What You Need to Know About Sassafras

What You Need to Know About Sassafras- DATOS

Sassafras is like a special word for a kind of drug called MDA. This drug can make you see things that aren’t really there and can also give you lots of energy, like feeling super excited. It’s a bit like another drug called MDMA, which some people call ecstasy or molly.

But here’s the important thing: Sassafras is not safe! It’s a type of drug that’s not allowed because it can be very, very bad for your health. It can even make you very sick or hurt you really badly if you take too much. So, it’s really important to stay far away from it and never, ever try it.

All About Sassafras: The Tricky Drug

Sassafras is a tricky drug. It can be a little pill, a capsule, or even a white powder that people eat or sniff. But here’s the thing: it’s not good for you.

This drug is made from something called safrole, which comes from the sassafras plant. Long ago, Native American tribes used this plant to help with things like fevers, coughs, and tummy troubles.

Guess what? Safrole used to be in root beer and sassafras tea to make them taste nice. But then scientists found out that safrole can make people very sick and even give them cancer.

So, the people in charge, like the FDA, said, “No more safrole in food!” But some folks still use it to make other not-good-for-you drugs like MDA and MDMA. Stay far away from these drugs, and always remember to be safe and healthy!

What Happens When You Use Sassafras

When you use sassafras, it does some things to your brain and your body. Here’s what happens:

In Your Brain:

  • It makes your brain release special chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.
  • These chemicals can change how you feel and act.
  • You might feel really happy, excited, and friendly.
  • But it can also make you see or hear things that aren’t really there, which can be scary.
  • Sometimes, it can make you feel anxious (worried).

In Your Body:

  • Your heart beats faster.
  • Your body gets hotter.
  • Your blood pressure goes up.
  • You might start sweating.
  • Your jaw might clench or tighten.
  • Your tummy might feel funny, and you might not want to eat.

These effects can last a pretty long time, like 8 to 12 hours. But when they go away, some people feel sad and tired for a little while, maybe a few hours or a few days.

Remember, it’s not good to use sassafras or any drugs because they can be dangerous. It’s always better to stay safe and healthy!

Sassafras and Molly: How They Make You Feel

Sassafras and Molly (or MDMA) are a bit alike, but they make you feel a little different.

  • Molly (MDMA): Makes you feel really loving and cuddly.
  • Sassafras: Gives you lots of energy, like you’re super awake and bouncy.

Sassafras also:

  • Makes you see things that aren’t really there, like colorful pictures in your mind.
  • Keeps making you feel this way for a longer time compared to Molly.
  • So, they’re similar, but they’re not exactly the same! Remember, it’s not good to use them because they can be harmful. Stay safe and happy without them!

Why Sassafras is Really, Really Dangerous

Sassafras is like those bad drugs that you should never, ever try. It can be super dangerous and even deadly.

Here’s why:

  • Taking Too Much: If you take a lot of sassafras or mix it with other bad stuff, you might get really sick. This is called an overdose.
  • Overdose Signs: Some signs that you took too much sassafras are:
  • Your eyes get really big.
  • You feel very, very tired.
  • Your tummy might feel yucky, and you might throw up.
  • You breathe fast, and your heart beats super fast.
  • Breathing can get really hard.
  • You might shake a lot, or even have a scary thing called a seizure.
  • Sometimes, you can even pass out and not wake up.
  • Call for Help: If you or someone you know has these problems after using sassafras, you should call 911 right away. It’s very important to get help fast because sassafras can be super dangerous, especially if it has other bad stuff like fentanyl in it.
  • Fentanyl is Extra Bad: Some people mix fentanyl with sassafras, and that’s really, really bad. Fentanyl is a super strong drug, and it can make you very, very sick or even cause you to die. So, always remember, sassafras is not safe, and you should stay away from it.

Why Sassafras is Bad for Your Health

Sassafras and Your Temperature:
  • Sassafras can make your body super hot, which is really bad.
  • This can hurt your kidneys and even make you very, very sick or even cause you to die.
  • If you already have health problems, sassafras can make them worse.
Sassafras and Cancer:
  • Sassafras is made from something called safrole.
  • Safrole can give you cancer and hurt your liver. That’s why it’s not safe.

Is Sassafras Addictive?

  • Some smart people are not sure if sassafras makes you addicted.
  • But if you use it a lot, you might need more and more to feel anything.
  • Using too much can make you very sick or even overdose.
  • So, always remember, sassafras is really, really bad for you. It’s not something you should ever try! Stay safe and healthy instead.

Getting Help for Sassafras Problems

If you or someone you care about can’t stop using sassafras and it’s causing problems, you can go to a special place that helps people like you. Here’s what they can do to help:

  • Talking and Learning: You can talk to someone who knows a lot about this stuff. They can teach you how to control your cravings for sassafras and help with any other problems in your head or heart that made you want to use drugs.
  • Being with Others: You can also meet with other kids and grown-ups who know what it’s like. You can talk about your feelings and how to stay strong without using sassafras.
  • Fun and Relaxing Stuff: They might also have fun things to do, like playing games or doing exercises. These can help you feel better and not want to use sassafras.

So, if you or someone you love needs help with sassafras, there are places with kind people who want to help you get better and stay healthy.

Some Question

What are the side effects of sassafras?

  • Sassafras is not safe because it can make you very sick.
  • It has something called safrole, which can give you cancer and hurt your liver.
  • Even a tiny bit of sassafras oil can be deadly for a grown-up.
  • Using it can make you sweat a lot and feel super hot.
  • If you use too much, it can make you throw up, have a very fast heart, and see things that aren’t really there.

What drugs is sassafras used in?

  • People use sassafras to make a bad drug called MDMA.
  • This drug is not safe and can hurt you, so you should stay far away from it.

Why was sassafras banned?

  • The sassafras tree has something called safrole in its roots and bark.
  • Safrole is very bad because it can give rats cancer.
  • Because it’s so bad, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said we can’t use it in our food anymore.
  • Using a lot of sassafras for a long time can make you sick and maybe even give you cancer.

What is the purpose of sassafras?

  • Sassafras is a kind of tree from the Eastern United States.
  • A long time ago, Native Americans used it to make medicine for things like fevers, tummy troubles, and sore joints.
  • They also made it smell nice in perfumes and taste good in root beer.