Road Tax Online Check: How to Check My Road Tax & Calculate Road Tax

Check out this article with us to learn more about Road Tax Online Check! Find out how much Road Tax you need to pay and discover the easy way to check it online.

Road Tax Online Check

In the UK, every car using public roads has to pay for its upkeep. So, all vehicle owners need to keep an eye on Road Tax regularly because it is the law when you are driving in the UK.

In the UK, there is a yearly tax called Vehicle Excise Duty, also known as Road Tax, for all vehicles on public roads. It is illegal to use a vehicle without current road tax unless it is exempt. This article will give you all the important info about checking Road Tax in the UK, why it is crucial, how it is calculated, and more.

Why Road Tax Important

The money from Road Tax goes to the Treasury, and they use it for important things like public services. It helps keep the big road network in the UK working well.

The funds from road tax are used for different things, like fixing roads and putting up signs and safety barriers. Some of the road tax money also goes to support the NHS, schools, police, and fire services.

The money from road taxes helps pay for buses and trains so that more people use them. This is to reduce traffic and pollution. Also, road taxes support efforts to make transportation better for the environment.

Road Tax Online Check Overview

Name of the ArticleRoad Tax Online Check
CountryUnited Kingdom
Regulating BodyUK Government
Amount of TaxDiscussed in the article
FactorsRegistration Date and CO2 emission

How Much You Pay for Road Tax

The age of your car, how much it costs when new, and how much pollution it makes decide your road tax. If the road tax rules change, they will not affect your car retroactively. This means the tax you paid when you got the car stays the same unless there is an inflation increase.

For cars registered after 2017, the normal road tax is £165 each year. Cars that pollute a lot might pay between £120 and £585 for the first year. Cars that pollute less could pay no tax or as little as £25. After April 1, 2017, new cars get a First Year Rate for the first 12 months, depending on their CO2 emissions.

Starting in 2025, electric car owners will pay road tax for the first time. It can be as low as £20 a year for older electric cars and go up to £520 a year for electric cars that cost £40,000 or more. If the car’s price (including options) is more than £40,000, there is an extra charge of £590 each year for five years.

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How to Do Road Tax Online Check

To see if your vehicle has road tax, go to the UK government’s vehicle website: Click on the “Start Now” button. Enter your car’s registration number, and the site will tell you if your car is taxed and when the tax will expire.

Once you know if you need to pay road tax, you can pay it online using the vehicle tax service on GOV.UK. You will need your V5C registration paper, the new keeper slip from the previous owner, or the reminder letter (V11).

Why Check My Road Tax

It is against the law to drive a car in the UK without proper car tax unless you are exempt. If caught, you could get a fine of up to £1,000. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) keeps a close eye on all UK-registered cars.

If your car does not have tax, and you have not told them it is off the road, they will send you an automatic letter and an £80 fine. Sometimes, if your car is on the street without tax, the DVLA can put a clamp on it or take it away.

If your car gets clamped, you have to pay £100 to get it released. If you cannot prove that you paid the tax when you chose your car, there is an extra fee of £160.

We hope this article helps you understand more about your Road Tax in the UK. Check back on our website for more info on different taxes around the world.

People May Also Ask

How do I check my car tax UK?

To know how much car tax you need to pay, visit the website and use their tax rate tool. Just enter your car’s registration number to find out the amount. Keep in mind that rates can change each year, so it’s smart to check regularly.

How much is road tax in the UK?X%

For the 2023/2024 tax year, the yearly flat road tax is £180 (was £165 in the previous year). If you have an eco-friendly vehicle (like hybrids), you get a £10 discount, so you pay £170 each year.

Does road tax pay for roads UK?

Road tax is for your own vehicle, not directly for the roads. It hasn’t funded roads directly since the 1930s. It’s a personal tax, not a shared one.

How do I pay road tax UK?

You can pay with a debit or credit card, or through Direct Debit. Even if you don’t have to pay (like if you’re exempt due to disability), you still need to tax your vehicle. Make sure you follow all the legal rules for drivers before hitting the road. This service is also available in Welsh.

Can I tax my car online UK?

You can tax your car online if you have the 11-digit reference number from your V5C (if you’re the current owner) or the 12-digit reference number from the new keeper slip if you just bought the car.

How often do you pay road tax UK?

Tax your car on the first day of the month your next Direct Debit payment was supposed to happen. Use the 11-digit number on your vehicle log book (V5C). Choose Direct Debit when you tax your car and decide how often to pay – monthly, every 6 months, or yearly.