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Magic mushrooms have something called psilocybin in them, which can mess with your mind. A long time ago, people used these mushrooms for spiritual reasons, but later on, scientists in the middle of the 1900s started looking into whether they could help with medical problems.

Sadly, people got some wrong ideas about these mushrooms and things changed in society. This made it illegal to study psilocybin and its medical uses.

But as we learned more about how the brain works and illnesses, scientists in recent times started looking at using magic mushrooms again to help treat people.

The first studies were really hopeful, so now the FDA lets scientists do tests to see if they can use magic mushrooms to help with problems like depression, PTSD, epilepsy, and other long-lasting illnesses.

One type of magic mushroom called Psilocybe stuntzii has psilocybin in it. It makes your mind think in different ways and helps your brain connections grow. This piece talks about what this mushroom is like, where it lives, and what it does. Learning about mushrooms like Psilocybe will make it easier to understand how we use them to treat issues with the mind.

What is Psilocybe Stuntzii

Psilocybe stuntzii is a kind of mushroom that can make your mind see things differently. It got its name from a person named Daniel Stuntz, who was a mushroom scientist at the University of Washington. He found this mushroom growing on the school grounds. People also call it Stuntz’s blue legs and blue ringers because when you touch them, their tops and stems turn blue.

The stuntzii mushroom’s top changes color when it’s wet – it’s dark brown at the edges and gets lighter brown towards the middle. When these mushrooms are dried, they become a yellowish brown or a pale yellow. The top is very small, only about 1 cm to 2 cm across. They feel sticky when they’re wet and turn blue-green if they get hurt.

Stuntzii mushrooms have wide gills that start yellowish-brown and become brown or black-purple as they grow older. The powder they release and the patterns they leave on paper are a dark purple-brown color. The part that holds up the mushroom’s cap is called the stem. It can be up to 6.5 cm tall, about as thick as a pencil, and it gets thinner near the top. The stem looks a bit see-through and has lines on it. The stem is either white or brown, and it’s dry, stringy, and empty inside.

Where Stuntzii Mushrooms Grow

Stuntzii mushrooms like to grow in the western part of the Pacific Northwest, not too far from the coast. They can be found from Santa Cruz, California to British Columbia in Canada.

They are mostly found around Puget Sound in Washington. Even though there are a lot of them in their home places, they don’t live in many different areas.

These mushrooms like places where new grass has just been planted, lawns that are well taken care of, and gardens with fresh mulch. They like soil that has wood pieces in it. You might see them near rivers, and they often grow on certain trees like white pine.

They usually grow close together in bunches and you might find groups of these mushrooms about 200 feet apart from each other. They usually grow from early August to late December in most places. But in Seattle, Washington, they grow all year in lawns and gardens.

Be careful, because there are other mushrooms that look like Stuntzii mushrooms, like Galerina autumnalis and Galerina marginata. These lookalikes grow in the same places. It’s never safe to eat wild mushrooms unless a mushroom expert has checked them. Eating even one cap of the poisonous Galerina mushrooms can be deadly.

How Stuntzii Mushrooms Affect You

These mushrooms smell and taste quite strong, like fresh flour. People usually find them okay to eat, either by themselves or mixed into food.

Inside them, there’s something called psilocybin, about 0.36%, and another thing called psilocin, between 0% to 0.12%. This makes them sort of moderate in making your mind feel different, like in a dream. Because they don’t have a lot of psilocin, their effects are gentler but they stay for a longer time compared to other mushrooms that do the same thing.

When you eat Stuntzii mushrooms, you start to feel happy and like everything is going well, similar to other mushrooms like them. They also make your pupils, the black part in the middle of your eye, get bigger. Your blood pressure goes up and your heart beats faster.

If you’re feeling worried or having a “bad trip,” changes in your heart might be stronger. But don’t worry, these changes are not dangerous and they don’t last long. Feeling sick or having stomach problems can happen, but mostly when you take a lot.

Magic mushrooms make your mind see things in a new way. It’s like your surroundings and time might seem different. When you close your eyes, you might see colorful things that aren’t really there. You could also hear things that others can’t.

Smart therapists use the special feeling you get from mushrooms to help you work through your thoughts and feelings. This can help with problems you might have because of a sickness.

Scientists are still studying this, but they think that mushrooms with psilocybin can change the paths in your brain. This might help with illnesses like epilepsy, addiction, and feeling very sad.

Is It Okay to Have Psilocybe Stuntzii Mushrooms

In most of the country, having Stuntzii mushrooms is against the law because they contain something called psilocybin. This is considered a strong drug, like something that can hurt you. The government thinks it’s not helpful for medical reasons and can be used the wrong way.

But things are changing because people are telling stories about how these mushrooms helped them. Also, experts are learning more about how psilocybin works. In places like Colorado and Oregon, it’s now allowed to have and use psilocybin.

They are trying to make official rules for how to use it safely and are creating places where you can get treated with it in the right way. Some other states are also looking into whether it should be allowed and used for medical reasons.

Even though they are not allowed by the big government, the FDA lets scientists test and study psilocybin because it can help with sicknesses that normal medicine can’t fix.

As people learn more about what psilocybin does, the big government and some states might change their minds about whether it should be allowed or not.

Growing Your Own Psilocybe Stuntzii Mushrooms

Stuntzii mushrooms are not very common, but they’re quite strong like another type called Psilocybe cubensis. Because of this, not many people grow them. The proper ways to grow them aren’t very clear.

If it’s allowed in your area, you can grow “magic mushrooms” where psilocybin is legal or not treated as a big problem. You can buy stuntzii spores and grow kits from online stores because these things don’t have psilocybin in them.

Before you buy anything, make sure to check the laws in your state and city. In many places, having psilocybin can lead to big fines and even going to jail.

Growing these mushrooms can be easy with a good kit, but it needs you to be patient and do things carefully. Usually, you’ll need soil with wood pieces or chips from certain trees for them to grow well.

First, you make everything clean and germ-free. Then, you put tiny bits from your spore syringe into the material. When the mushroom’s roots start to show up, you move it to a place that’s not too bright, keep it damp, and give it the food that comes in the kit.

Growing different kinds of mushrooms has a few small changes, but the main things you do are similar. It could be simpler to grow mushrooms that more people know about, like cubensis or semilanceata, because lots of people already know how to do it well.

How Psilocin Works in Your Brain

When you eat psilocybin, your body changes it into something called psilocin. This goes to your brain and talks to parts that handle happy feelings. That’s why you feel really good when you’re “tripping.”

Research says psilocin also makes a part of your brain, called the claustrum, less busy. This helps your mind open up and you feel very connected to things.

Some FAQs

Are Stuntzii Mushrooms Poisonous

Stuntzii mushrooms are safe to eat and won’t hurt you. But they look a lot like the world’s most poisonous mushroom, Galerina marginata.

Just one Galerina marginata can make you very sick and even cause death because it hurts your liver and kidneys. Experts say you should never eat stuntzii mushrooms you find on your own. And it’s important to be careful about where you get mushrooms from, because it’s not easy to tell which ones are safe without knowing a lot about them.

When Do Stuntzii Mushrooms Grow

Stuntzii mushrooms usually grow from the end of August to December. They come out when the weather gets cooler.

Is Cordyceps a Kind of Drug

Cordyceps, which people call the zombie fungus, are not drugs. They’re mushrooms that live on bugs. There are lots of types of cordyceps, around 400 of them. They’re not common and can be expensive.

People take them to make their immune system stronger, have more energy, sleep better, avoid kidney problems, and help with breathing issues like asthma.

Are Blue Roundheads Magic

Blue roundhead mushrooms, or Stropharia caerulea, are not the same as magic mushrooms. They’re found in North America and Europe.

They don’t make you see things in a special way because they don’t have the special stuff that magic mushrooms do. While they’re usually not dangerous, some might make your stomach feel bad. They don’t have a smell or a strong taste, so they’re not worth the risk.

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