Choice Home Warranty George Foreman: Why Choose It

Choice Home Warranty George Foreman: Why Choose It

When it comes to safeguarding your most significant investment, your home, and ensuring peace of mind, a partnership that combines the trust and reliability of a well-known sports legend with a leading home warranty provider stands out.

In this article, we will discuss the details of the collaboration between George Foreman and Choice Home Warranty (CHW) and highlight its benefits for homeowners.

Who is George Foreman?

Before we go into the partnership and the services Choice Home Warranty George Foreman provides, let us get known with the man behind the name. George Foreman is a name known in heavyweight boxing history.

Beyond his boxing career, George Foreman has made himself as an entrepreneur and an advocate for home security. His journey from the boxing ring to the realm of home warranties may seem unexpected, but it is known for his commitment to make sure that people and their families have the tools they need to protect their homes.

What is Choice Home Warranty?

Choice Home Warranty is a central player in the home warranty industry, which offers homeowners a reliable and cost-effective way to safeguard their investments. A home warranty is a service contract that covers the repair or replacement of major home systems and appliances when they malfunction due to normal wear and tear.

The concept is simple and also valuable: homeowners pay a monthly or annual fee to Choice Home Warranty, and in return, the company covers the costs associated with repairing or replacing covered items, should they break down. This financial safety net helps homeowners avoid unexpected and high expenses.

How do I sign up for Choice Home Warranty George Foreman?

To sign up for Choice Home Warranty, you have a number of convenient options:

Online Registration:

  • Visit the Choice Home Warranty Customer Portal and sign up directly on their website.
  •  You will need to provide essential details and choose the plan that suits your needs.

Phone Registration:

  • Alternatively, you can call 800-816-2688 to speak with a representative and sign up over the phone.
  •  They will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Coverage That Counts

Let us know more about the coverage provided by Choice Home Warranty. Here are the key points:

Generous Coverage

Choice Home Warranty George Foreman has two plans: the Basic Plan and the more comprehensive Total Plan. The Basic Plan covers important systems like heating, electrical, plumbing, most kitchen appliances, garage door openers, and ceiling fans.

The Total Plan includes all of that plus the refrigerator, washer and dryer, and air conditioning system.

High Coverage Limits

Where Choice Home Warranty truly shines is its high coverage limits. The company offers a generous coverage cap of $5,000 per covered item. This means that homeowners can rest assured that major repairs would not break the bank.

Examples of Covered Items in the basic plan:

  • Heating system
  •  Electrical system
  •  Plumbing system
  •  Kitchen Appliances
  •  Garage door opener
  •  Ceiling fans
  •  Refrigerator
  •  Washer and dryer
  •  Air conditioning system

User-Friendly Experience

Navigating through Choice Home Warranty’s service options is simple. Their website is user-friendly, and once you are on board, making claims is simple. Also, they have a network of skilled service contractors who are fastand reliable, based on reviews.

What is the cost of a Choice Home Warranty George Foreman?

Choice Home Warranty’s affordability is another feather in its cap. With simple and low service fees and plans starting at just $46.83 per month, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind without breaking the bank. Imagine the relief of having major repairs covered without unexpected financial strain.

The cost of a Choice Home Warranty depends on some factors, including your state, the specific plan you choose, and any optional coverage you add. Let us break it down:

Basic Plan:

The Basic Choice Home Warranty plan generally costs between $35 to $45 per month. This plan covers major appliances and essential systems in your home.

Total Plan:

The more comprehensive Total Plan, which includes everything in the Basic Plan plus additional coverage, usually costs between $600 and $720 per year. It covers air conditioning systems, refrigerators, and clothes washers/dryers in addition to the items covered by the Basic Plan.

Service Call Fee

Choice Home Warranty charges a standard service call fee of $100 per claim. This fee is payable directly to the technician, however of the actual repair or replacement cost for a covered item.

Note that the service fee may be lower which depends on available discounts, and customer reports suggest it can sometimes be reduced to as low as $65 per claim.


Choice Home Warranty has new-customer discounts, like their current promotion of $50 off and 1 month free when paying for the full year upfront. Also, they provide multiple-year discounts, which can significantly reduce your monthly premium.

Can I customize my coverage plan with CHW?

Choice Home Warranty (CHW) offers flexibility when it comes to customizing your coverage plan. While the Basic Plan provides important coverage for home systems and appliances, you can explore additional options to tailor your plan according to your specific needs. Here are some ways you can customize your CHW coverage:

Add-Ons and Upgrades:

  • CHW allows you to improve your coverage by adding specific items or upgrading to the Total Plan.
  •  Consider adding coverage for items like your air conditioning system, refrigerator, or pool/spa equipment.

Optional Coverage:

Beyond the standard plans, CHW offers optional coverage for items like:

  • Pool and Spa: If you have a pool or spa, this coverage ensures peace of mind.
  •  Well Pump: If you rely on a well for water supply, consider adding this coverage.
  •  Septic System: Protect your septic system from unexpected repairs.
  •  Sump Pump: Covers sump pump malfunctions.
  •  Second Refrigerator: Ideal if you have an additional fridge.
  •  Stand-Alone Freezer: Covers freezer repairs.

Higher Coverage Limits:

  • While the Basic Plan has a coverage limit of $5,000 per covered item, you can explore higher limits with the Total Plan or additional coverage.
  • Evaluate your budget and the value of your home systems and appliances to make an informed decision.

Personalize Your Service Experience:

  • CHW’s network of skilled service contractors ensures prompt and reliable service.
  • You can choose contractors based on your preferences and location.

The Partnership: George Foreman and Choice Home Warranty

The collaboration between George Foreman and Choice Home Warranty represents a union of values, trust, reliability, and the importance of protecting one’s home. George Foreman’s endorsement adds credibility to the home warranty provider.

This partnership is not just a marketing arrangement; it is a shared commitment to providing homeowners with the tools they need to protect their homes, mirroring George Foreman’s dedication to discipline, perseverance, and success.

Choice Home Warranty pros & cons

Comprehensive Coverage: Choice Home Warranty offers coverage for both home appliances and built-in systems in its Basic Plan.Consumer Complaints: Some people complain about Choice Home Warranty on its Better Business Bureau (BBB) page, while other companies don’t get similar complaints.
Repair Guarantee: If something gets fixed and then breaks again within 30 days, CHW will fix it for free.Monthly Fee for Monthly Premiums: If you choose to pay monthly instead of yearly, CHW adds a $2.50 monthly fee.
Affordable Premiums: The company’s full plan costs less than $60 a month, which is cheaper than many others.Pending Lawsuit: In 2019, the company was sued by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, and the case is still not settled.

Choice Home Warranty vs. other companies

Let’s compare Choice Home Warranty with other home warranty companies based on average monthly cost and average service fee per visit:

CompanyAverage Monthly CostAverage Service Fee per Visit
Choice Home Warranty$35 – $60$65 – $100
American Home Shield$40 – $90$75 – $125
America’s 1st Choice Home Club (AFC)$45 – $65$75 – $125
Cinch Home Services$35 – $65$100 – $150
First American Home Warranty

Remember that the cost and coverage can vary based on your location, home size, and specific needs.


In conclusion, George Foreman’s acceptance of Choice Home Warranty is important because it combines the legacy of a boxing champion with the practicality of a reliable home warranty.

Whether you are a homeowner or a home seller, consider the peace of mind that comes with Choice Home Warranty’s coverage. Protect your investment, just as George Foreman protected the boxing ring.

People May Ask

What is a home warranty?

A home warranty is like a safety net for your home. It helps cover the cost of repairs or replacements for important things in your house, like appliances and systems (like heating or plumbing), if they break down due to regular use.

Why do I need a home warranty if I have homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance protects you from big disasters (like fires or storms), but a home warranty focuses on everyday problems. It is like having a backup plan for your home systems and appliances.

Is coverage available for aged mechanical systems and appliances?

Yes, even if your home systems and appliances are older, a home warranty can still cover them as long as they are working fine when you sign up.

Can I enroll in a home warranty plan if I am not in a real estate transaction?

Yes, you do not need to be buying or selling a home. Homeowners can sign up for a home warranty anytime to protect their investment.

Do I need a home inspection before ordering a home warranty?

No, you can get a home warranty without an inspection. It is easy to sign up.

When does coverage begin and when does it end?

For sellers, coverage starts right after signing up and lasts up to 180 days or until the home sale closes. For buyers, coverage begins right after closing and continues for 365 days.

If an item needs to be replaced, and the replacement unit is unavailable, what happens?

In that case, Choice Home Warranty might offer you cash back instead of a replacement. The amount will be based on their actual repair or replacement cost.

What does this warranty plan cover?

This warranty plan covers repairs for important things in your home, like appliances and systems (like heating or plumbing), if they break down due to regular use.

Which types of repairs are not covered by this plan?

Some repairs, like pre-existing issues or cosmetic fixes, may not be covered. It is important to check the details in the plan.

Do you offer optional coverage for appliances or systems not covered by the standard plan?

Yes, you can add extra coverage for items not included in the standard plan.

Do you offer additional coverage options for higher coverage allowances?

Yes, you can explore plans with higher limits to ensure better protection.

How much is the service call fee, and when does it apply?

The service call fee is $65 to $100, and it applies when you request a repair visit.

Is there a limit on the number of service visits or claims?

Typically, there is no limit on the number of service visits or claims. You can use it as needed.

What is the annual coverage limit?

The annual coverage limit is usually around $5,000 per covered item, which is the maximum they’ll pay for repairs.

Are you offering any discounts or running any promotions right now?

Sometimes, they have promotions, like the first month free. Check their website for current offers.

Will the plan cost less if I pay upfront for the full year?

Yes, paying upfront for the whole year can save you money on the monthly cost.

When does coverage begin, and how do I request service?

Coverage starts right after you sign up. To request service, contact them through their website or phone.

Can I choose my own service technician?

Usually, they have their own network of technicians, but you can discuss this with them.

Are there any other benefits in this plan?

Yes, some plans offer additional benefits like emergency assistance or discounts on other services.

What sets your warranty apart from the rest?

Their warranty might stand out due to better coverage, responsive service, or unique features.