Review: Walmart World Mastercard

For lots of people in Canada, Walmart is where they usually go to buy food and daily things. The low prices of many Walmart stores in Canada are very attractive. They are easy to get to for most people.

Smart buyers should always find a credit card that is good for how they buy things and gives them the most money back when they spend on organics. For people who shop at Walmart, you need to use the Walmart World Mastercard Rewards. There is no yearly fee for this card and it lets you get money back on everything you buy.

In this review, we will check some main points of the Walmart World Mastercard to see if it should be in your wallet.

Walmart World Mastercard Overview

The Walmart World Mastercard is a card given by Walmart Canada Bank. It helps you buy things using credit. It has no yearly fees and gives good rewards for all your buys. More points are given when you spend money at Walmart stores. Even better, you do not have any yearly limits on how much money back you can get.

If you often go shopping at Walmart and mostly on the website, this card can be a good way to make extra money from buying things. However, there are a few things you should know before you apply:

  • The yearly family income needed for this card is $100,000.
  • This card usually does not give a big welcome reward, so do not wait for a better sign-up bonus.
  • Right now, it gives $15 Walmart Reward dollars if two qualifying buys are made and another $10 when signing up for online statements.

What are Walmart Reward Dollars?

The Walmart Rewards World Mastercard is connected to a rewards program called Walmart Rewards. With this program, you can earn money back or Walmart Reward Dollars on everything you buy. You will get a certain amount of money back based on what you buy and also depending on the store you shop at.

You get Walmart Rewards Dollars with all buys on the Walmart Mastercard. You can use these to lower costs for future purchases at Walmart stores and on their website, The least amount you can cash in is $5, and when you want to do so, it must be in steps of $5.

One Walmart Reward dollar is equal to one Canadian dollar.

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Walmart World Mastercard Benefits

One of the good things about the Walmart Rewards World Mastercard is it has some insurance benefits that can save you. For starters, they offer a free extended warranty plan. This means that if you buy something using your Walmart World Mastercard and it has a manufacturer’s warranty of 24 months or fewer, the warranty will be extra by another 12 months.

The Walmart Rewards World Mastercard also gives shopping protection. This means if you buy something with your card and it gets broken or stolen within 90 days from when you bought it, the bank will give you back the cost of that thing. But they only do this once per claim up to $500 and a total of $50,000 per account.

Both insurance benefits on a credit card with no yearly fee make the card even more valuable.

Who is the Walmart Rewards World Mastercard Good For?

The Walmart Rewards World Mastercard is a nice pick for people who shop at Walmart often and want to earn money back on everything they buy. Many people think that many credit cards do not count Walmart stores as groceries, so this card might help if you buy all your normal groceries at Walmart.

The 3% cash back as reward dollars is good for those who often buy online at because that is an easy way to get a return of 3% on all spending. You get the most from this Walmart card if you often shop in Canada because that is where you earn the best rewards.

But even if you do not go to Walmart a lot, this card can still be good. It gives 1% cash back on everything else bought outside those specific spending areas. Just keep in mind that you can only use your earned rewards at Walmart, which is less good compared to other cards out there.


In short, this World Mastercard review is for the Walmart Rewards World Mastercard. It is a card that gives normal return rewards and does not have a yearly fee.

For people who often go to a Walmart store, these places do not usually count as buying food. So, this Walmart credit card might be the top choice just if you often buy things at Walmart and want to get the most from shopping there.

For any other grocery buys, there are many better credit card choices from other banks in Canada.

People May Also Ask

Is Walmart World Mastercard good?

The Walmart Rewards Mastercard is a good choice for people who shop at the store usually, mainly those wanting to pay less interest on expensive things.

Is Walmart’s credit card helpful?

The Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard is a good choice for people who shop often at Walmart online. They can benefit greatly from this card’s high cash-back rates. This card also offers a fixed amount for buying things at Walmart and large spending items like gas, eating out and trips.

Do I need a Walmart card?

Walmart Credit Card Review: Save 5% on regular low prices. This card is good for people who shop at Walmart because it gives big benefits with no yearly fee. A Walmart Credit Card gives big benefits, returning as much as 5% and with no yearly cost.

What is the smallest credit limit on Walmart Mastercard?

We will figure out your borrowing limit after checking your application and seeing if you can pay it back. If your request for a Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard is approved, the least amount of credit you will get is $300.

Which bank owns Walmart Mastercard?

The Walmart Rewards Mastercard is given by Duo Bank of Canada. All Walmart company names are owned by Walmart Apollo, LLC. They are used by Duo Bank of Canada with permission. The Western Union name, sign and more popular trademarks that belong to Western Union Holdings Inc. are used with permission by us.

Can I take out money from my Walmart Mastercard?

You can also take money out or get cash from any place or machine that accepts the card or account. Moreover, we will handle any buying of money-like objects as cash advances.