What Is Marijuana Wax?

What Is Marijuana Wax? - DATOS

More than ten years ago, a new form of marijuana called wax became popular among teenagers and young adults. It has different names like THC wax, weed wax, budder, cannabis wax, shatter, honeycomb, dabs, and ear wax. Marijuana wax is a concentrated extract that gives a stronger and more intense high compared to other forms of cannabis.

It is one of the strongest marijuana products available, with THC levels usually ranging from 60 to 80%. In contrast, other cannabis concentrates usually have THC levels around 17-28%, which is considered high.

Marijuana wax is created by extracting THC from the marijuana plant using heat. This process leaves behind an oily substance called butane hash oil. The oil is then heated again to form the wax-like drug. However, when people make marijuana wax illegally, the process can be risky.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has issued warnings about fires and explosions happening at THC extraction labs because the heating process is volatile and can be dangerous.

The most common way to use wax is by smoking it using a dab rig. A dab rig is a special water pipe that has a chamber for heating the wax. This allows you to turn a small amount of wax into smoke that you can inhale. Another popular method is vaping the wax or adding small pieces of it to a joint or pipe when smoking marijuana.

Apart from THC wax, there are also CBD forms of marijuana wax that do not cause a high. This type of wax is used for topicals (applied to the skin), eating, and vaping. CBD wax undergoes a crystallization process instead of a process that would make it psychoactive. Some people believe that CBD wax has benefits such as reducing anxiety and inflammation.

What does weed wax look like?

What does weed wax look like?
Weed Wax

Well, as the name suggests, marijuana wax resembles regular wax. It can have a gold, brown, or yellow colour. The consistency of THC wax is often flakey, and it can feel soft like clay. Some types of wax are gooey, while others are hard and solid.

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The appearance depends on the specific form of wax. Weed wax is typically packaged on wax paper in small containers. On the other hand, CBD wax has a more glassy look and comes in various forms such as oils, lotions, and lip balm when it’s finished.

How is marijuana different from other weed wax?

Weed Wax
Weed Wax

Weed wax is unique because it has a much higher amount of THC compared to herbal and hash forms of marijuana. This means that it can give the user a very strong and fast-acting high. The process of making weed wax is also different from other forms of the drug.

THC is extracted from the cannabis plant and then heated or crystallized to create concentrated marijuana that can be smoked for a psychoactive effect. Alternatively, it can be made into a non-psychoactive form that some people use to help with certain health issues.

How is weed wax so addictive?

Contrary to the belief that marijuana is not addictive, it is actually false. Even though there is a push to legalize marijuana, and it is becoming more socially accepted, the true risks associated with marijuana are often overlooked by the public.

Similar to other substances that affect the mind, marijuana is still considered an illegal drug in many states and has a significant potential for abuse. Many individuals develop marijuana addiction and may need professional help and treatment to overcome it.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, weed wax contains very high levels of THC, making it more likely to be abused and addictive compared to other forms of the drug. When you inhale a lot of THC at once, it increases the risk of becoming dependent on and addicted to the drug.

Also, using weed wax in large amounts can make you more susceptible to negative marijuana side effects, such as feeling paranoid, agitated, experiencing psychosis, and feeling anxious.

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