Can You Smoke Shrooms: Side Effects Of Shrooms

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Can You Smoke Shrooms: Feeling scared. Feeling worried. Feeling happy and giggly. Feeling super scared. Feeling really excited. People feel all these different emotions when they take shrooms, like being on a roller coaster. Shrooms make you see things that aren’t really there, which is why it’s called “tripping.”

Sometimes, when people take shrooms, it feels like they’re having a magical experience. But other times, it feels really bad.

A bad trip can make you feel like time stopped, and you might think you’re touching or hearing things that aren’t real. You might also feel very, very scared and not trust anyone or anything around you.

If you’re thinking about trying shrooms, you need to know that they can be dangerous. Knowing about the risks can help you avoid taking too much and becoming addicted.

In recent years, some scientists and doctors have been studying shrooms to understand how they work and if they can be used safely in small amounts. They’re even wondering if you can smoke shrooms. Know more about can you smoke shrooms and what are shrooms side effects in this article. Let’s start:

What Are Shrooms

When people say “shroom,” they mean mushroom. A mushroom is a type of fungus that grows in different shapes and sizes. It’s like a fruit with a round top and a stem at the bottom. That’s how you can tell it’s a mushroom.

Shrooms grow in places with lots of trees or moisture. They make tiny particles called spores under the cap of the mushroom. These spores can float in the air and spread to make more mushrooms.

But just because you see a mushroom doesn’t mean it’s the kind that makes you feel strange. It’s important not to eat mushrooms you find outside because some of them can be really dangerous. Eating these toxic mushrooms can hurt your stomach, organs, and even cause death.

What Makes a Shroom a Shroom

Shroom is a short word for mushroom. A mushroom is a type of fungus that’s part of a macrofungi. Imagine it like a fruit growing – it has a round top called a cap and a stem below, like the stalk of a plant. These two things help us know it’s a mushroom.

Shrooms grow a lot in places with lots of trees or where it’s wet. The bottom of mushrooms has tiny holes called pores. These pores have little particles called spores. Wind, water, and movement carry these spores around. This makes more and more mushrooms appear.

But not every mushroom you see can make you feel strange. It’s really important not to eat wild mushrooms because some of them are really dangerous. They can make your stomach hurt, your organs stop working and even cause death. So, it’s best to stay away from them.

What Are Psilocybins

Psilocybin is a stuff in special mushrooms that can make you see and feel things that aren’t really there. People are looking at it because they think it might help with mental health problems that are really hard to treat. Psilocybin can help you deal with feelings, be less scared, and understand yourself better.

If you’re thinking about using psilocybin as a treatment, it’s really important to do it in a safe place with experts. If you don’t, things might get really confusing and it might not help you like it’s supposed to.

Magic mushrooms are a type of mushroom with psilocybin in them. When you eat magic mushrooms, the psilocybin talks to parts of your brain that control feelings. This changes how you see things and how you feel.

But not everyone has the same experience. Some people feel more creative, more connected to spiritual things, and happier. But it’s not for sure that you will feel that way too.

Using psilocybin could also make mental health problems worse. If you’re already likely to have one, it might make it more likely to happen. And there can be other shrooms side effects too.

What People Call Shrooms on the Streets

A government agency in the U.S. watches over illegal drugs and their names. They change these names to stop drugs from being used.

Shrooms, which are special mushrooms that make you see things, have different names on the streets. People often call them magic mushrooms because they can make you feel strange. They belong to a certain kind of mushroom. Some names for magic mushrooms that people use are:

  • Boomers
  • Caps
  • God’s Flesh
  • Liberty Caps
  • Little Smoke
  • Magic
  • Magic Shrooms
  • Mushies
  • Shrooms
  • Silly Putty
  • Zoomers

Legal Status of Shrooms in the U.S.

Just like with other illegal drugs, the rules about shrooms are different in different parts of the U.S. In some places, it’s okay to have the tiny parts of shrooms that can make more, because they don’t make you feel weird until they’re big. But in other places, having both the tiny parts and the big shrooms is against the rules.

In Georgia, both are not allowed. It’s against the law to have shrooms or their tiny parts, and you can’t sell or buy them either. Shrooms are in the same group as the most serious drugs. This group is called Schedule I, and these drugs are seen as having no good use and are very addictive.

Oregon made a special law called the Oregon Psilocybin Services Act. This law says that you can use psilocybin (that’s the stuff in shrooms that makes you feel strange) for medical reasons. Oregon was the first place to make this kind of law.

In some cities like Denver, Oakland, and Santa Cruz, the rules are not as strict. They say that having and using shrooms is not a big problem and isn’t a main focus for police. Instead, they’re more interested in studying how shrooms could help people.

Even in places where having shrooms is okay, there are still important rules to follow. The laws about shrooms in the U.S. are changing and becoming different.

How People Use Shrooms

How you use shrooms affects how you feel. Things like how much you take, how long it lasts, your mental health, and where you are matter. Your size, weight, how used to shrooms you are, and any health problems you have also change the experience. If you take other medicines, that’s important too.

Oral ingestion


Most people eat shrooms. They might crush dried shrooms into powder and put them in a pill to swallow easily.


You can put shrooms in hot water to make mushroom tea. This warms you up. Some people like this because it might stop you from feeling sick, which can happen with shrooms.

Lemon Trick

This way puts dried shrooms in lemon juice or another sour juice. Some people think the sour juice makes shrooms work faster and stronger in your body. It can make the effects more intense.


Like with other stuff, some folks drink alcohol while having shrooms. Both things change how you think and see things, but we can’t know what will happen when you mix them. It might make you do risky things, make your stomach hurt, and be tough on your body.

Mixing them could make the effects stronger and cause things you can’t guess, like feeling very scared, worried, confused, or panicking.


Microdosing is like having a tiny bit of shrooms regularly. Each time you take a bit more. People do this for small effects on focus and mood. Microdosing usually doesn’t make you trip if you take very little.



Eating shrooms means just eating them, maybe alone or with other foods or drinks.

Powdered Form

People make dried shrooms into powder. They mix the powder with oil or something similar. This fat is used to make yummy things like brownies and cookies.

Chocolate Bars

Some folks mix powdered shrooms with chocolate and let it harden. Then you get chocolate bars or candies with shrooms inside.

Honey and Syrup

Shroom powder can be mixed with honey or syrup to make them sweet. The shroom stuff goes into the sweetener.


Smoking shrooms is not a good idea. When you heat shrooms, their special effects don’t work as well. This might make people use more and get into trouble. People smoke shrooms by crushing them into a pipe. Some mix them with cannabis or marijuana in a joint. But the smoke can be bad for your lungs and make a dark cloud.

Smoking Shrooms Side Effects

Smoking shrooms can harm your body in different ways. Here are the most common problems:

  • Lung Issues: Smoking shrooms can hurt your lungs and cause breathing problems.
  • Weaker Effects: Smoking shrooms makes the special effects of the drug not work as well. This might make people take too much and get sick.
  • Unknown Strength: It’s hard to know how strong each dose is without detailed tests. Not knowing can make the effects unpredictable.
  • Mental Health: Smoking shrooms can make mental health worse. Some people get really scared, worried, confused, and panicked when they have a bad trip.
  • Immune System: Smoking shrooms can make your immune system weaker. This can lead to infections, especially in your lungs.
  • Heart and Blood: Smoking shrooms might change your heart rate, blood pressure, and hurt your blood vessels.

While we know more about other ways of using shrooms, we’re still learning about smoking shrooms. Scientists are studying and collecting stories to understand the effects better.

What It’s Like to Get High on Shrooms

Feeling high from shrooms, which are special mushrooms, isn’t the same for everyone. But many people say similar things after taking them:

  • Seeing Things Differently: Shrooms can make your senses super strong. Colors look extra bright, things feel different to touch, and sounds are more than just sounds.
  • Seeing Strange Stuff: Sometimes, things that don’t move might seem like they’re moving. Or objects might look like they’re breathing. Stuff can look like it’s breaking into smaller parts.
  • Strong Emotions: You might feel really happy and excited. You could also think a lot about yourself. But you might also feel more worried, sad, or scared.
  • Time Feels Funny: On shrooms, you might lose track of time. It might feel like time stopped. When the trip is over, getting back to normal time can be confusing.

Remember, not everyone feels the same way on shrooms. It’s a bit different for each person.

How to Tell If I’ve Taken Too Much Shrooms

Taking too many shrooms can lead to an overdose. This can happen if you take too much, especially when smoking them. If you’re having a bad trip, it can feel really intense. Signs of taking too many shrooms might be:

  • Seeing things that aren’t real for a long time.
  • Feeling very, very scared and worried.
  • Not recognizing yourself and feeling like you’re not you.
  • Feeling like time is going slow or things look weird.
  • Feeling physically uncomfortable and very sick to your stomach.

What to Do if Someone Overdoses Shrooms

If you think someone took too much, act fast. Stay calm and follow these steps:

  • Call 911 right away. Time matters in an overdose.
  • Stay with them until help comes. If they’re awake, talk to them and make sure they’re breathing.
  • If you know CPR, use it. If not, the 911 operator can guide you.
  • Even if you’re not sure, get medical help quickly.
  • If you have naloxone, use it. You can buy it in many places without a prescription. It helps with opioid overdoses.
  • Taking care quickly is the only way to help. Calling 911 is the most important thing if someone might have taken too much.

How to Know If You’re Addicted to Shrooms

If you’re using shrooms a lot, there are signs that might mean you have a problem. Here are some reasons why smoking shrooms is a bad idea:

  • Using shrooms a lot, like too much and for a long time.
  • Finding it hard to stop or control using shrooms.
  • Spending a lot of time getting shrooms, using them, or feeling better after using them.
  • Really want shrooms or feel like you have to use them a lot.
  • Not stopping even when bad things happen because of shrooms, like problems with school, work, or friends.
  • Needing more shrooms to feel the same effects.
  • Feeling sick when you don’t use shrooms.
  • If you notice these things, it might mean you’re addicted to shrooms.

What Happens When You Stop Using Shrooms

When you stop using shrooms, your body and mind might feel strange. This is called withdrawal, and it can be hard. But it’s the first step to getting better and letting go of the shroom effects.

Here’s what you might feel and how long it might last:

  • How You Might Feel: You could feel anxious, restless, have trouble sleeping, muscle pain, sweat, throw up, and really want shrooms. How bad it is depends on how much you depended on shrooms.
  • How Long It Takes: Withdrawal time is different for everyone. It usually starts about 12 hours after you last took shrooms. It might last a week or more.

To help with shroom withdrawal, doctors can use special medicine. This medicine helps with the symptoms and the urge for shrooms. They can also talk to you to help with the reasons you wanted shrooms in the first place.

Stopping shrooms should be done with a doctor’s help. It can be risky and might cause problems with your body, like dehydration and other issues. So, it’s important to have medical care during this time.

Understanding the Process of Stopping Shrooms

Knowing how stopping shrooms affects your body and mind can help you stay on track. This way, you’re less likely to start using them again or using them too much.

There are three stages of shroom withdrawal: acute, less severe, and post-acute. The last one can be harder and last longer. Shrooms side effects are a lot. Here’s what you might feel and how long it might last:

Acute Stage: This starts 1-2 days after you stop using shrooms. It lasts around 5-14 days. You might feel tired, hungry, twitchy, slow, achy, grumpy, and have weird dreams.
Remember, everyone’s different. What you feel and how long it lasts might not be the same for others.

The Tougher Part of Stopping Shrooms

After the first stage of withdrawal, another harder stage begins about 1-2 weeks later. Some things you might feel are:

  • Really wanting shrooms a lot
  • Feeling very worried
  • Being annoyed and mad
  • Feeling sadder
  • Seeing things that aren’t there or losing touch with reality
  • Having seizures or feeling very confused

There’s also another stage where withdrawal lasts longer than 2 weeks. Some people feel this for years after they stop using shrooms. Here’s what you might feel:

  • Problems with remembering things
  • Can’t pay attention or focus
  • Hard to control yourself
  • Feeling really sad and even thinking about hurting yourself
  • Not feeling happy
  • Wanting shrooms a lot
  • Feeling tired, having strange sleep, and hurting without a reason

Doctors might give you medicine to help with these feelings. It can make it easier to stop using shrooms and stay healthy.

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