Sierra Mist Lawsuit – Why Sierra Mist Changed to Starry?

Sierra Mist Lawsuit

A lot of people are talking about a legal issue involving the soft drink Sierra Mist that’s been popping up online. This topic has sparked a lot of chatter and curiosity.

Sierra Mist is a well-known drink made by PepsiCo, so naturally, people want to dig into the details of the Pepsi Sierra Mist legal case. The whole situation began when a web celebrity, Cierra Mistt, suggested that PepsiCo might sue her because her name is very similar to their beverage, Sierra Mist.

Her statements spread like wildfire on the internet, leading to a flurry of questions about the Sierra Mist legal matter. If you’re keen to learn more about this case, we’ve got the details for you:

Sierra Mist Lawsuit – Sued By PepsiCo

Sierra Mist was a well-loved drink introduced in 1999 by PepsiCo. When it disappeared in January, many of its fans were upset. PepsiCo announced they were replacing the lemon-lime soda with a new one called Starry.

PepsiCo says Starry represents a fun-loving and hopeful spirit, and they promote it as the beverage for today’s youth on their website.

Regarding the Sierra Mist legal case, a popular TikTok user, Cierra Mistt, is causing a buzz with her statements about PepsiCo’s name change for the drink. She shared on social media that PepsiCo might take her to court because her name resembles the soda’s name.

Her claims have spread across TikTok and other social media, getting a lot of people talking.

Key Issues

  • Trademark Infringement: Cierra Mistt, a TikToker and flight attendant, claimed that PepsiCo accused her of trademark infringement due to her online persona’s resemblance to their soda brand, Sierra Mist. She argued that she had been using her online name since the days of AOL Instant Messenger.
  • Copyright Protection: Cierra and her attorneys proved that PepsiCo’s rights to Sierra Mist had expired, and she felt intimidated by the company. Therefore, she brought the copyright, and copyright protection lasts for a limited period.
  • Online Branding: The situation raises questions about the validity of Mistt’s claims, attributing her statements to mere online drama. It also highlights the power of social media in shaping public perception and influencing the outcome of legal disputes.


  • Challenges in Protecting Trademarks: The case highlights the challenges companies face in protecting their trademarks in the digital age, especially when dealing with social media influencers whose online personas may inadvertently overlap with established brands.
  • Online Branding and Identity: The controversy surrounding Sierra Mist highlights the complexities of branding and intellectual property rights, emphasizing the need for open communication, transparency, and a thoughtful approach to navigating the digital landscape.
  • Social Media’s Impact: The power of social media in shaping public perception and influencing the outcome of legal disputes is evident in this case, underscoring the importance of understanding the digital age’s impact on intellectual property rights.

TikTok Star Cierra Mist Triumphs Over PepsiCo

Cierra Mistt, known for her fun flight attendant videos, has been using her online nickname since the days of AOL Instant Messenger. In a YouTube video from July 2023, she revealed that the drink company claimed she was using their trademark without permission.

She couldn’t give more information because of legal issues, but she hinted that she came out on top in her legal fight with Pepsi.

In a TikTok video from February 2023, she made it clear that Pepsi tried to take her to court but didn’t succeed. She also noted in the video’s description that they settled the matter in a friendly way.

For those wondering about the outcome of the Sierra Mist lawsuit, it turns out Pepsi didn’t win against Cierra. To get the full story on the Sierra Mist starry lawsuit, it’s a good idea to read this post all the way through.

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Cease And Desist Letter To Cierra Mist

In a formal letter, Pepsi warned the TikTok creator Cierra Mist to halt her activities and hinted at a lawsuit because her bold flight attendant videos didn’t align with their brand image.

Cierra contemplated renaming herself as they suggested but then realized that the company no longer had the authority to demand this. Feeling intimidated, she chose to secure the copyright for herself.

The Copyright Office explains that copyright protection is time-limited. Once it expires, it’s free for anyone to use. If you acquire the rights, the previous owner is informed. However, trademarks, such as company names, require renewal notifications. Missing the renewal deadline can lead to the removal of the trademark from the registry.

Cierra claimed that after acquiring the rights to Sierra Mist, she had the legal upper hand against PepsiCo. Yet, PepsiCo opted to rename their beverage. She believes they did this to shift the focus to the new name rather than her legal challenge. She also mentioned that they emphasized new flavors and ingredients to portray it as a more extensive update.

Sierra Mist Being Rebranded As Starry

PepsiCo introduced a new drink called Starry to take the place of Sierra Mist, which they stopped making in January. You can now find Starry in shops all over the U.S. It’s Pepsi’s answer to Sprite, a Coca-Cola drink that’s much more famous around the world.

PepsiCo is excited about Starry’s strong lemon-lime flavor and hopes it will be a fresh choice in a market that’s been ruled by just one brand for ages. Starry is available in two versions: one with no sugar and a regular one.

Starry took over for Sierra Mist, which PepsiCo first brought out in 1999. Some reports say Sierra Mist wasn’t doing well against Sprite and didn’t capture much of the market. They say it had just a small slice of what Sprite has.

PepsiCo insists that Starry is not the same as Sierra Mist because it has a more powerful citrus taste that’s more like real fruit. But this isn’t PepsiCo’s first try to win back the lemon-lime soda fans. Before Starry and Sierra Mist, they had drinks called Teem and Slice.


In conclusion, the legal dispute involving Sierra Mist centered on PepsiCo taking legal action against a well-known TikTok user, Cierra Mist, because her name was very similar to theirs. The specific details of the case are not fully clear, but Cierra has stated that she emerged victorious in the lawsuit with PepsiCo.

People May Ask

Why did they change Sierra Mist to Starry? 

They changed Sierra Mist to Starry because PepsiCo wanted to create a new drink that would appeal to young people and compete better with other popular lemon-lime sodas like Sprite.

Why did they discontinue Sierra Mist? 

Sierra Mist was discontinued because it wasn’t as popular as other similar drinks, like Sprite, and didn’t sell as much. PepsiCo decided to try something new with Starry.

Is Cierra Mist really a flight attendant? 

Yes, Cierra Mist is really a flight attendant. She became well-known for sharing her experiences and stories about flying on social media.

Is Starry the same recipe as Sierra Mist? 

No, Starry is not the same recipe as Sierra Mist. While both are lemon-lime flavored sodas, Starry has a different taste and is made with different ingredients.