What is Shake Cannabis?

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What is Shake Cannabis: You might have come across the term “Shake Cannabis” and might think it’s not something good to use or smoke. People who really know about cannabis might avoid using the leftover shake from the flowers and prefer to use high-quality buds instead of what they see as cheaper shake weed.

What is Shake Cannabis?

It’s the bits of marijuana buds or flowers that end up at the bottom of a container, jar, or bag of marijuana when they fall off.

When bits of the flower get separated from the marijuana plant because of shaking, bumping, handling, or making the product, that’s called Shake Cannabis. Since shake used to be part of the marijuana buds, it can still have CBD and THC, along with terpenes.

Shake Weed is Different from Trim or Kief

Before we go deeper into marijuana shake, let’s understand how it’s not the same as other things people might confuse it with. People often mix up shake flowers with two other parts of the cannabis plant: trim and kief.

Trim includes the bits of the marijuana plant that are cut off when it’s harvested. Marijuana trim is usually the stems and leaves, which aren’t great for smoking but can be used to make weaker edibles.

Kief is a special part of the cannabis plant. It’s like tiny particles that hold terpenes, THC, and CBD, and they come apart from the plant. Kief is usually darker than the trichomes and feels a bit sticky, like powder.

People gather this powder using grinders, and lots of grinders have a part to catch kief. People use kief to make bowls, bongs, and joints stronger and better when smoking them. They sprinkle it on to make the smoke more potent.

What Can You Do with Shake Flower?

Dispensaries sometimes use shake flowers in pre-rolled joints they sell. They might mix different types of shake together, or use shake from one type of plant that’s really strong. Proper shops also sell shake flowers on its own.

Dispensaries often have good shake flower at lower prices. You can ask the person behind the counter (called a budtender) to help you choose the best one.

You can use Shake Cannabis just like regular flowers to smoke in pre-rolls, joints, blunts, bongs, and pipes. People also use shake flowers to make edibles. You can mix shake into oil or cannabutter, but make sure to heat it up first.

There are more ways to use marijuana shake, like putting it in skin creams, tinctures, strong forms, and vaporizers. If you decide to smoke shake flower, keep in mind that it can still have the smell of the plant. **We have a useful list of 27 ways to hide the shake weed smell when you smoke marijuana.

Good and Not-So-Good Sides of Marijuana Shake

However, some serious shake weed users might be unsure about how good shake is. Let’s look closely at the good and not-so-good things about shake flower to understand its advantages and disadvantages when using it.

Advantages of Shake Flower

  • Affordable Choice: Often, in a legal shop, you can buy marijuana shake for less money. This lets you have top-quality flower without spending a lot.
  • Might Still Be Strong: Though it falls off the marijuana flower, it can still have a lot of THC strength if it’s not too dry.
  • Could Be Just One Kind: You might be sure that your shake comes from a specific flower. This is the best kind of shake.
  • Easy to Use: You don’t need to grind shake before smoking. Shake flower is ready to roll or pack and smoke.
  • Good Mix of Stuff: If you buy a shake from a good shop, you can expect it to have a good amount of THC, CBD, and terpenes.
  • Not Too Strong: If you don’t want to get very high, the shake usually has lower levels of THC.
  • Can Still Get You High: If the cannabis shake is from a good marijuana type, the shake flower can make you feel high.

Downsides of Weed Shakes

  • Unclear Mix: Often, different types of marijuana are put together in shakes that’s sold at lower prices.
  • Mixed with Extra Stuff: Sometimes, leaves, stems, and bits from the cannabis plant end up in the marijuana shake.
  • Gets Dry Fast: If the bag, container, or jar isn’t closed well, the cannabis shake can be dry. It’s better to use shake flower soon after you get it.
  • Tricky Amounts: People who use marijuana for medical reasons should avoid shake because it’s hard to know how strong or how much you’re getting. For medical use, it’s important to have a precise dose.
  • Seen as Not Great: Shake flower is often thought of as lower quality.
  • Confusing Content: Shake might contain bits of different marijuana strains mixed together.

Shake flower is often looked down upon by people who love weed and talk a lot about it, but maybe it’s not so bad. When you use the shake that falls off the cannabis buds, you’re making sure you use every part of the plant and get the most out of what you paid for.

But don’t always think you’ll get very, very high with shake. You might have a shake that doesn’t make you feel super “high,” but it could still give you some of the good effects that come from using weed.

Even though shake flower isn’t like a milkshake made from marijuana (which might not even taste good), a cannabis shake can be something nice. You might not realize how good it is if you’ve been ignoring the cheaper premium shake at the dispensary or not using the leftovers after you’ve smoked the main parts of the marijuana buds.

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