Why Sticky Weed is Good to Smoke

Why Sticky Weed is Good to Smoke - DATOS

When some people smoke weed occasionally, they might not think about whether it’s dry or sticky. Some folks buy cheaper cannabis, roll and smoke it, and that’s okay.

But if you’re starting to really enjoy weed, it’s helpful to learn why weed gets sticky, how to grind it, and why smoking sticky weed can be better.

More Powerful High

One big benefit of sticky weed is that it has more Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is what makes weed sticky – the abundance of tiny things called trichomes. Trichomes gather THC on their tips, which makes the weed stronger.

All marijuana plants have trichomes, but sticky plants contain a lot, so they make more THC on their tips.

THC is one reason why you feel really “high” after smoking weed. Sticky weed is usually stronger than dry weed of the exact kind because of this.

Breaking Apart Sticky Weed

When you want to break apart sticky weed, it might be different each time. First, try a grinder to see if it works like usual. Some people have a trick: they freeze the weed or the grinder before breaking it, so it’s less sticky.

You only need to freeze the weed for about 30-40 minutes. Otherwise, you can just use your fingers to pull the buds apart.

Easier Rolling

Some people might not want to use sticky weed because they think it’s hard to roll. But actually, sticky weed can be easier to roll than dry, crumbly weed.

Many people who smoke weed struggle to keep it in one place while rolling. Even a simple open window can make things messy!

When you roll a joint, spliff, or blunt with sticky weed, you can press it into a smaller space before rolling. This helps it stick together better and not fall apart. Even though your fingers might get sticky, rolling will be easy.


Guess what? Sticky weed can make flavors stand out more. Remember, sticky weed has lots of trichomes. These little things on the plant hold resin, which makes the weed smell and taste strong and unique.

When weed dries out completely, it loses some of its good stuff like cannabinoids and smell, and it becomes dull. If you’ve only had dry, not-sticky weed before, you might not have enjoyed all the different kinds of weed flavors.

Why Choose Dry Weed?

While sticky weed is usually seen as a fancy choice among people who use marijuana, there are some good things about buying drier weed too. Sticky weed is usually more wet, so it weighs more.

This means that dry weed costs a bit less since stores usually set prices based on how heavy the product is. If you like having a lot of weed, even if it’s not the best quality, it’s okay to go for dry weed.

Also, when you cook with dry weed, it’s easier to make the THC work, especially for making edibles. If you enjoy making weed-infused treats as much as you like smoking, then sticky weed might not be needed.

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