Drug and Alcohol Evaluations | Do You Have a Problem?

Drug and Alcohol Evaluations | Do You Have a Problem- DATOS

Drug And Alcohol Evaluations are reviews to understand the addiction of the person to substances like drugs and alcohol. These evaluations are not mainly for DUI (driving under the influence) cases but can be ordered by the law or court enforcement for many reasons. Judges, probation officers, law enforcement, and pretrial diversion officers may need these evaluations to determine the severity of a substance addiction of the person.

Drug and alcohol evaluations that are not related to DUI cases. To get the discounted rate of $89, you should pay for the evaluation on the same day you schedule the appointment. Otherwise, the regular rate of $130 applies.

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Why do I need Drug And Alcohol Evaluations?

You might need a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation if you have been charged with drug and alcohol-related offences, like felonies or misdemeanours, anywhere in the country. These charges usually lead to a referral for an evaluation to assess how severe your addiction is.

During a private appointment, which can last about an hour, you will talk about your specific situation, and based on that, a recommendation will be prepared for you.

What is a court-ordered drug and alcohol evaluation?

A court-ordered drug and alcohol evaluation is a check-up of the alcohol and drug use of the person. A qualified expert does this evaluation, and it is usually needed by the court during a legal case.

The main aim of the evaluation is to check out if a person has a problem with substance abuse and how severe it is. It may also help suggest what kind of treatment could be helpful.

If you get caught driving under the influence (DUI) in Georgia, the court might ask you to do an alcohol and drug evaluation. This evaluation will help the court figure out if you have issues with alcohol or drugs and if you need any treatment.

What happens during a drug and alcohol evaluation?

During a drug and alcohol evaluation, a qualified professional appointed by the court will ask your queries about your alcohol and drug use. They will want to know about your past substance use, check if you are currently using any alcohol or drugs, and see if you need treatment. 

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The evaluation usually involves any alcohol or drugs and see if you need treatment. The evaluation usually happens in a place where you do not have to stay overnight, but it could also happen in a treatment centre where people stay for some time.

What are the benefits of a drug and alcohol evaluation?

Here are some benefits of a drug and alcohol evaluation are:

  • Know the severity and presence of a substance use disorder.
  • Check the co-occurring mental health conditions.
  • Inform appropriate treatment interventions and recommendations.
  • Make a baseline for observing outcomes and progress.
  • Increase motivation for change.
  • Reduce the risk of relapse.
  • Improve overall health and well-being.
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