How To Get Rid Of Weed Smell

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How To Get Rid Of Weed Smell: Even though most states allow marijuana for medical or fun use, people who use it might still want to know how to hide weed smell after-smoking for various reasons.

Marijuana plants have something called terpenes that make weed smell a lot. Different types of weed have strong smells. This smell can get into your furniture, clothes, carpets, and everything around you.

People who use weed might want to hide the smell in a room if unexpected visitors come or if they have parents, landlords, or neighbours who do not like them using marijuana for fun.

No matter why you want to hide the weed smell, here are some easy tips to help you not smell like a weed before, during, and after smoking, or even prevent the smell completely.

When you want to smoke weed secretly, try these tips one by one. See which one works best to hide the smell of marijuana from your favourite type of weed.

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How To Get Rid Of Weed Smell

If you are in a hurry, use some of these tips to cover up the smell of your smoking session:

1. Can Incense Remove Weed Smells? Yes, using a natural scent can hide the weed smell without making it too obvious. Burning incense before smoking can stop the marijuana smell from spreading. Bonus: Incense smoke might hide the cannabis smoke that is still in the air.

2. Do Candles Help with Weed Smells? Scented candles are less messy than incense and have a nice smell that can hide the marijuana smell.

3. Try Essential Oils to Remove Weed Smells. Patchouli oil is a good one that is not too strong but can hide the weed smell. Peppermint, lavender, and lemongrass are also great choices.

4. Which Air Freshener is Best for Weed Smells? Plug-in air fresheners release nice smells all day and spray air fresheners can quickly hide the weed smell. You might already have odour eliminators like Febreeze at home. Try both types of air fresheners to find what works best for removing the weed smell from your house.

5. Can Lysol Remove Weed Smells? Yes, Lysol or any other cleaning products can make the weed smell go away from any surface because marijuana smoke can stick to different things.

6. Can Carpet Cleaner Make Cannabis Smell Go Away? Yes, it will remove the smell that got into the carpet. You can also buy a special carpet shampoo to get rid of the weed smell in your home completely, not just cover it up temporarily.

7. Use Ozium Spray to Remove the Weed Smell. Buy a smoke eliminator to get rid of the leftover marijuana smoke. Ozium is a good choice for travel because it comes in different sizes.

8. Cook Food with Strong Smells: Foods like spices, garlic, or onions have a strong smell that can hide the weed smell.

If you are in a hurry, put a microwave popcorn bag in for a long time, but be careful not to burn it because the smell of roasted popcorn can last for days.

9. Hide the Weed Smell in the Bathroom. Turn on the hot shower and bathroom fan. The steam will make the weed smoke disappear. This trick works well in a no-smoking hotel room too.

10. Open Windows and Use Fans. If portable fans are available like box or standing fans, put them near the window to let fresh air come in and remove the weed smell from the room.

11. Boil Vinegar to Hide the Marijuana Smell. Put some vinegar in a shallow dish and keep it to evaporate in a place with good air circulation. This will make the room smell better and not like a weed.

12. Take It Away from the House. Empty any used bong water or ashtrays, and throw away the trash. Removing marijuana will make the smell go away faster instead of leaving it in the house.

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13. Make Your Own Homemade Sploof. A spoof helps filter the smoke when you exhale weed. You can easily create one using a washcloth, paper towel, toilet paper, a dryer sheet, and a rubber band.

14. Take Care of Your Hygiene. Smoking weed can make you smell like marijuana. After smoking, use mouthwash after brushing your teeth, chew mint-flavoured gum or breath strips. If you have enough time then you can take a shower because your skin and hair can soak up the weed smoke smell.

15. Can Body Spray Hide the Weed Smell? Use a little perfume, cologne, or body spray if you cannot change your clothes. The weed smell can stick to your clothes; a nice scent can cover it up.

16. Keep Weed Smell-Free When Storing. To prevent the smell of weed, use a tightly sealed container that does not let the smell get out. You can use vacuum-sealed bags, Rubbermaid containers, mason jars, or Ziploc bags to store marijuana and keep the smell from spreading.

17. Is the Smell of Vape Pens Like Weed? Vape pens with dry herbs or cannabis oil make less smoke and have a milder smell than smoking weed.

18. Do Edibles Smell Like Smoking Weed? You can use marijuana to make yummy treats with butter or buy edibles from stores. Edibles do not make smoke, so they do not have the strong weed smell that smoking does.

19. Try Indica Marijuana Strains. Indica is a type of weed that smells less strong compared to others. Indica strains have fewer buds, giving off milder smells when smoked. Some examples of indica strains are Granddaddy Purple, Rockstar, and Northern Lights.

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20. Is there any smell in the Weed Pipes? Smoking with a pipe creates less weed smoke than a bong or a joint.

21. Does Vaping Weed Smell Like Smoking It? Using a vaporizer hides the strong weed smell right from the start by turning the weed into vapour.

22. Are One-Hitters Smell Proof? These reusable cigarette-like things let you smoke weed with a less strong smell compared to some other products.

23. Can a Carbon Filter Get Rid of a Weed Smell? If you grow marijuana indoors, a carbon filter can help reduce the smell.

24. Can Air Purifiers Remove the Weed Smell? Buy a good air filter or purifier for your home. It can get rid of the weed smell and make the air clean.

25. Can Odor Absorbing Gels Remove Cannabis Smell? Put these gels in the room where you smoke. They can help get rid of the smoke from using marijuana and hide the weed smell.

26. Try a Smoke Neutralizer. Many stores sell products that can help remove or stop the smell of smoking weed.

27. Smoke Outside Where It is Allowed. The simplest way to avoid the weed smell in your house is to not smoke marijuana inside.

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But remember, even in states where marijuana is legal, there might be rules against smoking outdoors or in public places. So, it is safest to smoke at home.

This list is incomplete, but it gives you a good starting point to hide the smell when you smoke weed. Remember these tips the next time you want to smoke secretly.

Do you know how to get rid of weed smell and what does weed smell like? Share your secret tips in the comments!

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