Tax My Car: How to Determine My Car Tax and Find the Due Date

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How Do I Pay Tax for My Car? Every car owner in the UK asks this. All cars need tax, insurance, and MOT to be legally driven. If you’re thinking about paying car tax online, don’t worry. This post has all the answers you need.

Tax My Car

When you get a car, you’re in charge, and you need to pay tax and get insurance in the UK. The car tax, also called Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), depends on when your car was first registered, its fuel type, and carbon dioxide emissions.

But it’s not just that; you also need to know about road tax rates. They change because the UK government adjusts them for inflation. So, it’s good to stay aware.

In 2023-2024, the fixed car tax is £180. How much you pay depends on when your car was registered before 2017 and the type of fuel it uses. If you drive an electric car in the UK, you do not pay road tax now, but that will change in 2025. Electric cars will have a tax then for the first time in the UK.

Tax Your Car Online

If you want to tax your car on the internet, use When you go there, show one of these papers to get your 16-digit number:

  • Your car’s V5C or Logbook from the DVLA.
  • A V11 tax reminder from the DVLA.
  • If you got a new car, you need a green new keeper slip.
  • Do you not have these? Ask the DVLA for a new logbook.

Car Tax Amount

Have you got your reference number? Great! Put it in, and you can check your car tax status. Now, you need to choose how to pay using a debit or credit card and decide if you want to pay for six or twelve months.

After deciding, you will see a summary of your car tax. Look at it carefully. If everything is okay, give your email and contact number to confirm. Lastly, check the payment details, and you are done with the tax application.

Due Date for Car Tax

If your car is registered in your name, you will get a reminder before your car tax ends, usually at the end of a month. You choose if you want to tax your car for 6 or 12 months. For example, if you pay for 12 months starting January 1, you will get a renewal reminder in early December 2023.

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Car Tax Cost

Are you wondering about your car tax amount? It relies on how old your car is and its tax category. To figure out your car tax, check the table below.

Car tax groups for cars registered after March 2001 and before April 2017

For cars bought between March 2001 and April 2017, there are 13 groups for car tax. They depend on how much CO2 your car emits. If it emits more CO2, it falls into a higher tax group.

Car Tax Band/VED BandCO2 Emissions Yearly Rate
AUp to 100g/km£0
MOver 255g/km£695

Car Tax Bands After April 2017

After April 2017, the UK government brought in a new car tax setup, replacing the CO2-based one with three bands: zero, standard, and premium.

This system counts for people who get their cars post-April 2017. The way road tax gets figured out has caused a loss of millions, so in 2025, the road tax system will change again. Even electric cars will start paying VED for the first time.

CO2 EmissionsInitial Year RateStandard Rate
1 – 50g/km£10£180
51 – 75g/km£30£180
76 – 90g/km£130£180
91 – 100g/km£165£180
101 – 110g/km£185£180
111 – 130g/km£210£180
131 – 150g/km£255£180
151 – 170g/km£645£180
171 – 190g/km£1040£180
191 – 225g/km£1565£180
226 – 255g/km£2220£180
Over 255g/km£2605£180

If you are still unsure about car tax, you can find answers on the official website. Here is the link for your convenience.

People May Also Ask

Can I Tax My Car Online in the UK?

Yes, you can tax your car online. If you are the current keeper, use the 11-digit reference number from your V5C. If you have just bought the car, use the 12-digit reference number from the new keeper slip.

How Much Does It Cost to Tax a Car in the UK?

The flat rate for car tax in 2023/2024 is £180. The actual amount may vary based on your car’s first use date (before 2017) and its fuel type.

How Do I Pay My Road Tax in the UK?

Pay using a debit or credit card, or set up a Direct Debit. Even if you are exempt due to disability, you still need to tax your vehicle and meet all legal obligations before driving.

What is the Car Tax Rate in the UK for 2023/24?

The annual rate for 2023/2024 is £180, a £10 increase from the previous year. Alternative fuel vehicles get a £10 discount.

How Early Can I Tax My Car in the UK?

You can tax your car up to 2 months before it expires, which is useful if you will be away when your current tax ends.

Can I Drive Without Car Tax in the UK?

No, Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) must be paid for most UK vehicles. Driving without it could result in a fine of up to £1,000.