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Sativa vs Indica: In some places, if the law allows, people who use medical marijuana can pick the type of marijuana they want and how to use it. The mix of marijuana matters whether you’re using it for health reasons or just for fun.

Marijuana affects your mind and body because of its active parts, mainly cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Plant experts and makers have made strong types of Indica and Sativa marijuana, the main kinds of marijuana in medical items.

To get the feeling you want from marijuana, you need to know what symptoms you’re dealing with or how you want to feel. The kind of symptoms you have will help you choose the right type of marijuana for what you need.

Keep reading to find out more about the differences between Indica and Sativa marijuana, what they do, and tips for picking the best marijuana for what you want.

Indica Cannabis

Indica cannabis, also called cannabis Indica, is a type of marijuana plant. It’s a short plant with wide leaves and grows closely together, like a bush. Indica plants have a thin bark and strong stem.

They grow to be about 2-4 feet tall. A plant scientist named Jean-Baptiste Lamarck talked about C. Indica in 1785, being the first European to do so, and named it after samples he got from India.

Scientists now think C. Indica originally came from Afghanistan. It takes about six to eight weeks for the plant to start flowering. Indica has more CBD than THC. Because of this, it’s mostly known for giving a “body high” and physical effects.

Indica is often used to make people feel calm and relaxed. Lots of folks use it in the evening or on weekends to help them sleep or relax after a tough week.

Indica is often suggested for medical purposes to help with pain, reduce inflammation, and ease muscle tension because it has more CBD. Scientists believe that CBD also lessens some of the strong effects of THC, which might be why this type of marijuana gives a body high.

Sativa Cannabis

Cannabis Sativa or Sativa cannabis, arrives from the C. Sativa plant, which originally grew in Central and Southern America. Sativa was also named by Lamarck in 1985, from the word “sativum,” which means cultivated. The plant is tall and skinny, with light and thin green leaves. Sativa usually has more THC than CBD, so it can change your thoughts and feelings.

Many people feel more energetic and happier when using Sativa. It’s often used to help you think better and pay attention. People also say it makes them more creative and helps with worry.

Sativa is often suggested for medical reasons like feeling sad, tired, having ongoing pain, feeling sick, and stress. The effects can help people with ongoing illnesses start doing things again.

Difference between Sativa and Indica

Sativa vs Indica: Indica and Sativa grow in different parts of the world. Indica comes from Central Asia where it’s cooler, and Sativa comes from Southern America where it’s hot and wet.

Indica looks more like a bush with wide leaves made for tough weather. Sativa can be really tall, up to 10 feet, and spreads out.

Sativa is harder to grow because it takes longer to make flowers and gives fewer buds. So, you get less marijuana from it compared to strong Indica plants.

Indica helps you relax and makes your body feel calm. Sativa makes your mind feel awake and active when you use cannabis. But now, there aren’t pure Indica or Sativa plants. Scientists have mixed them a lot to make different types of cannabis with various CBD and THC levels.

By mixing them, growers can make medical cannabis that helps with different mind and body problems, especially if they last a long time.

Things to Think About


Cannabinoids are special chemicals in cannabis plants that make them have different physical and mind effects. There are lots of cannabinoids, but the ones called CBD and THC are found the most in Indica and Sativa.

THC sticks to our body’s system and changes how our nerves work, making our minds feel different. Sativa has more THC. CBD sticks to our body’s system too, and it changes how our body and defenses work, making cannabis affect our bodies. Indica usually has more CBD.


Terpenes are like the parts that make a plant smell and taste nice. They go along with cannabinoids and help them work. Myrcene is one type of terpene. It makes you feel calm and relaxed.

When people grow plants, if the myrcene part is more than 0.5%, they call it Indica. If it’s less than 0.5%, they call it Sativa.

Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains are kinds of marijuana that mix Indica and Sativa. Plant experts keep making new kinds of marijuana that have certain qualities, smells, and effects.

Some hybrids can help with muscle tension and pain because of Indica, but they also have enough Sativa to stop you from feeling too tired.

For people using medical marijuana, hybrids can help them feel better while still being able to do things. Hybrids can also help with feeling sad, using Sativa to lift your mood without making you too restless because of the Indica part.

Which Kind of Cannabis is Best for You

Deciding on the right cannabis starts by talking openly with your medical marijuana doctor or someone at a store that sells it. Tell them everything about how you feel and what you expect. Then they can suggest what could work for you, based on what you want, your symptoms, and your past health.

Also, think about how your body reacts to marijuana. If you’re used to it, your body might react differently. The packages of cannabis products in stores have clear amounts and THC levels. It’s smart to start with a little bit and not very often, then change if you need to.

Remember, everyone’s body is different. Even though we know how Indica and Sativa usually work, you might feel the opposite or nothing at all. That’s why it’s good to start slow.

Think about how you want to use cannabis too. In many places, you can buy plants, dried cannabis, foods, drinks, gels, patches, vape stuff, and liquids you can swallow.

Smoking or vaping makes you feel the effects quickly and strongly. Eating and putting things on your skin make the effects come slower and not as strong.

Remember to think about where you’ll use marijuana too. Make sure to look up the rules about using it in your state and area before you try any cannabis stuff.

Some FAQs

What makes you more high— sativa or indica

This depends on how much you use, how strong it is, and how used to it you are. Generally, Sativa makes your mind feel more different, and Indica makes your body feel more different.

Many people feel more high from Sativa because it changes how your mind works more than Indica. You might need to try different types and amounts to find what makes you feel the way you want and what your body is used to.

Is indica like a downer or upper

Indica is thought of as a downer, but it mainly affects your body, not your feelings or thoughts. It has more CBD and something called myrcene, which assists with sleep. People with anxiety, trouble sleeping, and muscle problems often use Indica to feel relaxed and calm.

Which type of marijuana keeps you feeling high for a long time

It depends on what kind of feeling you want, how strong the marijuana is, and how you use it. Usually, things you eat or drink with Indica will make your body feel different for a longer time. If you have something with Sativa, your mind will feel different for longer.

Is indica or sativa more suitable for anxiety

Sativa is often better for anxiety because it can change how you think and is good to use during the day. Indica is usually used to help people relax and feel calm, so it might help with the physical parts of anxiety.

But for some people, marijuana can make anxiety worse. Before trying it for anxiety, talk to a doctor who knows about medical marijuana.

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