What does the word “dub” mean in the world of weed?

What does the word

In the world of weed, if you’ve been around for a bit, you might have heard words like “dub,” “eighth,” or “dime.” While “eighth” and “dime” are kind of easy to understand (they refer to a specific amount of weed and its cost), what about “dub”?

So, what is a “Dub” of Weed?

A “dub” is a nickname for $20 worth of weed, which usually amounts to about 1-1.5 grams of cannabis flower. But why do we call it a “dub” in the first place?

Where Does the Word “Dub” Come From?

The word “dub” is an old word that’s had many meanings throughout history. Way back in the 12th century, it meant things like giving someone a special title. But let’s fast forward a bit.

In the 1400s, people used “dub” to talk about an artificial fly used for fishing. Then, about 60 years later, it meant a “muddy or dirty pool.” Over time, it got used in different ways, like as slang for a key (especially one for picking locks), or to call someone not very good at something.

Here’s the surprise: “Dub” has also been used to talk about all sorts of things, from trimming hedges to doing not-so-nice stuff (in a rude way).

Then, when movies came along, “dub” got a new job. It meant adding sound to a film. That’s where the connection to weed comes in.

In car culture, “dub” was short for “double dimes,” which meant 20-inch rims for wheels. These were really big back in the early 1990s. But now, wheels can be even bigger, like 24 inches.

But in the weed world, they borrowed the word “dub” from car culture. So, that’s why people call $20 worth of marijuana a “dub.” It’s a bit like how they used to call big car rims “dubs.”

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