How To Get THC Out Of System

How to Get Weed Out of Your System?
How to Get Weed Out of Your System?

No matter if you are taking a drug test or trying to clean your body to stop using marijuana, there are some false claims that suggest the fastest way to get weed out of your system.

When you use THC or weed, your body will naturally go through a detoxification process that stops the byproducts and toxins related to marijuana.

However, the time it takes to pass a drug test changes and depends on different factors like how much weed you have been using and how to detox weed. Here are some important details you should be aware of.

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How long does weed stay in your system?

How to sober up from weed fast? The main component in marijuana is THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, which is what drug tests check for to see if you have been using weed.

Even though the effects of THC only last for a short time, other signs of weed use can be detected in a drug test for several months after you stop using it. These signs are called THC metabolites.

When the body breaks down clear-choice cannabis, it creates metabolites that can stay in the body for a long time. Therefore, to completely cleanse your system, you must remove all THC and its metabolism before taking a drug test and getting a negative result.

Different drug tests have varying abilities to detect THC metabolites over time.

Urine sample tests can determine clear choice cannabis use within approximately three days for occasional users, while heavy users may test positive for up to 30 days.

Saliva swab tests usually detect cannabis use for about one day, but in some cases, it can be detected for at least 3 days.

Hair follicle drug tests have the longest detection window, being able to check clear choice cannabis use up to 90 days after you used the last.

Blood tests are the least effective in detecting cannabis use, mainly only able to detect it for around 3 to 4 hours.

The changes in the time of detection among these tests are because of how the body handles cannabis. But, does it means that it is only a waiting game and nothing else?

If you are looking for methods to accelerate a marijuana detox, the internet offers much information, but it is not always correct or trustworthy. Let us know it more closely. 

How To Get Weed Out Of the System

Sometimes, you may want to detox your body because of an upcoming drug test or to overcome the withdrawal symptoms and quit using weed permanently. No matter what the reason is, it is important to be careful because there are many THC detox products available that make unrealistic results.

These kits are often sold as THC detox drinks, but they usually contain diuretics that make you urinate more often.

If you are attempting to remove weed from your body rapidly, using detox pills might seem like a good option at first, but they do not actually speed up the process of THC detoxification.

Similarly, drinking plenty of water may make the urine sample appear diluted and give a false negative result, but it can also make the test administrator suspicious. In fact, drinking excessive water before a urine drug test might raise suspicions that you are intentionally trying to dilute your results.

As soon as marijuana penetrates your body, it starts to break down, producing metabolites. These metabolites are stored in different parts of your body, including fat cells. Drinking more water will not accelerate your body’s ability to process these metabolites.

There are also various home remedies that claim to make your body very clean, such as drinking cranberry juice, consuming lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, or taking lots of vitamin C.

These suggestions might come from the point that these substances have antioxidants. However, there is no evidence to prove that they can help detoxify your body from weed or any similar substance other substance.

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How to get THC out of the system?

There are detox programs available that can assist in cleansing your body of weed, but it is not possible to achieve a detox in just one day or even within a week.

For people who use weed frequently, passing a urine test may take a month or longer, and hair tests can detect marijuana use for up to three months, even in those who use it less frequently.

Factors like your body weight can affect the time it takes to detox because having more fat may result in your body storing more metabolites.

In the end, there is no fast solution if you want to get clean from weed.

The process of THC cleansing begins as soon as you stop using weed, whether you decide to quit by yourself or with the support of professionals who specialize in substance use.

If you opt for a detox centre to help you quit weed, you might be able to reduce some of the withdrawal symptoms of weed, avoid the risk of going back to using, and start on the path towards long-term recovery.

A detox centre can support a more effective detox by:

  • Removing weed and other similar substances from your body, including alcohol (which can affect kidney function and impact the detoxification process).
  • Promoting your overall well-being by ensuring you drink enough water and consume a balanced diet with plenty of fibre.
  • Helping you concentrate on your long-term health and personal goals through activities like music therapy, skills training, group discussions, and more.
  • While there are no THC detox kits or quick fixes for eliminating weed from your body, legitimate detox centres exist to support you throughout the process at your own pace.

How To Get THC Out Of the System

Follow these steps to clear THC from your system quickly:

  • Eat nutritious and healthy foods.
  • Drink lots of water and clear liquids.
  • Decrease or avoid coffee and caffeine to reduce anxiety and improve sleep.
  • Stick to the routine of regular exercise to enhance your mood and complete health.
  • Take hot showers or baths to relieve mental or physical discomfort and helps relaxation.
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