Alberta Affordability Payment Dates: What is the Solution if Payment not Received

Learn when you’ll get payment from Alberta and what to do if you have yet to receive it. Find all the info about Alberta affordability payment dates and what to do if you do not get paid in this article.

Alberta Affordability Payment Dates

The Alberta government is giving money to help people because things cost more. They have a plan to make things more affordable. People can get up to $600 each month for 6 months.

People could ask for this money until June 30, 2023. Most people got their money by the month end. However, when exactly you get your money might be different from others. They want to give all the money by December 31, 2023.

In Canada, many people are having trouble because things cost more, and living is expensive. To help, the Alberta Government made a plan called the Affordability Action Plan.

This plan gives money to people, makes fuel cheaper, and helps with electricity and gas bills. Families with kids under 18, older folks, and people in support programs in Alberta can get this money.

Alberta Affordability Payment 2023

Name of the ArticleAlberta Affordability Payment
BeneficiariesAlberta’s Citizens
Dates for applyingJanuary 18 to June 30, 2023
PrerequisitesHousehold income under 180,000 dollars
Payment600 dollars

Eligibility of Alberta Affordability Payment

Apart from the money you get in the Affordability Payments, the Affordability Action Plan also increases the amount of money you can get from other programs. These programs include AISH, Income Support Benefit, Alberta Seniors Benefit, Alberta Child and Family Benefit, low-cost bus passes, and Food Bank Funding. However, to get the Affordability Payments, you need to be eligible.

Here is who can get it:

  • If you are 65 years old or older.
  • If your household’s income is less than $180,000.
  • If you live in Alberta.
Families and caregivers with kids under 18:
  • If you are a parent or guardian of children under 18 (between January 18 and June 30, 2023).
  • If your household’s income is less than $180,000.
  • If you live in Alberta.
PDD, AISH, Seniors Benefit, and Income Support clients:
  • If you should get benefits between January 18-June 30, 2023.
  • If you live in Alberta.
CPP Disability clients:
  • If you should be getting benefits between January 18-June 30, 2023.
  • If your household’s income is less than $180,000.

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How to Sign Up for Alberta Affordability Payment

If you want to get the Alberta Affordability Payment, you can apply easily using the Alberta Account. If you already get help from programs like PDD, Income Support, AISH, or Alberta Seniors Benefit, you will be automatically signed up for the Alberta Affordability Payment.

To use the Alberta Account, you can go to the official Alberta Government website. You will need to have a few things ready:

  • A document that proves who you are, like a driver’s license or ID card.
  • A passport or another document that shows who you are.
  • Proof that you live in Alberta, like a gas, cable, or utility bill.
  • Your SIN (Social Insurance Number).
  • Information about your bank.

If you are applying for your husband or wife, you will need their SIN, too. If you are applying for your kids, you will need their names and birthdates.

As we said, you could not ask for the Alberta Affordability Payment after June 30, 2023. However, if you did not get the money or did not ask for it in time, you might still have a chance. You can call 1-844-644-9955 and ask about it, but you need to do this before December 1, 2023.

Did not Get Your Alberta Affordability Payment? Here is What to Do

If you applied for the Alberta Affordability Payment near the end of the application time, you might have to wait for a bit. Your payments will go back to the first month you can get them. So, be patient and wait a bit before calling the government.

However, if you still have not got your Alberta Affordability Payments even after waiting, you can call the government at the number on their website, which is 1-844-644-9955.

If you applied online, you can check your application, but you cannot change anything once it is submitted. The government says if you applied before 11:59 pm on June 30 and did not get paid yet, you will still get all the money from the months you could get it.