Review of the Motorbreath Strain

Review of the Motorbreath Strain - DATOS

People often describe the Motorbreath Strain as having an earthy, strong smell like fuel. This strain has won awards and is quite powerful, so it’s important not to underestimate it.

Because it has a lot of THC, people who are new to using cannabis might want to avoid it until they have more experience. Like many other hybrid cannabis strains, Motorbreath gives a good mix of relaxation and energy. It’s mostly relaxing and is better suited for nighttime use since it’s mostly indica.

The strain isn’t just named after a Metallica song from 1982—it’s called Motorbreath for a specific reason (we’ll explain that later). There’s a bunch of interesting things to learn about this diesel-like strain.

Keep reading to learn more about the Motorbreath Strain. Also, we’ll also share the top place to buy Motorbreath from, so make sure you stay until the end.

Origin of the Motorbreath Strain

The really strong and popular Motorbreath Strain comes from some really cool parent plants: Chemdog, a famous mystery plant that made some of the strongest strains, was mixed with San Fernando Valley OG (SFV OG), a strong OG Kush mix that’s great for improving mood and helping with physical and mental issues.

When Pisces Genetics combined these two well-known plants, they made another really strong and liked strain. Motorbreath has about 25% to 28% THC, which is why experienced marijuana users like it a lot. It gives a slow and powerful high that they enjoy.

Appearance: What Does a Motorbreath Bud Look Like

Motorbreath buds have a shape similar to a spade card and are stretched out. They have a consistent mix of bright blue and purple colors, and you can see long orange hairs and a thin layer of crystal-like trichomes all over them.

The Smell and Taste of the Motorbreath Strain

When you want to have a good time and need something that smells and tastes exciting, try the Motorbreath strain. Among all the creative names for different kinds of marijuana, Motorbreath is one that makes a lot of sense, especially for diesel-like strains. Its smell is really special and surprising.

Motorbreath has strong fuel smells, mixed with hints of zesty lemon and earthy scents. These balance out the diesel smells when you burn or vaporize the buds. The taste of Motorbreath is just like its smell, starting with diesel and gas fumes, then moving to tangy lemon flavors, and a bit of earthiness.

If you don’t like the strong smell of cannabis sticking around, make sure to have an air freshener nearby. Motorbreath can leave a strong scent in the air for a long time, starting as soon as you open the bag or jar.

How Does the Powerful Motorbreath Strain Affect You

Motorbreath’s effects are very strong. The THC in it, which is around the mid-20s percentage, is so powerful that it won first place in a competition for hybrid strains in 2015 and second place for indica strains in 2016.

This strain is great for experienced users who are used to strong strains because it can work even if they have built up a high tolerance over years of using marijuana. However, it’s not a good idea for people who don’t smoke a lot or are new to using marijuana.

The high from Motorbreath takes time to start in your head and then slowly goes through your whole body. After a few seconds of taking a hit, you’ll feel happier and really relaxed. It can even help with sleep problems by making you feel very calm and peaceful.

The Motorbreath strain works quickly and gives you a strong high that makes your head feel better and helps your body and mind relax. Because of these effects, it’s liked by people who have anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and trouble sleeping.

Because Motorbreath is mostly relaxing and calming, it’s best to use it at night or when you don’t have important things to do. It might make you feel really sleepy, even hours after you use it. This can be good if you want to calm down your busy thoughts or if you just want a reason to stay home.

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