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The Apple Fritters strain has been popular for a long time, since 2016. This shows that even in the fast-changing world of cannabis, good quality is the most important thing.

Apple Fritters is one of the tastiest strains you can find. It’s still very popular worldwide and can be hard to find in dispensaries outside the East Coast of the USA.

But, we all know that good weed is not just about how it tastes. So, why is the Apple Fritters strain so great? We’re going to find out right now.

Apple Fritters Strain Taste Review

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Does the strain truly have a taste like apple fritters

If you love sweet breakfasts, you’re in for a treat with the Apple Fritters weed. The buds have a sweet and fruity flavour, with a hint of caramel and apples, just like the name suggests. The sweetness isn’t too strong, which is good because some new strains can be overly sweet.

This might be because it’s balanced by a slightly sour, citrusy taste. When you exhale, you might also catch a bit of a diesel-like flavour.

What is the smell of Apple Fritters like

The smell is pretty much what you’d expect – very sweet and strong! The diesel smell is there, but it’s not as strong as when you smoke it. When you open a jar of freshly cured Apple Fritters weed, you’ll definitely notice the apple scent, mixed with hints of other fruits like pineapple and mango.

Is it good for anxiety

Yes and no. It depends on the situation, and while I don’t have a lot of anxiety right now, I’ve had some in the past.

I say yes because it doesn’t give me a heady feeling that can sometimes make anxiety worse. It also makes my body feel warm and relaxed, and the effects come on slowly, which is different from strains that make my mind race. It’s a balanced mix of Indica and Sativa, which should work for most people, but it’s a strong strain, so you should be careful when using it.

On the other hand, if you have serious anxiety and want a strain that helps you feel more relaxed, this one’s uplifting effects might not be the best choice, as it could make you feel a bit out of control.

In summary, I’d say the Apple Fritters strain can be good for anxiety in small amounts and won’t make it worse. But, like with anything, start slowly to see how it affects you.

Do Apple Fritters Strain cause drowsiness or make you feel sleepy

No, not really. It actually makes me feel more awake and socially active, quite the opposite. But I understand it might make some people a bit tired. It really depends on how your body reacts to THC.

As for getting stuck on the couch, it could happen, especially if you use a lot of it. But it’s not the type of strain I’d immediately link to couch-lock.

Growing Apple Fritter Weed Strain

Let’s talk about Apple Fritters. It’s a special kind of plant. Every seed you plant will give you really good flowers. If you grow it outside, it can get quite big. It’s good for both indoor and outdoor growing, but it likes warm and a bit humid places. So, if you live in a warm or tropical area, this strain is great for you.

Second, it’s not too hard to grow, but you need to pay a little extra attention compared to some other strains. Sometimes it can get a problem called powdery mildew, but that’s easy to fix if you catch it early.

Also, it likes to drink a lot of water. When I was growing it, I had to give it more nutrients by the fourth week of growing. It stayed thirsty the whole time, so I didn’t stop giving it nutrients before it started flowering.


Out of the six plants I grew, I left two alone, topped two once, and topped the other two three times. I found that topping (cutting the tops off the plants) was the best way to make them produce more buds. The ones I topped a lot gave the biggest harvest. I also used a method called Scrogging with the four topped plants, and I’d recommend it for this strain.

When it comes to growing, this plant starts a bit slow, but once it starts growing, it’s really good. I found that keeping it in the vegetative stage for 6-8 weeks was just right, but keeping it for 8 weeks might be a bit too long. It takes about 9 weeks to start flowering.

One important thing to know is that this plant’s flowers smell very strong! They have a mix of earthy, sweet, and sour smells, with a bit of a gas-like smell as they get closer to harvest. So, if you want to grow it secretly in a small space, you’ll need a good carbon filter and a tent that can trap the strong smell.

It also grows well outside. I could harvest it by mid-October, and the whole growing process went smoothly because the weather was good for growing for several months.

Is the Apple Fritter strain suitable for newcomers to growing cannabis

Yes, this strain is a good choice for new growers. It’s relatively easy to grow. But if you’re not used to smoking strong weed, be careful with Apple Fritters because it’s very potent.

Is the Apple Fritter strain mainly Sativa or Indica

Apple Fritters is a mix of both. It’s called a balanced hybrid, with half Indica and half Sativa. But it grows more like an Indica plant, short and bushy. That’s why it’s great for a training method called LST to make more buds.

Which terpenes can be found in Apple Fritters

The main terpene is Phellandrene, and there are also Limonene, Ocimene, Pinene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene in decent amounts. All of these terpenes together give Apple Fritters its amazing sharp dessert-like taste.

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