SASSA SRD Grant Status Check, Payment Dates and More

SASSA SRD Grant Status Check

Citizens of South Africa is given the SRD350 payment by SASSA, which stands for Social Relief of Distress Award, in January 2024. The status of the payment is updated each month and sent out to people on different dates each and every month.

If you want to check the status of your SASSA payment, then you can visit https: //

If one wants to get access to SASSA payment, then he/she has to submit their SRD ID number and phone number. With a value of R350, the Social Relied of Distress Grant is offered for the age group of 18-60 by SASSA. This grant has been offered to people who do not have any support from any other source and do not have enough money.

Link to Check SASSA Status 2024  

Under the Social Relief of Distress Program, temporary relief has been offered who can not afford the basic needs of their families.

Under this plan, people get all the basic products and services using vouchers, or in the social province, the government gives the economic support. In the month of January 2024, SRD R350 has been provided by the SASSA.

The South African Social Security System is administered by SASSA, which is a federal government organization. Because of this organization, a number of people enjoy the help offered by the government in the form of subsidies for their welfare.

Checking SASSA Grants Status in 2024

If you want to check the status of SASSA grants status in the year 2024, follow the simple steps that we have given below:

  • Visit the official website of SASSA;
  • Once you reach the homepage of the website, you will clearly see two options
  • Type your South Africa ID number in the ID number Tab in the space given on the home page.
  • Type the registered phone number that you use during the grant application.
  • Press the submit option once you have filled in all the details.
  • For your help, take a screenshot of the payment status.
  • On the screen, you can see the status of the SASSA grant payment for 2024.

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SASSA Disability, Old Age and Children’s Grant Payments – January 2024 Date

A basic level of security has been provided to the people of lower-class Africa during the poverty and epidemic issues. This service has been offered by the R350, mainly during the COVID-19 pandemic, as financial support.

This grant will be paid on 3rd January 2024 to the elder section of people, on the other hand disabled people will receive it on Friday and those who are youngsters have to wait until this day.

If you have not applied to the R350 program, then applicants can apply through the official website of SASSA. People who qualify their eligibility can use this application or other alternatives as well.

2024 January: Check Eligibility for SASSA SRD Grant

We have mentioned some requirements below; if people meet these, they can get the grant: 

  • A person must belong to the age group of 18 to 90 years.
  • A person must be unemployed.
  • Must have permanent residency of South Africa.
  • Earnings must be at most R624 per month.

A citizen of South Africa who is already registered as a refugee may benefit from getting the aid.

SRD SASSA R350, a temporary financial support program, provides help to people who qualify only. Those who are applying (applicants) will need to meet these requirements to qualify got the grant with the disability, children, or old age.

For the SRD SASSA R350 grant rates for January 2024, each social security program is projected to have a 5% increase. As such, beneficiaries would receive monthly payouts from R350 to R2080.

Alternatives for checking SASSA status

There are other methods to checking your SASSA status (you will still need your ID number and phone number when checking your status):

  • Using the official website of SASSA SRD
  • Call the toll-free number 0800 60 10 11 and follow the prompts
  • Also, check your grant status every month, as your grant payment date will be different each month.

What your SASSA status means

Once you verify your status, one of the given statuses will be sent to you. If you want to know the exact meaning of the status shown and whether you need to take any other action for your approval.


Meaning: It means that your SRD grant application has been submitted to SASSA and it has not been approved. There is not anything that you should or could do. SASSA will confirm your grant each month and give you payment using any mode of payment that you have chosen while applying.

Solution: Check your status every month using the SASSA status check tool.

“PENDING” status

Meaning: SASSA is processing verification for your application for that month, and you do not need to take any further action at this stage.

Solution: Check your SRD status after a few days to see if they approved your application.

“APPROVED” status

Meaning: It means that SASSA has accepted and approved your grant application for that month (applications are assessed monthly to ensure you still qualify). You should also know the date of payment for that given month.

Solution: If there is no pay date, try after a few more days. If your status still says “approved” but does not show a specific payment date, you should upload your bank details to the SRD grant website.


Meaning: SASSA has received your application or re-application, but they do not have your banking details or chosen payment method.

Solution: Send your banking details or choose your payment method and wait for a few days, then check your SASSA status again.


Meaning: Your reapplication has yet to reach SASSA. It means you will have to apply for the SRD grant again.

Solution: Save the 2nd-3rd day of submitting and then check your application status by using your ID number and the phone number that you provided.

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“DECLINE” status

Meaning: SASSA has rejected your application for that particular month because you did not fulfil all the requirements. You should also see there is a reason why your application was rejected.

Solution: If you believe that your application was rejected due to inappropriate reasons, you may request for reconsideration.

“CANCELLED” status

Meaning: SASSA has rejected your SRD grant.

Solution: You can apply to re-initiate your SRD Grant.

“REFERRED” status

Meaning: It means that SASSA received notifications that your ID number was used fraudulently or associated with illegal activities.

Solution: Applicants must send an email to with proof that the issue has been resolved.

Steps to follow to receive the SRD grant

In order to receive SRD grant R350, you need to meet all the below-listed criteria:

  • SRD grant is offered to people between the ages of 18 and 60 years old who have a maximum income limit of R624 per month and are unable to support themselves financially( not receiving any type of grant, not refusing any possible employment opportunities, not receiving or contributing UIF)
  • The applicant must be a resident of South Africa and must be a Refugee or SA Citizen, Special Permit holder or an Asylum Seeker.
  • After all the criteria are fulfilled, the candidate can apply for the SRD grant.

SASSA Follows These Steps To Process Application

  • You will be required to get the verification done and will need an ID number for any fraud risk analysis.
  • SASSA will then verify your income sources.
  • After all the verifications are done successfully, you will have to get your bank details verified by SASSA.
  • Until everything is done, your status will be marked as pending and later approved, and then the payment will be transferred.

SASSA has informed us that many people have experienced delays in the application process due to a lack of bank details. The recipient only selects the bank name but does not mention the account type or number, as these are provided details to receive the grant.

The recipient must check the personal details to ensure everything is correctly mentioned on the system and that the right person receives the grant. You must also inform SASSA to make any changes to personal details like (contact, name, address, email address, marital status, physical address, income level, etc)

Why Did My SRD Grant Got Declined

There might be plenty of reasons why your SRD grant application might not be approved.

  • Alternative Income Source – If they verify any income source by which you might be receiving more than R624 for a particular month. The grant is meant for people who do not have money or have very little money; therefore, if you are receiving more than the minimum income mentioned, your application will be declined.
  • Identity Verification Failed – If your personal information does not match the information on the Department of Home Affairs database. You will have to double-check all the details on the application, like your ID number, full name, etc.
  • Existing Grant- If you have already received any other type of social grant in the reconsidered period, you will be declined. SRD grant is meant for people who do not have any other type of grant money.
  • Debtor – This means you have mistakenly received the grant payment without actually qualifying for it. 
  • NSFAS registered – You received the NSFAS funds in the considered period. The SRD grant is meant for students who have yet to receive the NSFAS funds.
  • UIF registered – You received the UIF payment in the time period. The SRD grant is not meant for people who receive UIF for illness, unemployment, maternity or paternity leave, or adoption leave.
  • GOV Payroll registered – If you were employed in a government institution, then you are not eligible for an SRD grant.
  • Outside Age Range – If you are below 18 years of age or above 60 years of age, then you cannot apply for the SRD grant.
  • Death record on DHA – if the DHA has registered your name under the deceased category, you will not be selected for the grant. The dependent of the deceased cannot claim for SRD grant on their behalf.
  • Referred Linked Risk Mobile – SASSA, in case you notice any fraud or fake application from the cellphone number you have applied with, your application will be rejected. 
  • Referred SAFS – if the SASSA picks up that you are registered as a perpetrator with South Africa Fraud Prevention Services, your application will be rejected.

People May Also Ask

Did the SRD Grant Increase To R700?

No. This fake news circulation on social media shows that SRD grant is increased from R350 to R700.

How Do You Check SRD Pay Date?

The SRD pay date status keeps updating every 30 days online. The payments are sent out on different months, each date. You can check the pay status on You will need an SRD ID number and phone number to access. 

Why is my SRD grant still pending?

The status of SASSA pending means that the application is received by SASSA, however, they are still in the reviewing process. The application must verify all the government and financial records, such as citizenship, identity, and financial status, to be eligible for the grant.