Toronto Gas Price Tomorrow: What is the gas Price in Toronto Today & Tomorrow?

Take a look at this article to find out the cost of gas in Toronto today and what it will be tomorrow. The article has all the information you need about Toronto’s gas prices for today and tomorrow.

Toronto Gas Price Tomorrow

Gas prices in Toronto go up and down often. Different gas stations may have a little difference in their prices. Gas costs are influenced by things like oil prices, taxes, and other important stuff.

Usually, in Toronto, gas is about 159 cents for each liter. It has been that way since October 20. However, it might go up or stay the same tomorrow. It is not easy to say for sure. We will know for sure at 12:01 AM on October 24.

What Affects Gas Prices in Toronto

Gas prices in Toronto are affected by several things. Here are some important factors:

  • Type of Gas: The kind of gas you buy can change the price.
  • Taxes: There are taxes on every litre of gas you purchase. These taxes can be different depending on where you live.
  • Gas Station Location: Where the gas station is located can make the price higher or lower.
  • Crude Oil Price: When people want more crude oil, the gas price goes up. If there is less oil, the price goes up too. It depends on supply and demand.
  • Retail Margin: This is the difference between what it costs to get the gas and what you pay at the pump. It includes the profit the gas station makes and its operating costs.
  • Transportation Cost: This is how much it costs to move the gas to the gas station. It can be more or less depending on how far it has to travel and where you are.
  • Refining Margin: Turning crude oil into gas costs money, and this can change the gas price. It is the difference between what the gas station gets it for and the crude oil price.

All these things can affect how much you pay for gas in Toronto.

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What is the gas Price in Toronto Today & Tomorrow

Besides these, some other things like how much oil and gas we have, how much the US dollar is worth, how good we are at making gas, problems between countries, times of the year, how much people want gas, and the weather can also change the gas price.

Check the Gas Price in Toronto:

DateGas Price
October 23156.9 cents per litre
October 22156.9 cents per litre
October 21156.9 cents per litre
October 20156.9 cents per litre
October 19152.9 cents per litre
October 18151.9 cents per litre
October 17151.9 cents per litre
October 16151.9 cents per litre
October 15151.9 cents per litre
October 14147.9 cents per litre

You can use less gas by driving slower, starting and stopping gently, taking care of your car, and doing things to save gas. Some folks use buses or carpool with others to save on gas. However, electric cars that do not need gas can be more expensive to buy.

Some gas stations in Toronto have much cheaper gas. Some of these places are Taymall Ave (Costco), 5900 Rodeo Dr (Costco), 2260 Islington Ave (Costco), 9400 Hwy 27 (Mi Fuel), 8301 Sheppard Ave E (Shell), and more. However, remember, the prices at these gas stations could change tomorrow, depending on what gas costs then.

Now, let us look at how gas prices in Toronto have been in the past months:

Month HighestLowest
September, 2023173.9 cents per litre155.9 cents per litre
August, 2023173.9 cents per litre166.9 cents per litre
July, 2023170.9 cents per litre156.9 cents per litre
June, 2023163.9 cents per litre154.9 cents per litre
May, 2023166.9 cents per litre147.9 cents per litre

The gas price in Toronto might stay the same or go up or down. We will know more about this tomorrow when they tell us if there are any changes.