How To Sober Up From Weed

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How To Sober Up From Weed: When you use marijuana, whether for fun or for medical reasons, sometimes you might use too much and feel really strange. This strange feeling is called a green out, and we’ve discussed before what you can do when you get too high from weed and how to deal with green out.

But what if you simply don’t want to feel high anymore? Whether it’s because you suddenly need to do something important or you forgot about a meeting, there are times when you want to stop feeling high after smoking marijuana.

Getting un-high after using weed depends on many things – like what you smoked or ate, how you used it, and how your body processes things. It’s kind of like how different factors affect how it works.

Remember, I’m not a medical expert, just someone who enjoys weed like you, and I’ve had to figure out how to quickly stop feeling high through my own experiences over the years.

I’ve tested lots of different things you can do at home to see what helps me the most. Try out my suggestions and methods to learn how to sober up fast from weed:

Allow yourself some time, the smartest advisor there is:

Hey Randa, I understand how you feel. I know waiting isn’t fun, but sometimes it’s the right choice. The truth is, the only way to really stop feeling high is to wait. But don’t be upset, there are ways to help it pass more quickly or feel less uncomfortable as you wait.

Using black peppercorn, a common kitchen ingredient, can be really helpful. If you’re too high from weed, eating or chewing on peppercorns, or adding pepper to your food, might make you feel better. This trick has been used for a long time, and a study in a journal called the British Journal of Pharmacology looked into it in 2011.

There are special things in black peppercorns, like myrcene and caryophyllene, that can make you less anxious and help you think more clearly.

Lemons, the Calming Yellow Fruit

Lemons can help you feel better too! The skin of lemons has something called limonene, which is really good. You can drink lemonade you make at home, chew on the lemon skin, or use lemon oil in a diffuser to help stop feeling high from weed.

Pine Nuts, Help Keep You Sane

Tiny seeds from pine trees, called pine nuts, can make you feel better. They have things like limonene and pinene, which can help your brain feel clearer and improve your memory for a short time. Just be careful not to eat too many because they’re fatty. If you eat a lot, it might make the THC from weed stay in your system longer and keep you feeling high.

CBD, Yes, It Helps

You might believe that adding more of the stuff in weed to your body when you’re already too high is silly, but it’s not. Even though it seems the opposite, CBD can actually help you feel less high from marijuana.

A study from 2008 said that CBD can make things like feeling really sleepy, having a fast heartbeat, and being too high go away.

Water, Water for You

If you’re too high, drinking water and putting water on your face can make you feel less high. Water helps get rid of the stuff from weed in your body, and cold water on your skin can surprise your body.

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Also, if you put ice on the middle of your chest, where your vagus nerve is, it might help with the anxious feeling you sometimes get when you’re too high from weed.

Meditation Can Help

I really like meditating, especially when I’m too high. When I meditate, I calm my thoughts and feel more connected to the ground. Even though my body still feels funny, my mind gets quiet and I feel more clear and here.

My favorite meditation for when I’m too high is one where I scan my body. This helps me relax and feel better.

Eat Light to Feel Better

If you’re too high, have foods that aren’t fatty. Eating veggies or fruits will make your tummy work and can help the weed stuff leave your body faster.

Eating also makes you feel more connected to the ground because your body is busy with the food. Good options are carrots, celery, apples, leafy greens, and cucumbers. Don’t eat fatty things like nuts, nut butter, ice cream, or snacks with lots of fat.

Ibuprofen, Helping You Feel Better

When you’re too high, taking ibuprofen can make you feel less high because it fights inflammation.

A study with animals from a school in Louisiana found that medicines like ibuprofen might help make the not-so-good effects of being too high on weed go away.

Bath or Shower, Feel Better

Just like putting water on your face, taking a bath or shower can make your not-so-good high feel better. Imagine the comfy feeling of water on your skin like a drink for your mind, washing away the icky feeling of too much weed.

Bathing or showering can slow down your heartbeat and make your thoughts peaceful.

Try these ten tips that many people have used before to learn how to stop feeling high. Remember, everyone is unique, so some of these might work for you while others might not.

If you use a few of these remedies together, you increase your chances of quickly getting un-high from weed.

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