Grocery Rebate Payments: When and Who is getting Grocery Rebate Payment in 2024

Grocery Rebate Payments: When and Who is getting: DATOS

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Grocery Rebate Payments

The Canadian government made a program to help people with the higher prices for groceries because of inflation. This program started when they announced the Budget for 2023, and it is for 11 million Canadians.

People with not a lot of money in Canada can get this help. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will send the money in a check or put it right into your bank account. They will give this money once a year.

So, if you are a Canadian and groceries are getting too expensive for you, keep reading. This program might help you get some money in 2024, along with your GST/HST credit.

Date of Grocery Rebate Payments

Name of Article Grocery Rebate Payment
RegulatorsCanada Revenue Agency
ObjectiveTo help cope with rising food inflation
Rebate Payment DatePredicted July 2024
Rebate Amount Range$225-$628
CRA Official website

What is the Grocery Rebate Plan

In 2023, a report said that soon, food prices in Canada might go up by 7%. This means a family of four in Canada might spend over $15,000 every year on food. The government made the Grocery Rebate Plan in the summer of 2023 because this big increase would affect families with not a lot of money.

The government gives a one-time payment called the Grocery Rebate to help Canadians with low incomes who are having a hard time because of the higher food prices. The plan is meant to help those who are having the most trouble with the higher prices for food. You need to check your CRA account to see if the rebate money is in there.

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The Grocery Rebate Payment Amount

How much money you get in 2024 depends on your financial situation in January 2024 and how much money your family made in 2022. They also think about if you are married and if you have kids.

Here is how much you usually get:

  • If you are a couple without kids: $306
  • If you are a couple or a person with one kid, $387
  • If you are a couple or a person with two kids, $467
  • If you are a couple or a person with three kids, $548
  • If you are a couple or a person with four kids, $628
  • If you are a person without kids: $234
  • If you are a senior: $255

However, if your income on your tax return is more than $39,826, they will give you less money. The Grocery Rebate amount is about twice as much as the money you got in January 2023 for the GST/HST credit.

Who Can Get the Grocery Rebate Payment

The Grocery Rebate payment is for people who really need it and meet certain rules. These are the important rules:

  • You have to be a resident of Canada for tax purposes to get this money.
  • If you make $38,000 or less each year as a family or $32,000 or less on your own, you can get the grocery rebate.
  • You need to do your taxes to get this money because it depends on your tax return.
  • If you can get the GST/HST credit in January 2024, you can also get the Grocery Rebate.
  • If you fit these rules, the CRA will check if you can get the money, and they will put it in your account. They will give you the money the same way they give you the GST/HST credit.

Getting the Grocery Rebate Payment

Next year, the usual money you get for GST/HST will also have the Grocery Rebate. Canadians and Families with not a lot of money can get this extra payment.

In 2023, they gave the Grocery Rebate on July 5, so they will do the same in 2024.

You do not have to complete a form to get the Grocery Rebate. If you did your taxes in 2022, they will give you the money without you asking for it. They did this in 2023 based on the taxes you did in 2021.

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