Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine Addiction: Know the Effects- DATOS

Getting addicted to ketamine is mostly about your mind getting used to it. People usually get addicted to ketamine because they want to hide their other problems. Keep reading to know more about ketamine addiction, how to recognize its main signs, and where to get help if needed.

What is ketamine?

Ketamine is a drug that’s sometimes used by doctors to help with surgeries. But it’s not allowed to be used outside of medical places, and in the UK, it’s considered a type of drug called class B.

However, because ketamine can make you feel like you’re in a dream, some people misuse it to have fun. In hospitals, it looks like clear liquid and doctors put it in your body with a needle. But on the streets, it’s often a white powder that people snort or eat. When it’s sold illegally, ketamine has different names like:

  • Ket
  • Special K
  • Calvin Klein (which is cocaine and ketamine mixed)Jet
  • Vitamin k
  • K
  • Kitkat

What is ketamine addiction?

Ketamine addiction is when someone can’t control how much ketamine they take, even though it’s harming them. Ketamine makes people feel good temporarily, but using it a lot can lead to problems. People can get used to ketamine, so they need more of it to feel the same good feelings.

This makes them depend on ketamine, and even if they want to quit, it’s really hard for them to stop.

What are the signs and symptoms of ketamine addiction?

If you’re worried you might be addicted to ketamine, think about these things. If they sound like you, it could mean you have a ketamine addiction.

  • I use ketamine every day.
  • I get annoyed if I can’t find ketamine.
  • I always want ketamine.
  • My memory and thinking aren’t as good since I started using ketamine too much.
  • I need more ketamine than before to feel the same, and I use it more often.
  • My close relationships aren’t good since I started using ketamine too much.
  • I’m not taking care of my personal and work stuff like I used to because of ketamine.
  • I only spend time with people who use ketamine, and I don’t want to hang out with others.
  • I’ve had scary feelings and thoughts because of ketamine.
  • I feel really anxious and sad if I can’t get ketamine.
  • I tried to use less or stop, but I can’t.

Why am I addicted to ketamine?

We believe that drug addiction can happen to anyone, no matter who they are or what their situation is. There are some reasons that might make someone start using ketamine too much. Some of these reasons could be:

Trying to escape from a bad experience

Ketamine makes you feel like you’re far away from reality, and it can make you not feel pain and feel calm for a little while. This might make people want to use it to get away from thoughts and feelings that are hard to deal with.

Life can be really hard sometimes, and there are moments when problems become too much to handle. We might have gone through sad things, heartbreak, being sick, feeling left out, not having a job, or anything else that makes us really sad. Using ketamine a lot might make these sad feelings go away for a short time.

Using for fun

When people use ketamine illegally, they often use it at parties or when they’re hanging out with friends. If someone does this all the time, they might start to think they can’t have fun without it. This can turn into a routine, and that can lead to being addicted to ketamine.

What’s happening around you

Ketamine used to be a drug that most people stayed away from, but now more people think it’s okay. It’s not expensive and you can find it easily, which is why lots of college students use it, even more than other drugs like cocaine and ecstasy.

Also, since ketamine can make you feel calm, some people might use it when they’re at home with friends and don’t have anything else to do. People might be more likely to use too much ketamine if they live in places where many people don’t have jobs or money.

Ketamine addiction can be really harmful. If people use too much ketamine for a long time, it can make their body and mind sick. There are different kinds of problems that can happen:

Problems with how you think and feel:

  • Forgetting things
  • Getting confused
  • Not being able to focus well
  • Feeling like people are after you
  • Quickly changing how you feel
  • Feeling very worried
  • Having sudden strong fear

Problems with your body:

  • Pain in your belly
  • Feeling like you want to throw up
  • Having high blood pressure
  • Hurting your kidneys, bladder, and tubes where you pee
  • Hurting your liver

Problems with what you do:

  • Getting hurt easily because you can’t feel pain properly
  • Being in danger or treated badly because you feel lostTaking too much or mixing with alcohol and other drugs, which can be really dangerous
  • Feeling like you’re not in the real world, which might make you hurt yourself or others without meaning to
  • Having times when you can’t tell what’s real
  • It’s important to know that using too much ketamine can lead to all these problems.
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