Sweet and Strong: Forbidden Fruit Cannabis

Sweet and Strong: Forbidden Fruit Cannabis- DATOS

Forbidden Fruit is a special kind of cannabis. It’s mostly relaxing and comes from mixing Cherry Pie and Tangie plants. The stuff inside that makes you feel different is super strong, usually around 21-23%.

The Forbidden Fruit plant makes really thick and sticky flowers that are great. It smells like fruit and does two things to you: makes your mind feel good and makes your body super relaxed.

ParentsCherry Pie
Flavor and smellFruity
Outdoors, indoors, or greensouseoutdoors

Smell, Taste, and feel of Forbidden Fruit: A Yummy Fruit treat that makes you feel cozy

Forbidden Fruit has lots of special things that make it smell interesting. Mostly, it smells like sweet fruits, but if you’re good at smelling things, you can also catch hints of citrus and earthy scents. When you taste it, it’s like eating ripe cherries, grapefruits, oranges, and even tropical fruits like bananas and mangoes.

As soon as you breathe it in, you start feeling happy in your head. Later, you’ll feel really relaxed in your body, like you’re wrapped up in a cozy blanket on the couch. This might make you want to sleep for a long time.

Because Forbidden Fruit is really strong, its effects stay for many hours and are best for when the day is ending.

Growing Forbidden Fruit: Easy and strong plant

It’s quite easy to grow Forbidden Fruit. Because it’s mostly like an indica plant, it can handle colder and drier weather. The spaces between its stems are close together, its leaves are wide and dark green, and it can grow taller than 70cm indoors. So, if you’re growing Forbidden Fruit in a small space like a tent or room, remember that it can get big.

The time it takes for Forbidden Fruit to start making flowers is around 10 weeks, and it produces a lot. It’s not bothered by bugs or mold, which is good if you’re growing it outside.

Forbidden Fruit Lineage

Forbidden Fruit Lineage
Forbidden Fruit Lineage


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