Trichomes on Weed: What are Trichomes

Tiny things called trichomes on weed are found. We’ve mentioned them before. They’re cool and useful, especially if you want to collect keif or enjoy sticky weed. But what exactly are trichomes on weed?

Trichomes, which got their name from a Greek word meaning ‘hair,’ are tiny hair-like things on many plants, not just weed. They do different jobs to help the plants stay safe and healthy.

Here are some different plants that also have trichomes on weeds, not just cannabis:

Mint: Other plants, like mint, also have trichomes. Mint’s trichomes make oils that give mint its smell and taste. These oils also keep bugs away.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes have tiny trichomes on weed leaves and stems. These trichomes keep the plant safe from sunlight and bugs.

Peppers: Peppers, just like tomatoes, have tiny trichomes on their leaves and stems. These trichomes keep the plants safe from sunlight and bugs.

Aloe: Aloe plants have small trichomes on weed leaves. These trichomes make a gooey, jelly-like stuff that keeps the plant safe from bugs and helps it keep water.

Roses: Roses have tiny trichomes on their petals. These trichomes keep the plant safe from sunlight and bugs.

Lavender: Lavender plants have tiny trichomes on their flowers and leaves. These trichomes make oils that give lavender its special smell and taste. The oils also keep bugs away.

Apart from these instances, trichomes can be seen on lots of other plants, like cannabis, and even on fungi and algae.

Trichomes do an important job in protecting the plant and keeping it healthy. Their presence can show how good and strong the plant is.

Trichomes on weeds are usually on the flowers and leaves, but they can also be on other parts like stems and seeds.

Even though one trichome is super tiny, just a few micrometres big, it’s really important for keeping the plant safe.

A big job of trichomes on weed/cannabis is making special chemicals called cannabinoids. These chemicals make weed do things to your mind and body.

You might have heard of THC, a famous cannabinoid that makes you feel “high” when you use cannabis.

But there are also other cannabinoids in weed, like CBD, which might be good for your health in different ways.

Cannabis trichomes also make something called terpenes. These are oils that make weed smell and taste special. There are lots of different terpenes in cannabis, and each type of cannabis has its own mix of them.

Terpenes help the plant stay safe from bugs. They can also be good for your health, like reducing swelling, helping with worries, and making you feel better if you’re sad.

People who use medical marijuana, like me, can find it helpful to know about the terpenes in the kinds of weed they use. I’ve been keeping track of how I use weed, and that helps me know which terpenes give me energy and which ones help me relax.

Knowing about terpenes in cannabis is really important when using it for medical reasons.

The tiny things on weed, trichomes, also make something called flavonoids. These are natural things from plants that could be good for your health. Flavonoids can help fight damage, reduce swelling, and maybe even protect against cancer. They might also help the plant stay safe.

Why is weed with trichomes better? It’s like a sign that the weed is really good. Trichomes make the special stuff in weed that makes it work and taste special. More trichomes mean stronger weed with lots of good stuff.

Also, trichomes act like a shield, keeping the plant safe from bugs and things that might harm it. This helps the plant stay strong and healthy.

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