SASSA Pension Dates: Types of SASSA Pension Grants and Who is Eligible? Payment Dates

This article talks about SASSA Pension Dates, the different kinds of SASSA Pension Grants, and who can get them. SASSA, which is the South Africa Social Security Agency, provides various pensions based on what people need. Let us dive into the details, including payment dates.

SASSA Pension Dates

People get these payments based on their circumstances, like age, disability, and other factors. Grants are given to kids, adults, and the elderly. For more details on SASSA Pension Dates, types, and benefits, keep reading this article.

The South African Government offers various benefits to its citizens. These monthly pensions aim to support those in need. Different pension plans cover everyone from kids to the elderly, each with its own payment schedule.

In 2023, beneficiaries will receive grants on specific dates. SASSA provides Old-age grants, children’s grants, disability grants, care dependency grants, and more. For example, old-age grants come on Dec 1, 2023, disability grants on Dec 4, and children’s grants on Dec 5, 2023.

What Are SASSA Pension Grants

SASSA pension grants are financial help given to many people in South Africa. These grants are crucial in fighting poverty and helping those who need support.

The South Africa Social Security Agency manages these grants. Not everyone gets them; individuals receive these benefits based on their needs.

To get these grants, beneficiaries need to apply to the Government. The approval depends on factors like their income, assets, age, and other financial details.

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Types of SASSA Pension Grants

In South Africa, there are various pension grants based on different criteria. Let us look at a few of them:

  • Old Age Grants: SASSA helps citizens above 60 with monthly financial aid, giving them R 2090 per month to cover their expenses.
  • Child Support Grants: Kids under 18 get R 510 each month to support their daily needs. Parents, grandparents, or primary caretakers can receive this benefit.
  • Disability Grants: SASSA provides monthly assistance of R 2,090 to disabled individuals over 18 who cannot work or care for themselves, including both mentally and physically disabled.

These are some SASSA pension grants for eligible beneficiaries through the Federal Government.

Who is eligible for SASSA Pension

To qualify for SASSA pension grants, certain conditions must be met:

  • South African Citizenship: The person must be a citizen of South Africa.
  • Age Requirement: They should be 60 years or older.
  • No Other SASSA Grants: The individual should not already be receiving other social grants from SASSA.
  • Income Limits: The person’s earnings should be between R 86,280 to R 172,560, depending on their status.
  • For Child Grants: Children must be under 18 years old.

These are the eligibility criteria for individuals who want to receive SASSA Pension grants or are already receiving them.

SASSA Payment Dates

Grants are given every month, but the dates depend on working days. Here are the days when beneficiaries get their social grants from the Government.

GrantsPayment Dates
Old age pensionDec 1, 2023
Disability GrantsDec 4, 2023
Children GrantsDec 5, 2023
Old age pensionJan 3, 2024
Disability grantsJan 4, 2024
Children GrantsJan 5, 2024

These are the dates when beneficiaries receive their monthly benefits. In the coming year, they will get the benefits along with some extra ones.

People May Also Ask

Who is Eligible for SASSA?

To qualify for SASSA, you need to be a South African citizen, permanent resident, or refugee. Both the applicant and the child must live in South Africa, and the applicant should be at least 60 years old. The applicant should be receiving something other than another social grant for themselves.

How Much is the SASSA Grant Payment?

SASSA payments range from R350 to R2,080 in the next fiscal year. Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana stated that this amount would increase by at least 5%. SASSA, through its various grants, plays a crucial role in providing financial assistance to disadvantaged individuals and families in South Africa.

What is the SASSA Old Age Grant for 2023?

Starting October 1, 2023, the Old Age Grant provides R2,090 to recipients aged 60 to 74, up from the previous R2,080. Seniors aged 75 and above who used to receive R2,100 will now get R2,110 as of October 1, 2023.

Who Can Get the SASSA Top-Up Grant?

The Child Support Grant Top-Up of R720 per child per month is only available to relatives caring for an orphaned child. Minister Zulu emphasized that caregivers of orphans can apply for the Child Support Grant Top-Up at any SASSA office.