How to Get Electric Vehicle Rebate in Canada: When is Canada EV Rebate Coming?

Learn about Canada’s EV Rebate: How to Get Cash Back for Electric Cars? Find out when it is happening. This article has all the info you need about Canada’s EV Rebate: How to Get Money Back for Electric Cars? When is it coming?

Canada’s EV Rebate

The Canada EV Rebate is a plan by the Canadian Government to motivate people to buy cars with zero emissions. It is like a discount that can save Canadians lots of money. This program, also called iZEV, does not just promote buying more electric cars; it makes them cheaper.

When you buy or lease an electric vehicle, how much rebate you get depends on things like if the vehicle qualifies and the province you are in. Right now, this Canada EV Rebate will be there for eligible vehicles until March 31, 2025.

Getting Your Electric Vehicle Rebate

To get your rebate, just go to the car shop. This means they will take some money off when you buy the electric car. The bill you get will show how much discount you got. The person selling the electric car has to add any taxes and fees before giving you the discount.

The seller also needs to do some paperwork to make sure you get your rebate right away. Besides the national discount, you might also get a discount from the province. Check the province’s official website for details on that.

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Types of Canada EV Rebate

The iZEV Program gives 2 kinds of rewards –

Up to $5,000 Rebate:

For hydrogen fuel cells, Battery-electric, and plug-in hybrid cars with a longer electric range (50 kilometers or more).

Up to $2,500 Rebate:

For plug-in hybrid cars with a shorter electric range (less than 50 kilometers).

This big program gives back money to people who buy or lease new cars. Remember, this discount is only for cars that do not make any emissions. However, not every emission-free car can get this rebate.

Canada EV Rebate Eligible Vehicles

Before buying a car with no emissions, people should check if they can get a discount. To do this, check the official Transport Canada website for the full list of cars that can get the discount. The list will tell you:

  • The year the car was made
  • The brand (make)
  • The model name
  • The model version (trim)
  • What kind of fuel does it uses
  • How far it can go on electricity
  • How much discount you can get
  • When it became eligible

Only the cars on this list can get a discount if you buy them at least 1 year after they become eligible. Transport Canada checks if the car meets their rules before adding it to the list.

For a car to get on the list, the applications for that specific car need to be accepted. Also, Transport Canada keeps updating the list of cars that can get the rebate. So, for a car to be eligible for the Canada EV Rebate, it has to:

  • Meet all the safety standards of Canada for cars.
  • Be made to drive on roads, highways, and public streets.
  • They have at least 4 working wheels and can be driven on highways.

You can only get this big discount if you buy a brand-new electric car. Even if the extra stuff like delivery or add-ons makes the total cost more than the limit, the car can still get the discount. One person can get this discount only once a year.

Canada EV Rebate Duration

The Canada EV Rebate will be there for people buying or leasing electric cars until March 31, 2025, or until the money for it runs out. To learn more about the discounts from the national and provincial Governments, visit the official Canadian Government website.

If you have questions about this discount, you can ask Transport Canada. However, for details about which cars can get the discount, you need to talk to the dealer or the company that makes the car.

People May Also Ask

What is the $5,000 EV discount in Canada?

Canadians and businesses can get up to $5,000 off when they buy or lease certain green vehicles like cars and SUVs. This discount happens right when you are buying the car.

What is the EV discount for 2024 in Canada?

Discounts range from $1,500 for some hybrid cars to $2,500 for fully electric ones. You can apply for these discounts from April 1, 2023, to March 15, 2024.

What is the rebate for electric cars in Ontario?

The iZEV program by the Government gives Canadians up to $5,000 back when they buy or lease a zero-emission car. This program goes on until March 31, 2025, or until they run out of money.

How much can you save on taxes for an EV in Canada?

The Government’s Bill C-30 lets small businesses write off 100% of the cost (up to $55,000) when they buy a qualifying green vehicle.

What are the new rules for EVs in Canada?

Starting from December 21, new rules say that by 2035, all new cars and light trucks sold in Canada must be electric. This rule will gradually increase, starting with 20% in 2026.

What is the rebate in Ontario for 2023?

From November 1, 2023, the Ontario Electricity Rebate will go up to 19.3%. This rebate helps people, small businesses, and farms save money on their electricity bills.