How to get rid of stoned eyes fast

How to Make Your Eyes Look Normal After Using Cannabis- DATOS

When you use cannabis, your eyes might turn red, which is a clear sign. It doesn’t harm you, but it can be awkward. If you’re concerned about red eyes after using cannabis, here’s why it happens and what you can do to make them look normal again.

Why Does Cannabis Make Your Eyes Red

Some people might think that smoking weed makes your eyes red because the smoke irritates them. But the truth is, red eyes happen because of THC, which is in all forms of cannabis, even edibles. When you eat or smoke cannabis, you might see thin red lines on the white part of your eyes. These lines are always there, but they become more visible when you use cannabis.

Cannabis makes your eyes red because it widens the tiny blood vessels in your eyes, and this makes them more noticeable. This happens because THC in cannabis lowers your blood pressure, which makes the vessels in your body, including your eyes, get wider and allow more blood to flow through.

Red eyes from cannabis aren’t usually a health problem, but they can be uncomfortable.

How to get rid of stoned eyes fast

Cannabis has many different parts, but the two main ones are THC and CBD. If you want to keep using cannabis but don’t want your eyes to turn red, you can try a type of cannabis that has less THC in it. THC is what mostly causes red eyes, so picking a different kind of cannabis might help stop the redness.

Usually, cannabis with low THC has more CBD in it. This means the cannabis won’t make you feel as “high,” but some people like that because it’s easier to handle and can be more enjoyable when using it with others. If you use cannabis for medical reasons, talk to your doctor before changing the type you use.

Ways to Make Red Eyes Better at Home

If your eyes turn red after using cannabis, and you want them to look normal again fast, don’t worry. How long it takes for the redness to go away can be different for each person, but it usually takes one to four hours.

But if you want to make the redness go away quicker, there are some simple things you can do at home.

Apply a Compress

Putting a cold, wet cloth on your eyes can help reduce the redness. Cold makes the blood vessels in your eyes get smaller and tightens the skin, which can make puffiness go down.

To do this, get a bowl with cold water and ice. Then, take a clean cloth, like a washcloth or dishcloth, and put it in the cold water. Squeeze out the extra water and put the cloth on your eyelids for 5-10 minutes. Look at your eyes, and if they’re still red, do it again with the cold cloth until the redness gets better or goes away.

Use Eye Drops

You can buy special drops for your eyes at the store without needing a prescription. Some well-known brands are Rohto, Refresh, and Visine. These eye drops have a substance called tetrahydrozoline, which makes the blood vessels in your eye get smaller. This makes the big blood vessels less visible.

If you wear contact lenses, make sure the eye drops you use are safe for them. These drops usually work in just a few minutes, so they’re a quick way to make your eyes look better. They can also help if your eyes feel dry or itchy.

Wear Special Contacts or Sunglasses

If you’ve tried home remedies and they didn’t help, or if you need to go outside quickly and don’t want people to see your red eyes, you can do something else: Cover your eyes. Sunglasses can be a good choice, especially when it’s sunny.

But if you’re going inside buildings or going out at night when sunglasses would look weird, you can talk to your eye doctor about getting colored or tinted contacts.

These special contacts don’t fix your vision. They’re just for changing how your eyes look. Most contacts only cover the colorful part of your eye, but there are some that cover the white part too, which can hide redness.

But remember, it’s not a good idea to hide the effects of using drugs in the long run. There can be other effects on your mood, behavior, and how you see things that you can’t hide. So, even if you hide red eyes, be careful about what you do after using cannabis.

Can Smoking Cannabis Harm Your Eyes

People used to think that using cannabis could help with a condition called glaucoma that can make you lose your vision. Glaucoma happens when there’s too much pressure on a nerve in your eye. Cannabis was thought to help because it lowers blood pressure.

But, studies have shown that this idea is not true. Actually, using cannabis for a long time might hurt your eyes.

Having red eyes from cannabis by itself isn’t seen as a problem, but if you use cannabis a lot, it might not be good for how well your eyes can see things. Recent research has found that cannabis can slow down special cells in your eyes called retinal ganglion cells, which can make your eyes work slower when they’re trying to see and understand things.

Whether you’re using cannabis for medical reasons or just for fun, it’s a good idea to see your eye doctor once a year to make sure your vision is still healthy. And if you think you’re using too much cannabis and it’s causing problems, it’s a good idea to ask for help.

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