The Emanuela Pecchia, Benita Alexander, and Paolo Macchiarini Love Triangle

The Emanuela Pecchia, Benita Alexander, and Paolo Macchiarini Love Triangle

“Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife” tells the troubling true story of Paolo Macchiarini, a surgeon from Switzerland with Italian roots. He’s known for his controversial medical research and surgeries, some of which ended with his patients dying.

The show not only highlights the problems in his professional life but also shines a light on his personal affairs. Paolo’s romantic relationships have caught the attention of those following the case.

For viewers who got hooked on the Netflix series and want to know more, the series offers a closer look at his romantic life, including details about his spouse, Emanuela Pecchia.

Who is Emanuela Pecchia

Emanuela Pecchia gained public attention because of her husband Paolo Macchiarini’s contentious actions. Details about her life are scarce, yet it is commonly believed that they wed in 1986 and have a son and a daughter.

The family was thrust into the public eye due to a shocking incident when Paolo met Benita Alexander, an NBC producer, in February 2013.

What did Emanuela Pecchia’s husband Paolo Macchiarini do?

While working in the United States, Paolo met Benita Alexander, an American TV producer who worked on shows like Dateline and Inside The Obama Whitehouse. They had a passionate romance, going on luxurious vacations and seeming like the perfect couple.

However, Benita was unaware that Paolo was already married. When he proposed to her, she accepted. But just two months before their wedding, Benita decided to investigate Paolo’s background. With the help of two private investigators, she discovered the truth: Paolo was already married with children. In a panic, she called off the wedding.

Benita didn’t stop there. She publicly exposed the surgeon and spoke out about the scandal. She even revealed details about their planned wedding, including Paolo’s claims of having celebrity guests like the Clintons and having the Pope officiate the ceremony.

Where is Emanuela Pecchia now?

Regrettably, only minimal details are accessible regarding Emanuela, and the current marital situation of both Emanuela and Paolo remains unknown. There’s speculation suggesting that the surgeon’s wife might still reside in Italy and, as of now, does not hold a full-time job.

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Where is Benita Alexander now

Benita remains deeply engaged in creating shows and documentaries. She’s been part of the Investigation Discovery network, contributing to programs like “ID Now,” “Still a Mystery,” where she also does the narration, and “Crimes Gone Viral.”

In 2018, Benita was featured in a documentary called “He Lied About Everything,” which delved into her entire experience with Paolo. Benita is a mother to a daughter and is believed to be residing in New York.

People May Ask

What happened to Emanuela Pecchia? 

Emanuela Pecchia, the wife of Paolo Macchiarini, has kept a low profile following the controversies surrounding her husband. There is limited information available about her current whereabouts, but reports suggest she may continue to reside in Italy.

How many kids did Paolo Macchiarini have? 

Paolo Macchiarini has two children, a son and a daughter, with his wife Emanuela Pecchia. There are also reports suggesting he may have additional children from other relationships.

Where is Paolo Macchiarini now? 

As of the latest reports, Paolo Macchiarini is serving a 2 1/2-year prison sentence in a Swedish prison after being sentenced for causing the death of three people between 2011 and 2014.

Who is the ‘bad surgeon’ married to? 

The ‘bad surgeon’, Paolo Macchiarini, is married to Emanuela Pecchia. They were married in 1986 and have two children together. There have been no confirmed reports of a divorce, despite the scandals involving Macchiarini.