Quebec Minimum Wage 2023 in CAD: What’s the Current Minimum Wage?

Quebec Minimum Wage 2023 in CAD: What's the Current Minimum Wage- DATOS

Check out the Quebec Minimum Wage for 2023! It’s the least amount of money you can get paid if you’re working in Quebec. Employers give this money to their workers for the work they do. It’s like a fixed amount for the tasks they complete. Usually, there’s a deal (or contract) that says how much the workers will get paid.

Quebec Minimum Wage 2023

The least amount of money your boss has to pay you for your work is called the minimum wage. It’s like the lowest dollar amount you get for each hour you work. The government decides this to make sure people get paid fairly.

The government in Canada doesn’t say there’s a maximum amount your boss can pay you, but they do set the minimum wage. This is to help fight against poverty and make sure work is fair. You don’t have to work full-time to get this—part-time or casual work counts too.

Each province and territory in Canada can have a different minimum wage. In Quebec, it’s $1.40 less than the national minimum wage, which is $16.65 per hour starting April 1, ’23. The government decides this wage and changes it based on how prices go up (inflation).

What’s the Lowest Pay in Quebec Now in CAD

Right now, if you work in Quebec, the smallest amount of money your boss can pay you is $15.25 for every hour you work. This rule started on May 1, 2023. It doesn’t matter if you work full-time or part-time, you should get at least this much money.

No matter if you’re a guy or a girl, your boss can’t pay you less than this amount. Even if you get other stuff from your job, like a place to stay or a car, you still qualify for this minimum wage. Your boss might have some extra rules, but they can’t change the lowest amount you get paid.

How Much You Get Paid in Each Province

The smallest amount you get paid, called minimum wage, is different in each province. The governments of the provinces decide it. They change it based on how prices go up (inflation). The table shows the minimum wages for each province.

ProvinceMinimum Hourly WagesEffective date
AlbertaCAD 15.001st October, 2018
British ColumbiaCAD 16.751st June, 2023
ManitobaCAD 15.301st October, 2023
New BrunswickCAD 14.751st April, 2023
Newfoundland & LabradorCAD 15.001st October, 2023
YukonCAD 16.771st April, 2023
QuebecCAD 15.251st May, 2023
Prince Edward IslandCAD 15.001st October, 2023
OntarioCAD 16.551st October, 2023
NunavutCAD 16.001st April, 2020
Nova ScotiaCAD 15.001st October, 2023
Northwest TerritoriesCAD 16.051st September, 2023
SaskatchewanCAD 14.001st October, 2023

Looking at the table, you can see how much people get paid per hour in different provinces. The dates in the table show that the numbers have been going up over the years. Quebec decides the amount based on how things are getting better.

Job Options in Quebec

If you’re looking for a job in Quebec, here are some areas you might like based on what you prefer. Before deciding, make sure to check things like how it feels to work there, how much they pay, when you’ll be working, where it is, and other important stuff to make sure it’s a good fit.

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Social Assistance
  • And more

Remember, no matter where you work in these areas, the least amount you should get paid is $15.25.

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Employment Rate in Quebec

In Quebec, there are 8.7 million people, most of them are young or adults who can work. Let’s dive into this a bit more.

The newest info says 3.5 million folks in Quebec have jobs. They work full-time in different areas that need workers. But, there’s also a bit of a downside—the number of people without jobs went up to 4.40% in 2023, a bit more than the 4.10% from last year.

This info comes from the Canada Labour Force Survey, which looks at things like age, types of jobs, and more. The numbers can change a lot, depending on what’s happening in the province.

Some FAQs

How much do people get paid in Quebec in 2023

In Quebec, the least amount of money you can get paid per hour went up from CA$14.25 to CA$15.25 for regular workers, and for those who get tips, it increased from CA$11.40 to CA$12.20.

What’s the minimum pay for working full time in California in 2023

In California, no matter how big the company is, the minimum wage from January 1, 2023, is $15.50 an hour. And starting January 1, 2024, it will go up by 3.5% to keep up with the rising prices.

What’s the latest minimum pay in 2023

For those doing simpler jobs, the monthly pay is going up from INR 17,234 to INR 17,494. Semi-skilled workers will get INR 19,279 instead of INR 18,993, and skilled workers will go from INR 20,903 to INR 21,215.

How much do people usually earn in Quebec in 2023

On average, people in Quebec make about $49,473 a year, which is around $23.79 per hour. Most people earn between $41,500 and $55,500 every year.