of these CB1 & CB2 things than people. For instance, dogs have more CB1 receptors than humans. This means they can be more affected by cannabis and get really sick from even a small amount. If dogs or other animals eat cannabis edibles, concentrates, or flowers, it can be very bad for them, and sometimes even deadly.

These worst situations usually happen when pets eat cannabis stuff. But that doesn’t mean it’s safe to smoke weed around pets. In fact, smoking marijuana near your pets can cause other problems.

Is It Harmful to Smoke Weed Near Pets?

If you were to talk to a pet doctor about smoking weed near pets, they would probably tell you not to smoke anything around your pets, even cannabis. Smoking weed is not good for pets and can bother their lungs and breathing.

It can also make their eyes and stomach feel bad. In worse situations, weed smoke can lead to breathing problems and things like asthma.

Can Dogs Get High from Breathing Weed Smoke?

Yes, dogs can feel high if they breathe in a lot of marijuana smoke, but it would need to be a whole lot of smoke in a small place for a dog to get really affected. However, this isn’t the same for all dogs, just like how different amounts of THC can affect people differently. So, there isn’t a safe amount for dogs.

It’s also important to know that dogs don’t want to get high like humans do. They don’t understand what’s happening. They might get scared or confused, especially if it changes how they move or see things. This can be really scary for them.

Is Marijuana Smoke Harmful to Dogs?

Marijuana has been labeled as a kind of drug that’s hard to research since 1971. This makes it difficult to study marijuana’s effects, whether for medicine or other reasons. Surprisingly, research on how secondhand marijuana smoke affects pets, especially dogs, has been done since 1976. One study found that dogs that breathed in weed smoke every day got serious lung problems over time, like bronchitis, lung damage, and even lung cancer.

In simple words, even if people like the effects of THC, it’s a really bad idea to blow smoke near your dog. You should not smoke around dogs because it can make them drool, vomit, shake, and even have seizures.

Does Marijuana Smoke Affect Cats?

Yes, smoke from weed can cause problems for a cat’s health and actions. It’s hard to know exactly how much smoke can harm or make a cat feel funny, just like with people. This depends on things like how heavy the cat is, how old it is, and how big it is.

There was a situation where a cat got really affected by marijuana. It acted mean and couldn’t sit still. The cat would also switch between being really agitated and then not interested in anything for a few minutes each time.

Is It Bad to Smoke Weed Near Cats?

It’s better not to smoke around cats. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) says that cats (and other pets) can get sick from cannabis, and it’s not safe for them to eat or be around it.

Remember, you can choose to use THC for its effects, but your cat can’t. If you smoke weed near cats, they could have problems like:

  • Feeling nervous, worried, or sad
  • Throwing up
  • Not being able to move well
  • Low blood pressure
  • Slow heart rate
  • Shaking and falling down
  • Being in a deep sleep

The Dangers of Thirdhand Smoke

You know about secondhand weed smoke, but what’s thirdhand smoke? Think about how pets have really good noses and can sense things well. When we smoke weed, like with cigarettes, some of the smoke stays on things as a little bit.

Thirdhand smoke is when pets touch or smell that leftover smoke. It can affect pets differently, depending on how they feel things a lot. It’s important to know about and try not to let pets get near it.

Read Now:

How long does it take weed to get out of a dog’s system?

Usually, weed will leave a dog’s body within 1 to 2 days. According to Suzuki, most of the cases they see are not too severe. Dogs can handle weed quite well, but they process it in a different way than people do, which makes the effects stay longer.

Protect Your Pets

There isn’t a kind of weed that’s safe for pets. We now understand how much our furry family members can be harmed by breathing in weed smoke from others. But there are ways to prevent pets from getting sick from weed.

If you want to smoke weed, it’s better to do it outside. If you’re inside, choose a room with good air flow, and don’t let your pet in while you’re smoking. Don’t give any weed stuff to your pets unless your pet doctor says it’s okay. Keep all your weed things, especially food with weed, locked away so pets can’t get to them.

People May Ask

How do I know if my dog is feeling strange from weed?

When dogs eat weed, they might have a slow heartbeat, throw up, and be extra sensitive to sounds and sights. They could flinch when touched, hear loud noises, or see fast movements near their faces. If it’s more serious, they might have trouble walking, feel cold, and have a slow heartbeat.

Can a dog sleep off being high?

If a dog reacts really badly, they might have seizures, a too-fast or too-slow heartbeat, have trouble breathing, or even fall into a deep sleep. Because there’s a risk of it being very harmful, dogs can’t just sleep it away. They need to see a doctor quickly.

Why is my dog shaking after eating weed?

If your dog eats weed and gets sick, they might shake, have seizures, or go into a deep sleep. If this happens, take your dog to the vet.

Does eating weed hurt dogs?

Weed is dangerous for dogs and cats in all forms. Dogs often eat weed more than cats because they’re not as careful about what they eat. After a dog eats weed, they usually show signs of being sick within 30 to 90 minutes.

Is it okay for dogs to have weed?

Dogs shouldn’t have cannabis, also called marijuana. One part of marijuana called THC can hurt dogs. It can make them sick and in very rare cases, cause death.

What should I do if my dog eats weed?

If your dog eats weed, it’s important to get them checked by a vet. If your usual vet isn’t available, take your dog to an emergency vet right away.

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