SASSA Payment Dates December 2023: When SASSA Payment is Coming in December 2023?

SASSA Payment Dates December 2023: Find out when SASSA is paying in December 2023. This article has details on SASSA Payment Dates for December 2023 and important information.

December 2023 Payment Dates from SASSA

In December 2023, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is giving payments to help people in the country. Lots of people wait for this every month to buy what they need.

SASSA will give money on different days in December. There are dates for Older people, SRD, Disability, Children, and more. Each kind of help will come on a separate day, and you can get the payment in different ways.

When Will SASSA Pay in December 2023

In December 2023, SASSA will decide when to give money. The dates they pick are when people get the money. How fast you get the payment depends on how you choose to get it.

First, in December, they will they will send payments to older people on December 1. If you get the Older Person’s Grant, you will see the money in your account in 2 to 4 days.

Next, on December 4, SASSA will send payment to those who get the Disability Grant. You can choose to get the payment at pick-n-pay, through direct deposit, at retail stores, or the post office.

After giving out the Disability Grant, SASSA will send a payment for the Child Support Grant on December 5. Also, on the same day, they will handle other grants like Care Dependency, Foster Children, and War Veteran’s.

For the Social Relief of Distress, people will get payment between December 18 and December 22. However, the exact day might be different for each person. To find out when they can check the SASSA website.

Even if your gold card is old, you can still use it for SASSA payments. The government will tell more about renewing the card and how long it stays good later on.

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SASSA Payment Dates

Every month, SASSA tells when they will give payment for different grants. People getting these grants should keep an eye on the info SASSA shares on their official website.

Grant NamesPayment Date
Older Person’s GrantDecember 1
Disability GrantDecember 4
Children’s GrantDecember 5
Social Relief of DistressDecember 18 – December 22

In January 2024, the SRD payment might come between January 25 and January 31.

Remember, you must qualify every month to get the money. If you do not qualify in a month, you will not get paid for that month. Also, SASSA will not pay you in the following months until you qualify again.

We do this to make sure the right person gets the payment they are supposed to. This way, the people who really should get the help will not miss out.

Once the money goes into the person’s account, it stays there. So, the ones getting the payment do not have to hurry to post offices, stores, or ATMs to get it out.

Different grants give different amounts every month. Like, the SRD grant usually gives R350 each month. But, the Older Person’s Grant gives R2090 monthly.

To know when the payment comes and keep track, the best way is to check the status. SASSA has different ways, like online or by phone, to help you know when you will get your money.

Normally, it takes 2 to 4 days for the payment to show up in your bank account. Sometimes, it might take even longer.

However, if it has been more than the expected time and your status says the payment was sent, talk to SASSA or your bank. They can help fix the problem quickly.

People May Also Ask

When Does SASSA Pay in November 2023?
  • For November 2023, SASSA will give payment on these dates:
  • Older Person’s Grant: November 2, 2023
  • Disability Grant: November 3, 2023
  • Children’s Grants: November 6, 2023
What is the R350 SASSA Payment?

Every month, SASSA gives R350 to some people. This helps South African citizens and families with their basic needs.

Who Gets SASSA Top-Up Grant?

If you are taking care of a child without parents, you can get the Child Support Grant Top-Up of R720 each month. You can apply for it at any SASSA office.