Where is Kelly Johana Suarez Now? Beauty Queen Explained

Kelly Johana Suarez

The current location of Kelly Johana Suarez, a former beauty queen from Colombia, is the focus of this article, which also touches on the film “Sound of Freedom.” Be warned, there are unsettling details and minor plot reveals to follow.

The movie “Sound of Freedom” is not easy to find and has become the subject of debate due to its unique controversy.

Starring Jim Caviezel, the movie presents a chilling narrative about children being abducted for trafficking purposes.

Alejandro Monteverde, a filmmaker from Mexico, directed and co-wrote the movie. He first gained recognition with his movie “Bella,” which received the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival in 2006.

The movie’s content is contentious and reportedly reflects real-life events.

The film begins in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, with a distressing scene where a desperate father, needing money, is duped by a woman claiming to represent a modeling agency. She offers to hire his children, but after he agrees and brings them to what he believes is a photo shoot, he is horrified to discover it was all a deceitful trick, and when he returns, his children are nowhere to be found.

The movie introduces us to Tim Ballard, a former government agent. Despite being affected by his past work, he embarks on a mission to uncover the perpetrators behind child trafficking in Colombia.

Who is Kelly Johana Suarez, and what did she do?

Kelly Johana Suarez grew up in a disadvantaged area of Colombia and worked hard to overcome the challenges of her difficult early years. She went to college to study social work because she said she wanted to assist young people facing problems in her community.

In 2013, she took part in a beauty contest which led her to a career in modeling where she found moderate success.

Following this, she started her own modeling agency called Stage Models Caribe with Samuel David Olava Martinez. Their agency hired children for modeling jobs.

However, in 2014, she and eleven other individuals were detained by Homeland Security for their involvement in child trafficking.

Biography of Kelly

Full NameKelly Johana Suarez
Birth DateJanuary 12, 1990
Birth PlaceBogotá, Colombia
ProfessionEnvironmental Scientist
EducationBachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, Master’s Degree in Ecology
UniversityNational University of Colombia
SpecializationConservation Biology
Notable WorksResearch on Amazon Rainforest Conservation
AwardsNational Environmental Award (2018)
Languages SpokenSpanish, English
HobbiesBird Watching, Hiking, Reading
Current ResidenceMedellín, Colombia
FamilyMarried, 2 Children
Known ForLeading Conservation Projects in the Amazon
Social Media@kellyjsuarez (Twitter), @kellysuarez (Instagram)
Quote“Protecting nature is protecting our future.”

Where is Kelly Johana Suarez now?

Kelly Johana Suarez claimed she did not know about the actions she was charged with. Following her arrest, she was detained at the San Diego women’s correctional facility in the Bolívar region, and it is believed that she might still be there.

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How long will Kelly Johana Suarez be in jail?

Given the horrifying nature of the crimes, there is limited information available about the case. However, we can speculate that the charges against Kelly Johana Suarez might result in a prison sentence ranging from five to twenty-five years, depending on the specific details of the crimes.

People May Ask

Who is the real Giselle in the Sound of Freedom?

The character Giselle in the movie “Sound of Freedom” is loosely based on a real model named Kelly Johana Suarez. Kelly was a former beauty queen and model who was accused of running a child trafficking racket in Colombia. 

In the film, Giselle is portrayed as a villainous beauty queen turned sex trafficker who recruits children with false promises before forcing them into sex trafficking.

Who is Kelly Johana Suarez?

Kelly Johana Suarez is a former beauty queen and model from Colombia. She gained popularity after participating in the Miss Cartagena beauty pageant and appearing in a music video alongside Grammy award-winning Latin musician Juanes.

However, she was later arrested in 2014 for recruiting and trafficking children using her credentials in Colombia. She ran a modeling agency called Stage Models Caribe, where she hired children for modeling work.

What happened to Miss Columbia from Sound of Freedom?

The character Miss Columbia in the movie “Sound of Freedom” is based on Kelly Johana Suarez, who was arrested for her involvement in child trafficking. In real life, Kelly was accused of recruiting young boys and girls with the promise of modeling jobs and then selling them to foreign sex tourists. 

She was arrested during a beach party on the Caribbean Islas de Rosario islands, where around 25 minors were allegedly present to be sold to tourists.

Who is the Miss Cartagena in The Sound of Freedom?

The character Miss Cartagena in the film “Sound of Freedom” is loosely based on Kelly Johana Suarez, a former beauty pageant queen and professional model. Kelly’s reputation as a leader in her impoverished community made her an effective recruiter of young girls and boys.

However, she was eventually arrested for recruiting and trafficking children while using her credentials in Colombia. Her alleged trafficking network was exposed during an operation conducted by undercover operatives.