PNP Ontario: What is PNP and How to Apply – All You Need to Know

Learn about Ontario PNP in this article. What is PNP Ontario, and how can you apply? This article has all the info you need. It covers the details of Ontario PNP, the application process, basically, everything you need to know:

Ontario PNP

Ontario PNP is like a special program from the Canadian and Ontario governments. It has different ways (streams) for people to apply. It’s called OINP.

This program is for students from other countries, business owners, and workers from outside Canada. They can apply to live in Ontario forever. Also, businesses in Ontario can hire workers from different countries through this program.

What is PNP Ontario

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has 9 different ways (streams) for people to apply. They pick people for permanent residency based on their skills and what Ontario needs in its jobs. However, remember, PNP Ontario only suggests names.

The program changes a bit every year, so applicants need to check the new rules. OINP works with IRCC, a big immigration agency.

After getting picked, the federal government’s immigration agency makes the final decision. If everything is good, the chosen people can stay in Ontario forever.

Everything to Understand About Ontario PNP

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program has 9 ways:

  • For workers from other countries
  • For students from around the world
  • For jobs that are needed a lot
  • For people with a master’s degree
  • For people with a PhD
  • For foreign business owners with cool ideas
  • For skilled workers
  • For workers with special skills
  • For workers who speak French.

There are also express entry ways, but you need a special profile and an invitation to apply.

Each way (stream) has its own rules like skills you should have, language, education, and experience. You can find the full list of what you need on Ontario’s official website.

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How to Apply for Ontario PNP

To apply for Ontario PNP, there is two ways: Expression of Interest system and Express Entry system. These are like telling the program you want to be invited. Once you are invited, you can send in your application.

Using the Express Entry System

When you get a message saying you are invited, you have 45 days to send your application. The message will say which way (stream) invited you, so check the rules before applying.

Get all your papers ready before you start. Scan and upload them online with your application. If you miss some papers, they will send your application back, and you get your money back, too.

To apply, go to the Ontario Government’s website and click “Submit the application.” Make a profile on the e-filing portal, then start filling out your application. It costs $1,500 to apply.

Keep your profile on the Express Entry System up-to-date. If you get invited for permanent residency by IRCC and OINP is checking your application, you have to choose: say no to IRCC or take your application back from OINP.

Using the Expression of Interest System

If you get a message saying you are invited, you have 14 days to send your application through this system. First, check if you meet the requirements for the draw.

To apply, go to, find OINP, and click “Submit an application.” Log in with your ONe-key account. Open the file number in My Applications to start your application.

For International Students, PhD Graduates, and Masters Graduate streams, the fee is $1,500. For In-Demand Skills and Foreign Worker streams, it is $1,500 (outside Greater Toronto) or $2,000 (in Greater Toronto).

You get a refund only if you take back your application before they start checking or if your application is not complete.

For general info, contact them through the website. If you have tech problems, email screenshots to OINP.

People May Ask

Is it easy to get a PNP in Ontario?

Because Ontario has a lot of spots for immigrants, they pick people often. This makes it one of the easiest provinces in Canada to get a Permanent Residency (PR) if you qualify.

What is the deal with Ontario PNP?

Ontario PNP is made to bring in immigrants in areas that will help the province. This includes skilled workers, people in jobs where they need more workers, entrepreneurs, and investors. The program has different ways (streams) divided into three categories: Ontario Human Capital and Ontario Employer Job Offer.

What do you need to apply for a PNP?

For most PNPs, you should have a link to the province. You might have worked or studied there before. Or you could have a job offer from a boss in the province for a job visa. Getting nominated by the province can help you get your PR visa in two ways.

What is the score needed for Ontario PNP?

To be eligible for the Ontario Human Capital Priorities stream, your CRS score should be 400 points or more. Sometimes, OINP has lowered this score briefly in the past, but it might not happen again. No guarantees.