What Is Fish Scale Cocaine

What Is Fish Scale Cocaine- DATOS

Fish scale cocaine is a really strong type of cocaine that looks shiny like fish scales. It used to be more common in the 1980s but can still be found illegally. It’s much purer than regular cocaine, about 90% pure compared to the usual 60%.

Even though it’s called “fish scale,” it has nothing to do with fish or the sea. It’s just named that way because it’s shiny like fish scales.

Because fish scale cocaine is so strong, it’s more costly and can be very dangerous if people use too much.

So, fish scale cocaine is not as popular as before, and it’s important to be cautious if you come across it.

More About Fish Scale Cocaine

You know that white powder people buy as cocaine? Well, it’s usually not very pure, only about 60%. There’s also something called crack cocaine, which is even less pure. But there’s something even stronger called fish scale cocaine.

Fish scale cocaine is super strong, about 90% pure, and it’s much more costly. It doesn’t have many extra things mixed in like the regular cocaine. People use it in different ways, like snorting, smoking, injecting, or mixing it with drinks.

Using fish scale cocaine doesn’t give you extra side effects, but the ones you do get can be worse because it’s so strong. But be really careful because it’s easy to overdose on this powerful cocaine.

What Is Different In Fish Scale Cocaine

The cocaine you usually find has other cheap powders mixed in to make it cheaper. These can be things like cornstarch or sugar, and they can make up a big part, maybe 40%, of what you’re getting. This can lead to weird side effects because you don’t really know what’s in it.

Especially if you inject cocaine, these added things can be really dangerous. But that doesn’t mean fish scale cocaine is safer. Actually, it’s riskier because it’s super strong, and you can get addicted, have really bad side effects, or even overdose.

If you put regular cocaine and fish scale cocaine next to each other, you’d see that fish scale cocaine looks shiny, like pearls, while regular cocaine is just plain white or slightly off-white powder.

Fish Scale Cocaine Belongs To

Fish scale cocaine mostly comes from Colombia, but Peru is also making a lot of it now. Sometimes, you might hear it called “Bolivian flake” when it comes from Bolivia.

It’s not as common as it used to be because authorities started cracking down on drug trafficking, especially in the 1980s. Back then, big blocks of pure cocaine were brought into the country. Some dealers sold it without adding other stuff, making it really strong and expensive. When they broke it down, it looked like fish scales.

Now, it’s not easy to find pure fish scale cocaine because it’s costly and not in high demand. If you do find it, it’s likely mixed with things like talcum powder or flour, so it’s not as pure as it used to be.

Also, be careful because sometimes cocaine with a chemical called levamisole is made to look like fish scale cocaine. It makes the cocaine look like fish scales and can make the effects last longer, but it can also cause problems because of that chemical.

Fish Scale Cocaine Risk

Using fish scale cocaine has similar side effects to regular cocaine, but there’s one big difference. If you’re used to regular cocaine, which is about 60% pure, and you try fish scale cocaine, which is over 90% pure, you can’t use as much of it.

Using any amount of cocaine is not safe, but the problem with fish scale cocaine is that it’s much easier to overdose on because it’s so strong.

People who have been using cocaine for a long time might think they know how much they can handle, but with the super strong fish scale cocaine, you have to be really, really careful.

When you take a lot of a stimulant drug like cocaine, it can make your body do some dangerous things, like:

  • Make your heart beat really fast.
  • Raise your blood pressure a lot.
  • Make you sweat a whole lot.
  • Even cause a heart attack or make your kidneys fail.
  • It can even make you have seizures, which are like really bad shakes.

Knowing the signs that someone has taken too much of this drug can save their life. But the best choice is to stop using recreational drugs altogether. If you or someone you care about is struggling with drug problems, Zinnia Healing can help.

Ways to Treat Cocaine Addiction

Really strong cocaine can make you more addicted and have worse problems when you try to stop using it. If you’re done with this cycle of addiction, Zinnia Healing is here to help you find a way out.

We have a modern rehab center where we provide different kinds of programs that are designed just for you. These programs can be in the center or at home, depending on what you need. Our caring experts can help you with:

  • Using medicine to help you safely stop using drugs.
  • Personal support to guide you through your recovery.
  • Help with other problems you might have, like being really sad.
  • Talking to people who are going through the same thing as you and counseling for your family.
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