Vyvanse Weight Loss: Side Effects, Dosage, and More

Vyvanse Weight Loss: Side Effects, Dosage, and More- DATOS

Vyvanse (a medicine called lisdexamfetamine dimesylate) is given by a doctor to help people with ADHD and binge-eating problems. Some medicines like this can make you less hungry, and some people use them to lose weight.

However, we do not know for sure if Vyvanse is safe and works well for weight loss. Using Vyvanse to lose weight can be really bad for your health. It can make you take too much and get addicted. That is why more research is needed to understand it better.

Can Vyvanse Make You Lose Weight?

One common thing that happens when you take Vyvanse and other similar medicines that affect your brain is that you might not feel very hungry.

There are other medicines like Vyvanse, such as Adderall, Ritalin, and Focalin, that do similar things.

These medicines also make your brain release a chemical called dopamine, which makes you feel good. Eating food also makes your brain release dopamine.

Vyvanse Weight Loss

Because of this, some people thought these medicines could help with losing weight because they make you eat less.

A long time ago, people used to take these medicines to lose weight, and you could get them with or without a doctor’s prescription. However, then, researchers found out that these medicines could be really bad for your health.

Can Vyvanse Be Used for Weight Loss

The people in charge of checking if medicines are safe and useful, called the FDA, say that Vyvanse is not meant to make you lose weight. If you use Vyvanse to try to lose weight, it is not the right way to use it.

When people take Vyvanse, they might have some common things happen like:

  • Their mouth might feel dry.
  • They could get constipated, which means it is hard to go to the bathroom.
  • They might have trouble sleeping.
  • They could feel anxious, which means they worry a lot.
  • And they might not feel hungry.

What Happens When Vyvanse is Used Wrong

Usually, a doctor gives you a little bit of Vyvanse to start with. They keep an eye on how it works and slowly give you more if needed. The goal is to find the smallest amount that helps without causing problems.

However, when someone does not use Vyvanse the right way, they do not know how much to take, and that can be really risky.

Using Vyvanse the wrong way can lead to serious problems like:

  • Making your heart go too fast and raising your blood pressure.
  • Causing a stroke or a heart attack, which is really dangerous.
  • Messing up your heart’s regular rhythm.
  • Even sudden death, which means you might die all of a sudden.
  • Feeling very high and excited (mania) or losing touch with reality (psychosis).

Using these kinds of medicines in the wrong way for a long time can also make you need them too much. Your body gets used to having Vyvanse, and if you stop taking it suddenly, you might feel really bad in your mind and body.

Vyvanse for Binge-Eating Disorder

Even though Vyvanse is not meant to help with losing weight, it is approved by the FDA to treat something called binge-eating disorder. This disorder is not about wanting to lose weight.

In binge-eating disorder, people have times when they cannot stop themselves from eating too much. These times make them feel really bad like they did something wrong.

Binge-eating disorder is a kind of mental health problem, and there used to be no approved medicines for it. However, Vyvanse was studied for a short time, and they quickly said it was okay to use it for this.

Some important things from the studies are:

  • The studies lasted for 12 weeks, and 724 people took part in them.
  • Most of the people ate less during the study.
  • Taking more of the medicine seemed to work better.

However, if you use it for a long time, it might make you feel not so good.

We need more research to know if the problem comes back when you stop using Vyvanse. And we do not know if you gain weight again when you stop the medicine.

Why Vyvanse Makes You Weight Lose

Many medicines for ADHD belong to a group called stimulants. These medicines can make you less hungry so that you might lose weight. The main thing in Vyvanse is called lisdexamfetamine.

In your body, lisdexamfetamine turns into something called dextroamphetamine. This dextroamphetamine stops your brain from getting rid of certain chemicals like dopamine and norepinephrine. When these chemicals increase, they can make you feel more active and less hungry.

Vyvanse is different from other ADHD medicines because your body has to change it first before it starts working. This slow change can make the medicine work smoothly over time. However, remember, how medicines work can be different for each person.

Do Other ADHD Medicines Make You Weight Lose

Studies in grown-ups have found that around 3-9% of people taking Vyvanse lose weight. The amount of weight you lose depends on how much of the medicine you take, but most people lose around 2.8-4.3 pounds. In kids, Vyvanse can also lead to weight loss or slow down how they grow. So, doctors need to keep an eye on kids who use this medicine.

When you compare Vyvanse to other ADHD medicines, it acts in a similar way to other stimulants and can make you less hungry. However, medicines without stimulants used for ADHD are less likely to make you lose weight and might even make you gain some.

Dangers of Using Vyvanse the Wrong Way to Lose Weight

Vyvanse is a medicine that can make you less hungry and increase how your body works, but it is not good to use it only to Vyvanse weight loss. Using Vyvanse the wrong way can be very risky.

Vyvanse is a medicine that can make your heart beat faster and raise your blood pressure because it is a kind of stimulant. This can be even more dangerous if you already have heart problems. Vyvanse can also have bad interactions with other medicines, making the side effects worse.

Using Vyvanse the wrong way can make your body get used to it, and it will not work to make you less hungry over time. This means you might need to take more of it to get the same effect, which can be really dangerous and even lead to taking too much and causing severe side effects.

For kids and teenagers, using Vyvanse the wrong way can be risky because it might stop them from growing properly. It can also make it harder for them to do well in school.

Normally, Vyvanse should only be taken for the things the FDA says it is good for. However, sometimes, doctors might give it for something else if they think it will help, even if the FDA did not say it is okay for that.

Vyvanse weight loss for kids

When children take Vyvanse, there is a chance they might lose weight or not grow as fast because it can make them less hungry. However, it is important for kids to eat well to grow strong and think well.

Parents should keep an eye out for signs that their child might not be eating enough, like if they do not want to eat, if they lose much weight quickly if they do not seem to be growing as they should, or if they show signs of not getting the right nutrients.

The doctor who gives the medicine will also watch for these signs, but it is good for parents to talk to the doctor if they are worried. The doctor will check how much weight the child has lost and might suggest talking to a nutrition expert or changing the treatment plan.

Why Some People with ADHD Might Get Heavier

People with ADHD might gain weight for different reasons. They are more likely to have mood problems like feeling very worried or sad. Some of the medicines to treat these mood problems can make them gain weight.

Also, when their ADHD is not managed well, they might have a hard time paying attention and controlling their actions. This can make them eat too much and find it tough to stick to a healthy eating plan.

How to deal with Vyvanse weight loss while taking

There are ways to handle weight loss when using Vyvanse. It is important to talk often with your doctor about how medical issues and personal stuff affect your weight loss. Your doctor will keep an eye on your weight and health and suggest what you should do.

Here are five ways to manage Vyvanse weight loss when you are consuming:

  • Change the amount: Your doctor can help you adjust how much Vyvanse you take. Taking less can make you less not hungry but still help with your ADHD.
  • Try a different medicine: If even with less Vyvanse, you are losing weight, your doctor might have you try a different medicine. Some medicines have different effects on your appetite and weight. Finding the right one for you can help you stop losing weight.
  • Get help from a diet expert: A dietitian can work with you to make sure you eat well, even if you are not very hungry.
  • Eat at the same times and plan your meals: Having a schedule for eating and thinking ahead about your meals can help you remember to eat at the right times. This can stop you from eating too much and choosing unhealthy food on the spot.
  • Do regular exercise: Working out often can help you keep your muscles and stay healthy, which can help stop some of the weight loss from Vyvanse.

Alternatives of Vyvanse

There are other medicines for ADHD that might be less likely to make you lose weight than Vyvanse. People react differently to these medicines, and some of them might not make you less hungry when we compare medicines that are stimulants with those that are not. Usually, the non-stimulant ones are less likely to make you lose weight.

Besides medicines, talking with someone about your ADHD can be a big help. There are two kinds of talk therapy, one called CBT and the other called DBT, that can help. CBT can teach you how to handle things better, manage your time, and deal with bad thoughts. DBT can help you manage your feelings and learn better ways to act.

Some Questions

Do you lose more weight with Adderall or Vyvanse?

Both Adderall and Vyvanse can make you lose weight, but with Adderall, you might feel very hungry when the medicine stops working. However, using either of these medicines for weight loss is not a healthy or lasting choice.

Do ADHD stimulants help with weight loss?

Some medicines used for ADHD can make you lose weight. These are stimulant drugs like Ritalin and Adderall. They can reduce your appetite and make your body burn calories faster. People even use some of these medicines to help with weight loss or treat binge eating.

Does Vyvanse make you less hungry?

A common side effect of Vyvanse in kids aged 6 to 17 and adults with ADHD is that it can make you not feel hungry.

Why is Vyvanse different?

One big difference between Vyvanse and Adderall is that Vyvanse only starts working when your body breaks it down in your blood. Vyvanse can work for a longer time compared to Adderall XR, giving you up to 12 hours of symptom control.

Can Vyvanse speed up your body’s work?

Vyvanse is a kind of medicine that can make you less hungry and help your body work faster, but it is not meant to be used just for losing weight. Using Vyvanse the wrong way can be very risky.

What is a medicine that helps with weight loss?

Phentermine (also called Adipex-P or Lomaira) is a prescription medicine that can make you less hungry. It can help you lose weight by making you eat less or feel full for a longer time. Sometimes, it is combined with another medicine called topiramate to help with weight loss, and they call it Qsymia.

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