Nova Scotia Stat Holidays for the Next Year: 2023-2024 NS Stat Holidays

Nova Scotia Stat Holidays for the Next Year: 2023-2024 NS Stat Holidays- DATOS

Check out the holidays in Nova Scotia for the next year! Employers in Nova Scotia must give paid time off on statutory holidays, following some basic rules. There are six paid holidays in total. These holidays are different from the yearly paid leaves for employees.

Keep reading to learn more about Nova Scotia Stat Holidays for the upcoming year and beyond.

Nova Scotia Stat Holidays for the Next Year: 2023-2024

In Nova Scotia, there are special days off called statutory holidays. The government decides these holidays. If you work certain hours regularly, you can take the day off. On these days, workers get 1.5 times their usual pay.

The Nova Scotia government gives employees six mandatory days off in addition to their regular paid leave. Employers must allow their employees to take these days. The special days are New Year’s Day, Nova Scotia Heritage Day, Good Friday, Labour Day, Christmas Day, and Canada Day. Both government and private workers are entitled to these holidays according to Nova Scotia Rules.

NS Stat Holidays

Apart from the holidays like November 11, employers in Nova Scotia can decide on other days off, like Natal Day and Easter Monday. Employers need to make sure they pay their employees correctly for holidays, except for November 11. If the employer does not give the day off, the employee will not get paid for that day.

If someone is getting a job, they should talk about things like statutory holidays and pay before starting. Not all workplaces have a bond concept; it is available in only a few places, not everywhere.

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What are the NS Stat Holidays for the 2023-2024

Next year, employees will have time off on specific dates and days. The government gives six days off, and there might be more paid leave from the employer besides the usual annual leave.

In the coming year, Nova Scotia Stat Holidays follow government rules, as we talked about earlier. For the rest of 2023, there are three more paid holidays apart from the ones they get every year. These holidays are:

11 Nov, 2023Remembrance Day45
25 Dec, 2023Christmas Day52
26 Dec 2023Boxing Day52

NS Stat Holidays 2024

In 2024, the government gives employees a total of 10 holidays, apart from any extra holidays employers might offer. Here are the dates:

DateHoliday NameCW
1 Jan, 2024New Year’s Day01
19 Feb, 2024Heritage Day08
29 Mar, 2024Good Friday13
20 May, 2024Victoria Day21
1 July, 2024Canada Day27
2 Sep, 2024Labour Day36
14 Oct, 2024Thanksgiving42
11 Nov, 2024Remembrance Day46
25 Dec, 2024Christmas Day52
26 Dec, 2024Boxing Day52

We have put the dates and occasions in a table for a clear view of the 2024 stat holidays. These are the days employees get paid time off, not counting the usual yearly leave. There might be more holidays from the employer, depending on the workplace.

Stat holidays can also be influenced by how long someone has been employed and the total number of days they have worked. The holiday pay is calculated as 1/20 of the employee’s usual pay for one month. Since employees work regularly, they have the right to at least two holidays every year.

Emergency Leaves Criteria

If there is an emergency, employees can ask their employer for time off without pay. According to the Emergency Management Act, workers can do this if it is related to health or similar issues.

They might need to give documents, like a medical certificate, explaining the health problem. For other emergencies, employees should contact the right person, like someone in human resources.

In this article, we have tried to share important details about Nova Scotia Stat Holidays 2023-2024, statutory holidays, and more. We hope you found this information helpful. Keep checking our website for the latest updates.

People May Ask

What are the holidays in Nova Scotia?

According to the Labour Standards Code, eligible employees get six paid holidays: New Year’s Day, Nova Scotia Heritage Day, Good Friday, Labour Day, Christmas Day, and Canada Day has its own rules, which are explained at the end of this info sheet.

Is Truth and Reconciliation Day a holiday in Nova Scotia for 2023?

On Truth and Reconciliation Day, provincial government offices, public schools, and regulated childcare will be closed. Businesses can choose to stay open. However, it is not one of the usual paid holidays mentioned in the Nova Scotia Labour Standards Code.

How many hours make a full-time job in Nova Scotia?

A full-time job means working 8 hours a day (within 24 consecutive hours) and 40 hours a week (from midnight on Saturday to the next Saturday’s midnight).

Which holidays pay double in Canada?

You get double pay or an extra day off with pay if you work on New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Canada Day (Memorial Day), Labour Day, Remembrance Day, or Christmas Day within 30 days.

What about vacation pay in Nova Scotia?

Employees earn vacation pay in the first 12 months of work and every 12 months after that. Your job type does not matter (full-time, part-time, seasonal, etc.). Employers must pay at least 4 per cent of your gross wages as vacation pay.