Coke Bullet: What is a Snuff Bullet?

Coke Bullet: What is a Snuff Bullet?

A Coke bullet is a small container that looks like a bullet and is made for holding cocaine or other drugs to snort up your nose. Snuff bullets are tools used for drugs, and they come in different sizes and shapes. They can be made of plastic, glass, carbon fibre, or metal. If you see one, it means someone is likely using drugs. 

How Does Snuff Bullet Look?

How Does Snuff Bullet Look?
Snuff Bullet

When you see a snuff bullet for the first time, you may not know what it is. A snuff bullet is made so you can keep and use a drug from one container. Most bullets can be unscrewed at the bottom, and inside there is a space where you can put cocaine or any other substance.

Some snorters, which are also popularly known as “sniffers,” can be quite difficult in their design. Many of them have a spinning wheel inside that connects a bit of the substance and gets it ready for snorting. This wheel can also be turned to conveniently release the substance into the nose of the person.

If you have not even seen a snuff bullet before, it might be really tough to identify them. Nowadays, they can be found as necklaces and keychains. Some are made of metal and designed to look fancy with special cravings, while others are made to look simple and blend in, like a spice storage bottle or something else pain.

If you find something with a twisty valve and a mechanism that works like the one explained before, it is likely a snuff bullet. Do not be tricked by its appearance from the outside.

What Is The Use Of Snuff Bullets?

People use snuff bullets mainly for snorting crack cocaine or “coke,” which is why they are often called coke bullets. However, they can also be used for other substances, like tobacco, which is not illegal. Because they are used for tobacco too, it’s quite easy to find and buy snuff bullets in many smoke shops. Some gas stations and other places might also sell them.

Snuff bullets are liked by people because they make drugs easier to use and are also quite secret. Instead of carrying a bag of cocaine and needing a razor, credit card, or straws to snort it, snuff bullets allow you to take a specific amount without needing any other tools.

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Sometimes people might feel tempted to carry a snuff bullet for social reasons. However, some individuals may also feel the need to have one with them all the time as they become drug-addicted and can’t bear to be without it.

Finding a snuff bullet is a clear indication that someone is addicted to drugs, and this addiction keeps them trapped in a cycle that makes quitting very difficult. Considering this, it’s important to be cautious and thoughtful when approaching someone who has a snuff bullet.

Is It Illegal To Use Snuff Bullets?

Snuff bullets are considered  “drug paraphernalia,” which means that it is against the law to sell, own, or buy any type of paraphernalia. However, there is a bit of uncertainty because of the tobacco’s legality. To work around the restrictions, many gas stations and other stores label snuff bullets and other similar products with a disclaimer saying that they are meant “For Tobacco Use Only.”

Because of this, snuff bullets, as well as related items like snuff bottles and snuff kits, are easily found for sale online. You can even come across product descriptions hinting at illegal drug use, and customer reviews mention the same. Whereas they can be used for tobacco, getting a snuff bullet in your home should make you worried.

Snuff Bullet Side Effects

If you come across a snuff bullet or suspect that you have, the very first step is to find the lowest storage and check for any traces of a substance inside. If you have not found a snuff bullet but suspect someone might have one or be searching for one, it is important to watch out for other signs of drug use.

The main signs of drug use can differ based on the substance being abused, but for commonly snorted drugs, you can watch out for these signs:

  • Reduced ability to smell
  • Stiffy or runny nose
  • Nosebleeds
  • Sinus infections
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Nasal septum’s hole(the divider between nostrils)

Snorting cocaine can cause:

  • Increase in the heart rate, body temperature, and blood pressure
  • Aggressive and irritable behaviour
  • Feelings of anxiety, panic, and paranoia
  • Chest pain
  • Stomach pain
  • Muscle twitching
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Snorting heroin can cause:

  • Flushing or warm/red skin
  • Heavy feeling in the legs and arms
  • Difficulty thinking clearly
  • Vomiting and snorting
  • Itchiness
  • Loss of consciousness
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Some people may use a snuff bullet to crush and snort benzodiazepines, and you might find a grinder nearby in such cases. Snuff bullets can even use for snorting other substances like opioids, MDMA, ketamine, bath salts, stimulants, and phencyclidine(PCP).

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