Alberta Tax Calculator: Tax Brackets, Income Tax, Property Tax & Sales Tax Calculator

Alberta Tax Calculator

Alberta Tax Calculator: Figure Out Your Taxes, Learn About Income Tax, Sales Tax, and Property Tax in Alberta! The Canadian Revenue Agency manages taxes in Alberta. Your tax payments support the government in making rules for the province.

These taxes play a big role in funding plans for growth and people’s well-being. So, it is important for each citizen to pitch in for the country’s economic progress.

Alberta Tax Calculator

Are you concerned about how much tax you have to pay? The Alberta Tax Calculator is here to make it super easy for you. As per the 2023 budget, there are specific taxes due each financial year.

People living in Alberta need to pay two types of taxes: federal and provincial. The Federal Tax is what Canada’s Tax Department collects, while the Provincial Tax goes to the Alberta tax department. The rates for these taxes are in the next part of this article.

Make sure to calculate your taxes accurately to avoid any mistakes. Stick to the rates set by the government; do not use unofficial tools. We have covered different government taxes in the next sections for you to check out.

Alberta Tax Brackets

How much you pay in taxes depends on how much you earn. The Alberta Tax Brackets, set by the government for this year, help determine this.

IncomeRate of Tax
Till $14229210%
$341502.01 and more15%

To know your tax bracket, add up all your income and subtract deductions. This total helps find the right tax bracket for filing your taxes.

Here are the federal tax rates collected by the authorities:

IncomeRate of Tax
$53359 and less15%
$235675 and more33%

Different Kinds of Taxes in Alberta

Alberta Income Tax Calculator

The most significant share of all the taxes comes from income tax collected by the Alberta Tax Department. Every resident must pay income tax on the total money they earn.

Taxes are taken directly from your account or paid when you file your returns. You can also pay it bit by bit during the year instead of waiting until the end.

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Alberta Sales Tax Calculator

Sales tax in Alberta means the extra money you pay when you buy things or use services. In Canada, there are different sales taxes like GST, PST, and HST. Just remember, the tax rates vary depending on where you are in Alberta.

In Alberta, the tax department has only one sales tax, called the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Residents have to pay 5% as GST to the government department. This rate has been in place in Alberta since October 2016.

Alberta Property Tax Calculator

Property tax is what residents pay on the homes they own and the money they make. The provincial government collects this tax to provide local services. Property tax rates differ across Canada’s provinces. In Alberta, residents do not have to pay property tax.

Apart from the mentioned taxes, the Alberta Tax Department also has some other taxes. Residents need to pay taxes like tobacco tax, fuel tax, and insurance premium tax based on what they use.

People May Also Ask

What are the tax rates in Alberta for 2023?
  • 10% for the first $142,292 of money you make.
  • 12% for money between $142,292 and $170,751.
  • 13% for money between $170,751 and $227,668.
  • 14% for money between $227,668 and $341,502.
How much is the sales tax in Alberta?

Alberta does not have its own sales tax. Goods and services are charged only 5% of the federal Goods and Services Tax (GST).

How much is $70,000 after taxes in Alberta?

If you earn $70,000 in Alberta, you will be taxed $21,735.
After taxes, you will get $48,265 per year or $4,022 per month.

Why is Alberta’s tax low?

Alberta has been a low-tax place with high spending, thanks to oil royalties. Oil allows Alberta to tax conservatively and spend liberally, making it unique in Canada.