What is a Geeb, Gravity Bong?

What is a Geeb, Gravity Bong? - DATOS

A Gravity Bong is a simple, DIY device used for smoking cannabis, though its name might suggest a more sophisticated and advanced smoking apparatus.

A gravity bong, often called GB, Geeb, bucket bong, or sometimes waterfall bong, is a homemade smoking device that employs water and pressure to deliver smoke into the lungs. When the cannabis is ignited, the smoke is drawn into a bottle through water in a container, thanks to the force of gravity.

The origins and creator of gravity bongs remain uncertain, but they have gained widespread popularity and recognition today. These bongs can be crafted from everyday household objects and are renowned for their ability to provide potent smoking experiences.

Can Geeb, Gravity Bong Produce a Stronger High?

Absolutely, they have earned a reputation for doing so. When comparing Geeb Gravity Bong to regular bongs, the former typically employ larger containers, such as 2-litre bottles, unlike traditional bongs and pipes. As a result, gravity bongs can hold a significantly larger amount of smoke.

In addition to generating larger and more potent doses of cannabis, gravity bongs also impact the speed and intensity at which the smoke enters and fills the lungs due to the water vacuum’s force.

Nearly anyone who has tried a gravity bong will attest that it is not suitable for beginners and is better suited for experienced and seasoned cannabis users.

How to use a Geeb Gravity Bong?

Using a DIY Geeb, Gravity Bong is as simple as crafting one. The primary concept involves leveraging the water’s vacuum effect to draw in a powerful and concentrated volume of smoke.

To begin, fill the gravity bong bowl and then submerge the top of the water bottle or container in the water, leaving only the bowl above the surface.

Next, ignite the gravity bong bowl, and while doing so, gradually lift the bottle upwards. This action generates the necessary suction to draw out the maximum amount of smoke from cannabis.

The water bottle must not be fully extracted from the water, as this action would disrupt the vacuum, causing the smoke to dissipate. Instead, the bottle should be partially lifted, leaving a small section submerged.

Afterwards, while ensuring the bottle remains in the water, gently remove both the bottle and the bowl, allowing the user to take the hit.

While inhaling through the bottle’s mouthpiece, the vacuum effect propels the smoke into the user’s lungs and causes the bottle to descend back into the water.

Exercise caution to avoid inhaling the hit too forcefully and rapidly to prevent accidentally inhaling a large amount of water.

Interestingly, Geeb and Gravity Bong are named as such, even though gravity does not have a substantial impact on their operation. However, users can certainly sense a downward pull when lifting the bottle from the water and as the bottle descends while taking the hit.

Perhaps, this sensation of gravity-like force contributes to the name “gravity bongs.”

Are Geeb, Gravity Bong Harmful to Your Health?

Although we will not delve into the impact of smoke on lung health, it is essential to note that homemade gravity bongs are typically assembled from ordinary and inexpensive items, often using 2-litre soda bottles.

The majority of these single-use plastic bottles are made from PET (polyethene terephthalate), a material known to release specific chemicals when subjected to heat.

While the exact health importance remains uncertain, it is a factor worth contemplating when using gravity bongs.

For a safer option, it is advisable to opt for smoking devices made from glass or silicone, as they do not pose this potential risk.

Comparison: Geeb, Gravity Bong vs Regular Bong

Despite the name “gravity bongs,” their functioning differs significantly from that of traditional bongs.

While both types yield highly concentrated smoke hits, only the regular bong directs the smoke through water, effectively filtering and cooling it down in the process.

Whereas gravity bongs use water to generate suction without the smoke passing through the water at any point.

How to Craft a Geeb, Gravity Bong?

Now, let us get to the main part: creating a gravity bong. Despite how complex they may appear and sound, it is actually quite manageable.

Let us start with the essentials. To get started, you will need to gather a few items, most of which you already have at home.

This guide will walk you through the process of making a traditional gravity bong using a 2-litre bottle and a bucket, typically a 5-gallon one.

Another item commonly needed is a socket, similar to the type used for a socket wrench, or alternatively, aluminium foil can be used as a makeshift bowl to hold the cannabis.

This guide includes instructions for both options, so you can choose whichever option suits you best.

To assemble your gravity bong kit, make sure you have the following items ready:

  • A 2-litre bottle along with its cap.
  • A bucket or container that is larger than the 2-litre bottle.
  • Either a small socket typically found in a socket wrench or aluminium foil.
  • A sharp knife or box cutter.
  • A sturdy poking object, such as a nail.
  • A lighter.
  • Cannabis got from a dispensary.

With all the necessary components of your Geeb Gravity Bong kit assembled, it’s time to start.

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