What Is THC-O, And Why Is It Getting Attention?

What Is THC-O, And Why Is It Getting Attention- DATOS

Many stories have liked CBD for a while, but now more and more people are looking for substances like THC-O that can make them feel different. THC-O seems to be really strong, even stronger than other things in cannabis.

But, we have to be careful about THC-O. It might be easy to use too much, there’s not much research on it yet, and it might have some bad effects.

What is THC-O

THC-O, sometimes called THC-O acetate or THC acetate, is a man-made version of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the stuff in cannabis that makes you feel different. Unlike regular THC from hemp, THC-O is made in a lab using special tools and chemicals, not found in nature.

This lab-made THC-O might be stronger, but it comes with some unknowns and could have risks if used for a long time.

People aren’t sure if THC-O is legal or not. In 2018, a law said that hemp, which has very little THC, is different from marijuana. But it’s not clear if THC-O fits into the legal rules from that law.

Because it can be misused and doesn’t have a clear medical use, THC-O might be seen as a very restricted substance, but we need more information to know for sure if it’s legal or not.

What Does THC-O Do to You

THC-O is known to be a strong substance that can make you feel different, maybe even more than regular THC. When you take it, it doesn’t work right away. It stays quiet in your body until it changes into something that affects you. Usually, you start feeling the effects of THC-O in about 30 minutes, but it can be different for each person.

Common Effects of THC-O

  • Very strong daydreams: Some people say they see and feel things that aren’t real when they use THC-O.
  • Feeling more worried: Especially in people who already feel a lot of stress or worry, THC-O can make those feelings even stronger.
  • Feeling dizzy and maybe falling down: THC-O can make you feel like everything is spinning, and you might even fall or pass out.
  • Feeling extra scared: People who use THC-O might become very scared and suspicious of things around them.
  • Feeling calm and tired: Some folks say they get really relaxed and tired after using THC-O.
  • Feeling like you might throw up: Many people feel sick to their stomach and might even throw up when they use THC-O.
  • Having seizures: This doesn’t happen often, but in rare cases, THC-O can make someone have a seizure.

What are THC-O Products

One big reason why THC-O affects people differently is because there aren’t strict rules from the FDA about it. Also, even though some THC-O products say they come from natural things like hemp, they’re actually made in labs.

THC-O products, just like regular THC, come in different types like vape pens and snacks like gummies. You can get them from special stores called dispensaries.

Delta-8 THC vs. THC-O

THC-O and delta-8 THC are not the same; they do different things in your body. Both can make you feel different, but THC-O is usually said to be stronger. Delta-8 THC comes from cannabis naturally and can also be made from hemp. Sometimes it’s legal, but it depends on how much of it there is and where you live.

Can THC-O Make Drug Tests Positive

Some people worry about drug tests when they use products with THC. But usually, drug tests are looking for delta-9 THC, not THC-O or other strong THC compounds.

Products made from hemp that follow the law and have very low THC, like 0.3% or less, probably won’t make drug tests show delta-9 THC. However, everyone’s different, so it’s a good idea to talk to legal and medical experts about your own situation.

How Long Does THC-O Stay in Your Body

How long THC-O shows up in drug tests depends on different things, like how fast your body works, how often you use it, and how good the test is at finding it. Usually, traces of THC-O can be found in your urine for a few days to a few weeks.

But just because it’s still in your body doesn’t mean you’re still feeling the effects. Sometimes, the test can find it even after the “feeling different” part is over.

Is THC-O Allowed in the United States

THC-O comes from hemp, so some sellers thought it was okay under a law from 2018.

But in February, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) said that both Delta-9 THC-O and Delta-8 THC-O are not legal because they aren’t natural and don’t fit the rules for hemp. So, it’s not allowed.

Is THC-O Stronger Than Delta-9 THC

Delta-9 THC is what makes you feel “high” when you use marijuana. When people talk about “pot” or “weed,” they usually mean Delta-9 THC.

There isn’t a lot of official research about how strong THC-O is compared to natural stuff, but people who use it say it can make you feel even more “high” than regular Delta-9 THC.

How Do You Know If Someone Has a Problem with Using THC-O

There are some signs that can show if someone has a big problem with using THC-O. Here are some of the signs when someone is really high on THC-O:

  • Their mouth might get super dry.
  • They might have trouble balancing and moving around.
  • Their eyes might turn red.
  • Their reactions might slow down a lot.
  • It could be really hard for them to have a normal conversation.

When people use THC-O a lot, there can be serious long-term problems. Here are some signs that someone might have a big problem with it:

  • Relationships: They might start caring more about THC-O than their family and friends.
  • Bad Consequences: Even when they face big problems because of THC-O, they keep using it.
  • Feeling Guilty: They might feel really bad about using THC-O and try to hide it.
  • Money and Legal Problems: Even when they have money and legal troubles because of THC-O, they don’t stop using it. This can show they have a serious problem.

Some Questions

What’s It Like to Get High on THC-O

THC-O is not only stronger than other forms of THC, but it also gives you a very different kind of high. Many people say it’s almost like having psychedelic or trippy experiences. Experts and sellers suggest that if you’re new to THC-O, you should be super careful and start with a tiny amount.

Is THC-O Stronger Than Delta-8

THC-O and Delta-8 are both from hemp and can make you feel “high.” But THC-O can be up to three times more powerful than Delta-8 and can make you feel like you’re almost seeing things that aren’t there, while Delta-8 is more likely to make you feel relaxed and sleepy.

Is THC-O Stronger Than Delta 9

Delta 9 and THC-O come from hemp and can give you a strong “high.” For most people, THC-O is about three times stronger than delta-9.

Is Delta 8 Safe to Smoke

If it’s made safely and used responsibly by healthy adults, delta-8 THC probably isn’t very dangerous. But right now, the hemp market where you can buy it without a prescription isn’t well-regulated. So, you should be cautious when using it.

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